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Show Of Hands February 13th, 2012 12:00am

Do you use your iPhone or Android phone to look up product information while you are in stores?

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lizrox California
02/20/12 8:36 pm

for all of you who window shop IN stores, your a bunch of chep a$$es and DO NOT stimulate the economic, hence economic growth. internet sellers don't pay taxes!!

02/16/12 2:00 pm

iPhones are the devices of choice for the homo revolution army

02/14/12 8:25 pm

It took me 2 hours to pick my earbuds. Lol

walker Ohio
02/14/12 12:49 pm

Yes and my wife hates me for doing it. Lol

blakestr San Diego
02/13/12 10:12 pm

App called "shop savvy". U scan the bar code and it will give u the prices at other local stores. It makes a big difference on your everyday purchases. When your tide laundry detergent costs $14 at target and $6 at Walmart then ima go get a beer with the $ I saved

02/13/12 8:50 pm

@David: The one that I use is RedLaser

02/13/12 8:36 pm

My invisible iPhone or non-existent android, you mean? That's a lame poll.

peacenskis Alaska
02/13/12 8:27 pm

All of the time. I was thinking about that comment below about how it's rude because you're in that retailer store. I do not agree. I see it as a useful tool for consumers to keep retailers competitive. Especially here in Alaska where things tend to cost a little more.

applestar Florida
02/13/12 8:01 pm

we did this when we had to get a new dishwasher. so happy we did!

02/13/12 6:21 pm

I hate this annoying reference to android. it's a crappy knock off.

david suburban DC
02/13/12 4:41 pm

OK, so how do you do that? What app(s)?

Nerdz Texas
02/13/12 4:31 pm

no because I don't have an iPhone or android 

02/13/12 2:59 pm

Why not Blackberry or Windows Phone 7?

14573 Scary Numbers
02/13/12 2:08 pm

No they have employees being payed to do that

blutuesday California
02/13/12 1:34 pm

Yes, and I check recipes to make sure I get everything I need when at the market, too.

along Maryland
02/13/12 12:19 pm

I used to, but it took too long

02/13/12 10:22 am

this jas saved me money several times- a lot of stores accept internet prices from reputable websites for price matching.

02/13/12 9:59 am

Ipod. Need wifi. Do my homework before i leave for the store. Besides with 4 bad ass kids, i cant concentrate in a store to price check

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/13/12 9:25 am

Heck yeh, that Amazon price checker app is the stuff! Saved me big time $$

Hinfinity Oregon
02/13/12 8:43 am

don't have an iPhone or Android, just iPod touch and iPad. plus I'm home bound since 2010—except for being taken to hospitals/doctors. But sometimes I get to wait in the car during a shopping stop, heheh!

lastjedi Florida, US
02/13/12 4:55 am

epic you're sixth. I don't have a phone yet.

Caulfield Utah
02/12/12 11:57 pm

More men than women said yes... That surprises me

elbow82 Veganland
02/12/12 11:08 pm

I just have an iPod, so no, since I don't often have wifi access when shopping in stores.

eddiej Virginia
02/12/12 10:05 pm

nope cuz I'm not in there long enough... in and out!

02/12/12 10:01 pm

While at Walmart looking at cribs I came across an amazing deal so I looked it up it had amazing reviews so I ditched the more exspensive crib and got the deal I couldn't be happier an I wouldnt have bought it otherwise. The crib is on baby #2 still in great shape

bornofashes Chicago, IL
02/12/12 9:44 pm

Looking up a product is more than just doing a price check. Consumer information gives you real data on what to expect from using a product in the real world. Like none of those "as seen on TV" products are going to have a sign right next to them saying "will sit in your closet for years!"

02/12/12 9:36 pm

That's the closest I've ever been to 1st!
---> ;-•

02/12/12 9:34 pm

It makes me feel like Shiz of I price scan in a store. Pretty sad when u think about looking at something in store and not supporting them. But yes I've done that once in a while.

LicensedNe North Carolina
02/12/12 9:34 pm

At home, of course. But when people do that in the store they look very retarted because they're looking up the product online when it's right in front of their faces.

02/12/12 9:18 pm

Not for info but to see if another store has the product cheaper.

bornofashes Chicago, IL
02/12/12 9:16 pm

Mostly just for board games, I go to to see what it says. Also- 1st!