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School vouchers: terrible idea (takes money from public schools) or terrific idea (promotes school competition and parental choice)?

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01/05/12 5:17 pm

If you want a religious education for your kid then pay for it out of your own pocket like I do

01/05/12 7:05 am

Tzen because your comment implies that after the advent of Islam they ceased to be significant in the history of science and math which is false. By the way most were Persian, not Arab.

01/03/12 11:39 am

@enuf4me how the hell can you say that? How is that in any way bigotry? It's a historical fact. They invented the concept if zero along with algebra soon before the introduction of Islam.

01/03/12 10:24 am

@enuf4me: I am not in favor of dismantling the public education system. I am advocating fundamentally transforming the way it is funded to make its performance accountable to the local community.

01/03/12 4:44 am

@tzen - bigot

just sayin ...

01/03/12 3:57 am

@lovejesus yeah just before the introduction of Islam. Lmfao

01/03/12 3:55 am

Perot4Prez - Did You, or your family, or your friends, or your co-workers go to public schools? You do realize that most, if not all the candidates, attended public school at some point in their educational history - including Perot. Pretty sad that a Perot supporter would work to dismantle that.

01/01/12 10:53 pm

@greatone Please don't blame religion for the worlds problems. A at one point the arabs were one of the most advanced groups of their time. they had religion. oh and also how would you feel if I said,"Atheism is the most f****ed up idea in the world?"

01/01/12 3:43 pm

If parents had to pay tuition for their child to attend a public school, they would have a vested interest in getting their money's worth.

01/01/12 3:21 pm

How about a voucher to the people without children in school in the form of a rebate on the Property tax they pay which is used to fund schools they do not use?

NYevo NY
01/01/12 11:15 am

Schools are not companies. When you defund them, it makes it more likely that you are hurting the children that are there.

12/31/11 4:31 pm

Specifically : prove that is how it works in schools in areas other than sports.

12/31/11 4:28 pm

Cowboy -
1) not everyone against vouchers is a liberal.
Some are conservatives. Some are republican.
2) not all liberals are against vouchers.
Some of them like the voucher idea.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/31/11 9:16 am

Vouchers promote competition, and competition is the best way to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Flooded Virginia
12/30/11 11:04 pm

I think it would level the academic playing field a lot. if a kid wants to learn and is given the means to do so, they'll use it.

cowboy Here and There
12/29/11 2:41 pm

@enuf4me Liberals are the ones who are against vouchers. So I don't know what you're talking about.

12/29/11 1:04 pm

To be against the voucher system is to actively ignore the best interest of the child involved, solely to promote the interests of teacher's unions. public schools need to do a better job and this won't be an issue...the money ALWAYS goes up. the test scores ALWAYS go down. The voucher reverses that

12/29/11 1:02 pm

Regardless of the liberal spin on the supposed "atrocities" of the voucher system, it's proven to work the way it was allows under-privileged children to get a shot a a top-notch education...its no secret that public education is a laughable failure of a money pit.

12/29/11 12:32 am

Vouchers tend to not cover a very wide spectrum. They are income-driven, with most two-salary blue collar families not meeting the criteria to be eligible. Here in Indiana, such a program was recently put into place. Not one approved voucher school in my area is non-parochial or non-religious based.

12/28/11 11:21 pm

Cowboy you need to get over your knee-jerk abuse of liberals - as it is you just sound like a bigoted, narrow-minded, hateful ass. You also should spend some time seeking an actual education with an emphasis on history, basic civics, the nations founders, and politics. Oh, and Read the Constitution

12/28/11 10:36 pm

So sorry I missed this one. Public education as it exists today should be completely eliminated in favor of a complete voucher system.

12/28/11 3:58 pm

Cowboy that you have a valid point if the rules are the same for all. They aren't!

cowboy Here and There
12/28/11 8:52 am

@roybiker12 Because if poor minority children are educated, who would vote for Liberals?

cowboy Here and There
12/28/11 8:01 am

Vouchers are a great idea for America's children. That's why Liberals hate it. The unions don't want kids to have a better education. The want job security.

