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Have you ever been punched in the face? (UserQ)

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mrngglry Pennsylvania
05/15/12 5:26 pm

@TopsQueen, My heart goes out to you.

mrngglry Pennsylvania
05/15/12 5:25 pm

@catey,, you really don't :)

catey Pennsylvania
05/14/12 6:12 pm

No but the weird thing I kind of want to be. Just to know what it feels like.

05/12/12 9:40 am

sevrandy; so do you ask these guys that kick your butt before or after what political party they belong to?

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
05/12/12 9:37 am

It Hurts.
I have deserved it a couple of times though.

05/12/12 6:50 am

I've gotten a football, basketball, volleyball, and soccerball to the face... but I've never been punched.

05/12/12 6:47 am

Yeah and broke 11 of the guys bones. I didn't do anything to him and will not fight. People also threaten me and tease me and call me gay, although I'm not.. By the way. Republicans are more violent, no surprise here.

05/12/12 12:28 am

I've been punched a few times and I've punched a few times. Rough and tumble of growing up in the 70's when caning was still legal at school. I had that too !

mrcoyote Casa Grande
05/11/12 11:38 pm

Oh yeah i kinda pissed off my classmate and he got mad punched me square in the nose, but i laid his ass out afterwords

mrcoyote Casa Grande
05/11/12 11:33 pm

Wtf! No wonder the human race is getting so pussyish. We need to punch each other more.

Metal4life California
05/11/12 10:20 pm

Yah, and surprisingly, it wasn't that bad

tsk California
05/11/12 9:33 pm

And a kick to the face. It was a cheap shot tho. Also got hit with a wrench to the back of by head. Bad memories. =(

05/11/12 8:33 pm

wow. some obnoxious comments!

Nerdz Texas
05/11/12 8:14 pm

no, not an actual punch to my face, more like a slap or an accident that didn't really hurt

05/11/12 7:12 pm

me and my friend were dancing and i turned m y head and her fist hit my face, i slaped her so we r even

PricklyGoo Pennsylvania
05/11/12 5:09 pm

I always joke about my face having character because I've been punched in it so many times.

05/11/12 4:34 pm

once but it didn't hurt that bad cuz I was drunk @ the time. yay booze

mrngglry Pennsylvania
05/11/12 4:27 pm

Wow. I'm surprised more people haven't. In elementary school, once by a boy and once by a girl. The girl hit harder, too. In high school, got a wicked black eye for stealing a big dude's girl. 3 stitches below the eyebrow and a deviated septum. As an adult, too many to count during sparring.

05/11/12 3:06 pm

spoiler; if I give you my address would love for you to try and punch me in the face. Just beware I do always hit back and don't need friends to help.......

05/11/12 1:47 pm

By a girl for absolutely no reason. Just wound up and jacked me. She made it up...

spoiler Michigan
05/11/12 1:32 pm

I think more ppl in this country need a good punch in the face

yepnope Maryland
05/11/12 11:37 am

Grew up with 2 older brothers... Yeah we have all punched each other in the face. Boys will be boys...

BadWolf The Library
05/11/12 10:54 am

Violence never solves any problem. Sports punching is acceptable to a certain degree.

05/11/12 10:30 am

Yes, but all in fun. While boxing

05/11/12 10:05 am

Lol whats up with the upper Midwestern states?

05/11/12 8:35 am

More recently my 2 year old flopped back really fast & broke my nose. It hurt like crazy!!!

05/11/12 8:25 am

I was in a really abusive relationship when I was younger. Punched in the face was a good day. So glad to be away from that lifestyle.

Happy2 California
05/11/12 7:48 am

We grew up poor, in a bad neighborhood. Got mugged several times.

05/11/12 7:12 am

During school I did. I was bullied in school and I was too wimpy to fight back. Well I got fed up, and when this one girl punched me in the face, I just whopped the snot out of her

anonymous0 Nevada
05/11/12 4:58 am

I never have and probably wont for the rest of my life.. unless a stranger tried to assault me.

05/11/12 4:54 am

My old lady can't wrestle, but you should see her box!!!

05/11/12 4:34 am

Yup. Yay, sibling rivalry! I also boxed a bit when I was younger. So nothing serious, thankfully. I can handle pain really well except for my nose.

05/11/12 12:33 am

just one more reason to love the ghetto of Navy housing!

05/11/12 12:33 am

girl tried and I blocked her. Then her "back-up" came in from behind and tried to jump me,but I pushed them all off and they ran off screaming"don't talk sh*t" Told the neighborhood they kicked my a**, but other people saw and witnessed the truth.

tcotco10 California
05/10/12 10:48 pm

Haha. This question is really blunt. I love how it's the up north states where you handle things your way. Love it.

05/10/12 9:14 pm

Guys who hit women don't last too long in Texas partner. Most of 'em are currently fighting for the right to marry their cell mate, Bubba "Powerbottom" Johnson.

Sindri Basilica of Torment
05/10/12 8:46 pm

@lofichick and more indie's then repubs your point?