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Show Of Hands December 21st, 2012 12:00am

Do you have any personal acquaintances that genuinely believed the world would end on 12/21?

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isais12347 Arizona
12/30/12 2:20 am

My aunts sister sold all of her things to a pawn shop and later bought guns.she even sold her house.also my cousins friend killed himself because he thought is was going to happen.

sassyirishgurrl Minnesota
12/27/12 3:26 pm

My hubby actually was the 1st person that Mentioned this

Reneezii Exodus 20. 8 to 11
12/25/12 11:19 pm

My sister in law actually packed her bags..... Idk where she was planning to go. Lol you can't get away from the end of the world.

12/25/12 4:07 pm

I hang out with people with sense. Also my family and my friends families prep for the future. We have guns, steel plates, stockpiles of ammo, radios, flashlights, food, and matches. The only reason for that is because of where America is headed now!

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
12/25/12 2:55 pm

Do not think I could hang with anyone who actually believed this crap

elleck SOH Fan Club
12/24/12 6:58 am

Mississippi has been a major outlier in most of the recent polls. Maybe we've got an influx of new users from there that are are underage or something.

elleck SOH Fan Club
12/24/12 6:56 am

It has been in most of the polls recently. I wonder why that is.

kmck96 On the track
12/23/12 5:05 pm

Mississippi seems to be a bit of an outlier here...

tdaddy Kentucky
12/23/12 11:40 am

What I can't figure out is why no Mississippians are trying to defend their position? We they just joking? If so, bad way to overcome their "stupid" image.

madeit Houston Area
12/22/12 10:54 pm

Votes were destroyed and uncounted.

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 10:20 pm

So, this "earth-shaking discovery" went in a similar direction as the supposed subatomic particles that could travel faster than the speed of light? Pity.
That's twice in a row the "cautiously optimistic" (though admittedly more optimistic than cautious) route has let me down. Fool me three times…?

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 9:23 pm

I don't think the Rapture not happening was any surprise to Harold Camping. I don't doubt it was surprising, embarrassing and maybe even disappointing to the people that followed him, but I'm fairly certain Camping himself knew exactly what he was doing.

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 9:19 pm

Briceman, I'm sorry, but at 17 you really should know basic American geography.
Also, Susan is right. The WBC is very, very small and very localized. They travel all over the US to mount their protests, but the publicity they receive makes them seem much more powerful than they truly are.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
12/22/12 6:51 pm

The world didn't end cause jello gave a jello sacrifice.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
12/22/12 5:42 pm

Nope and I have friends with Mayan ancestors too.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/22/12 4:56 pm

You could see the funny side of someone wiping out on their bike. However, the loss of skin, muscle or shattered bones is not actually a pleasant experience. Kinda like laurel and hardy.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/22/12 4:52 pm

It is easy to see the funny side of things if you haven't experienced it for yourself. That is why we did bad things as kids. When we mature we realize the experience of the other side of that coin. It is part of the innocence. However we can help each other in the learning process. Community.

12/22/12 4:41 pm

Thanks, Early! Still, I have two teenaged grandsons, 14 and 16. I can't imagine either of them making a joke about suicide. They have character and are sensitive to people's feelings. Of course, that might just be Grandma talking. :) But, I think anybody old enough to use this app SHOULD know better

satguy08 California
12/22/12 4:40 pm

29% of registered voters made obama president. Hardly a mandate, 44% of the those that could vote didn't vote, for what may go down as the important election in our history.

Ace21 Fillmore, San Francisco
12/22/12 4:29 pm

Not another 911 conspiracy theory. It's ok bud, you can take the tin foil hat off now, the world didn't end after all. Enough of this irrational nonsense

EarlyBird Portland
12/22/12 4:21 pm

Oh starry, even though I don't believe in God, your posts always make me smile. ????????????????

EarlyBird Portland
12/22/12 4:17 pm

Who - we have almost as many under 21 year olds as we do over 40 year olds using this app.
I just looked and the number has increased quite a bit lately.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/22/12 1:54 pm

Their new motto would be "It's a trap!".

commonsense America isnt racist
12/22/12 1:52 pm

Obama has yet to compromise. Nor has he given us a plan on how he plans to:
1. Fix the horrible economy
2. Reduce the $16 trillion debt
Still waiting after four long years.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/22/12 1:46 pm

This app is still working? Then it is not the end of the world.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/22/12 1:44 pm

hand gun or shot gun. scare them off. call cops. set off an alarm. send the dogs after him. trigger the explosive. activate the death ray.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/22/12 1:21 pm

Worst apocalypse EVER!

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
12/22/12 12:21 pm

I know a psychologist who said that one of her patients canceled their appointment on the 21st because the world was support to end on that day.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
12/22/12 11:24 am

The Mayan calendar didn't predict the end of the world. It predicted the end of the Twinkie.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
12/22/12 11:21 am

Nope. All my friends and I joke about it.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
12/22/12 10:41 am

What is the non-conspiracy theory you're talking about? The government's story?
19 hijackers + Osama Bin Laden=conspiracy.
By definition.

Do some research and critical thinking people. Don't believe everything you're force-fed.

redrocker Idaho
12/22/12 10:40 am

I really wish Ole Miss had chosen Admiral Ackbar as their new rebel mascot.

kiera 55124
12/22/12 10:34 am

Exactly. They are the least educated and poorest state the country. Although, they never fail to win the most obese state in America. You can't possibly take those people seriously.

Comet? Tennessee
12/22/12 10:02 am

Because MS is the dumbest and worst school grades in the US. KKK and Rebel lovers.

12/22/12 9:59 am

It's asking if you KNEW anyone who believed the world would end. Not if you personally believed the world would end.

Maybe they all knew the same person...

12/22/12 9:58 am

"If Obama lost, his team would have CHEERFULLY compromised"? That's the funniest thing I've read in awhile. Regardless of anyone's political views, that statement is utterly ridiculous. Neither of the current political parties have "cheerfully compromised" in decades... Nice try, though...

12/22/12 9:54 am

Maybe they all know the same person who thought the world was going to end... :)

redrocker Idaho
12/22/12 9:50 am

tdaddy - both sides need to compromise. just because you lost the presidency doesn't mean you have to capitulate to everything the other side wants. you still fight for your side but do make some compromises for progress to happen.

JennaF sunflower state of mind
12/22/12 9:49 am

I would appreciate it if somebody could give me a guess or a theory...

JennaF sunflower state of mind
12/22/12 9:48 am

What is up with those Mississippians? Why did so many of them beleive the world was ending!

12/22/12 9:21 am

I'm curious if EarlyBird is correct. Do me a favor and tell me how old you are, if you liked the original post. Humor me on this, please.

12/22/12 9:13 am

'twas a fun day on tumblr, I must admit

12/22/12 9:09 am

So only Romney supporters work? No democrats work and are just willing to pay taxes to make this country a better place for everyone?

DeathSheep Michigan
12/22/12 9:07 am

Loosen up and don't get your panties in a wad. Jeez

Comet? Tennessee
12/22/12 9:03 am

Now (Dec. 22) there is nothing worst happened on this earth. What is wrong with you, 10% Americans especially Mississippians?!!!!

DeathSheep Michigan
12/22/12 9:02 am

I doubt he is. That like his 3rd failed prediction if I'm not mistaken. He is used to it

susanr Colorado
12/22/12 9:00 am

Early - sadly, it was also NASA scientists who had a paper published claiming they had discovered an arsenic-based life form (on earth). This was pretty quickly debunked - apparently they didn't use appropriate controls (MAJOR no-no in scientific research) plus no one could reproduce their results.