TheAntiLib Dutchess County, NY
12/28/11 6:24 am

Vouchers all the way! All schools should charge a certain "tuition", whether they are public or private. State govt. should then give vouchers the form of a "monetary amount" for each student. Then the school can cash it in and pay their bills. (also charge renters school tax). Problem solved..

12/27/11 9:14 pm

Given what we spend per student vs. other countries we should have top scores in science & math. We need a significant change in the system. Given the control that the teachers union has over public education, we need an alternative education route. Why subject the poor to continuing poor education.

xxy Massachusetts
12/27/11 8:57 pm

jdengel. my e pluribus point is that only a universally experienced public education can keep us from fragmenting into gated communities and beggars before the gates

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/27/11 6:59 pm

Here home taught and private can go to classes like shop. No funds for the school. Just more drain.

12/27/11 6:31 pm

administrations could be cut and does need some refining.

veritas1 Panda
12/27/11 6:23 pm

I just thought, isn't it unconstitutional for government to he paying for a religious education?

12/27/11 5:45 pm

BTW, I agree with your first statement about special needs students.

12/27/11 5:44 pm

leftofcenter, yeah, that will do it. Have you worked in a public school?

leftocentr Oregon
12/27/11 5:40 pm

Get rid of all school administrators. They suck down salary and do nothing. Have teachers take turn being headmaster of the week. Hire a school accountant for all finance issues. Millions saved per district.

leftocentr Oregon
12/27/11 5:37 pm

Horrible idea. Fix the public schools, don't give $ to private ones. If your kid has any kind of "special need", a private school can boot them for NO reason, plus private schools are accountable to no one.

12/27/11 4:06 pm

jdengel, good choice!

12/27/11 4:03 pm

Good idea- but better if they didn't need it to begin with by cutting out the waste. A friend's wife is in district management & 1/2 a month about 30 meet; costing all that $$ for travel, food & lodging- use go to meeting & it saves thousands!!!

12/27/11 2:38 pm

I'm an engineering major, but I had a basic English comp class in which the professor told me I should switch my major to journalism because of the quality of my papers, I smiled and said I would think about it, but in my head I was thinking, journalism is a dying profession

12/27/11 2:16 pm

"E pluribus unum" means "out of many one"

xxy Massachusetts
12/27/11 12:56 pm

e pluribus whatever. every man for himself, right?

12/27/11 12:05 pm

One of the great things about this country is the educational system. It empowers and with empowerment comes the ability to make choices. It also empowers us to recover from bad choices.

12/27/11 12:02 pm

but she majored in it in college. the wrong choice can really set you back. I do agree the it should come later in life, but even as an adult the wrong choice can be made

12/27/11 11:59 am

GreatOne that is a good argument for putting off majors until later in life. It's why I support a sold, general education for all.

12/27/11 11:58 am

also, there is very little specialization in high school now

12/27/11 11:57 am

MrMc2, my mom is intelligent. she got to college and majored in journalism (her worst mistake in life) and hasn't really recovered since.

12/27/11 11:54 am

I failed math in HS and gravitated toward the arts.;I was far from academic. Since then I started, ran and sold two successful businesses, earned 4 degrees (1 in engineering), and I have been teaching math for almost 20 years. I'm happy there was no specialization when I was a student.

12/27/11 11:53 am

jdengel, maybe start at 70 by intelligence in elementary schools, and I middle/high school go by class rank. Like I said, I don't think most kids in elementary school really know why they are getting good grades. they rely on their parents

12/27/11 11:51 am

Don't forget Texas is also the place that elected Rick Perry as their governor

12/27/11 11:51 am

Which is why I again say start at the 70th percentile, that way more students are kept from falling thru the cracks