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Does absolute right and wrong exist, or is it relative to the situation?

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BallerB Connecticut
08/27/11 2:12 pm

How can we even be certain of the existence of absolutes if they are beyond our scope?

Nazgul2731 California
08/26/11 1:05 pm

but Shazaam, it is clear in Jeremiah 17:9 and throughout the book of Romans, no one is good, no one can truly do good. Even our best acts of morality are tainted with sinful and selfish motives. That is why Christ's work on the cross bust be applied to us through faith, because only he is good.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/25/11 9:04 pm

To see the spirit of the rule/law/commandment. I think personally that's what makes Christianity tough, but also so wonderful. You have to correctly decide what's right/wrong and then do what's right.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/25/11 9:00 pm

@wakeup: I guess my point is that if there were a set list of absolute right/wrongs we could follow them and live a sinless life. It would be hard, but doable. This is what the Pharisees were attempting in the New Test as we know. They failed and were made ex of bc they couldn't see past the law

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/25/11 8:57 pm

@wakeup: but that isn't what Christ taught though right? Look at the lost sheep parable for an example. Absolute morality is tough, because some times the most moral choice is to break the laws/rules we would normally say are absolutely right/absolutely wrong. What do you think?

wakeup South Dakota
08/24/11 5:33 pm

God, His Word & salvation is absolute. Thats why ppl are running from it, we have to face and learn things we'd rather not.

GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 9:08 pm

there are absolutes. unfortunately we can never know them. as mortals all we can do is try to get close. @everingham I'm sure that someone somewhere would even be able to cast doubt on the most seemingly clear-cut example

everingham North Carolina
08/22/11 9:50 pm

there is absolute! what about molesting a baby. tell me how that can be right!

mcdkm Houston
08/21/11 5:15 pm

Those that want to manipulate the law to their favor would not want them to be absolute. The Dems response tells it all.

08/20/11 11:17 pm

these results are so sad. that's why our country is the way it is.

jesusrepor Illinois
08/20/11 4:56 pm

Funny when people use the bible to cite absolutes.

Talpal Arizona
08/20/11 1:20 am

Chaz - scripture is foolish to the unbeliever. also, don't use the grey area to define the black and white but instead use the black and white to define the grey area. I can give black and white answers to anything that is contradicting.

Talpal Arizona
08/20/11 1:13 am

@. Sgt Fishy - tell me why it's relative? and where you get your moral values from?

Talpal Arizona
08/20/11 1:12 am

our hearts lie the truth but when we give into the mind we find justification for doing wrong. For the Lord has written right and wrong on our hearts. it's us who wish to follow man's thinking which is foolish or God's which is righteous.

08/19/11 10:38 pm

I absolutely love you all because Yahweh made you. You are all beautifully and wonderfully made. Micah 6:8

FrankZappa New York
08/19/11 10:13 pm

G*d doesn't have laws, g*d calls them commandments. And unless you're a computer, it's a choice to obey or not.

MissAine Texas
08/19/11 7:24 pm

Gods law - absolute
Mans laws - relative, very relative :-)

Can u guess that I am a republican and would like gov to stay out oft business :-)

08/19/11 2:28 pm

Of course there is no absolute right or wrong. Everything is relevant to the situation at hand.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/19/11 2:16 pm

@Frank: but only give him a good thumping if he's found in Starbucks!

FrankZappa New York
08/19/11 1:10 pm

If you meet the Buddha walking on the road, kill him.

jesusrepor Illinois
08/19/11 9:04 am

The utilitarian can argue that the holocaust was the right thing to do if it were possible to show that that action some how provided the greatest amount of good down the road (ie world peace for eternity down the road) punching a baby is wrong unless some how you have to do it to save 100 babies 

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/19/11 1:10 am

Ok all, have a good night. It's been interesting!

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/19/11 1:03 am

@KR if you want to find the page, click the there are many heresies that Catholics...hyperlink, and then the first hyperlink: the roman catholic church is not Christian.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/19/11 12:57 am

Just so long as you don't punch the baby - that's absolutely wrong!

FrankZappa New York
08/19/11 12:55 am

I got ya.
I'm a veg, but for rapture, I'd eat a baby!

08/19/11 12:54 am

That was to your earlier comment about the rapture.

08/19/11 12:53 am

Zappa.....I thought we'd just meet in New York and see if it starts there.
Maybe.....The Burger Joint?

FrankZappa New York
08/19/11 12:52 am

Chinese philosophy, two lines are quoted (translated) below.
The thing about views, and that crap about water, or weakness.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/19/11 12:51 am

I actually really enjoy reading Taos, Confucius, Budda writings. Always make you think.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/19/11 12:49 am

A dish that is normally served with 2x fried rice.

08/19/11 12:45 am

Well I must go. Good talking to all of you and it was good that we all expressed our opinions.

08/19/11 12:44 am

Ya shazaam I must sent you to the wrong page sorry. Haha.

08/19/11 12:43 am

Hmmm Frank. From that Chinese literature you mentioned?

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/19/11 12:43 am

He also says the symbol on the cover of the NKJ version (trinity symbol) is really 3 interwoven 6's (666).

08/19/11 12:42 am

Ok. Good talking to you guys. (: and yeah the other page wasn't as crazy.

FrankZappa New York
08/19/11 12:42 am

One who is too insistent on his own views, finds few to agree with him.

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, what is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome what is rigid and hard. This is a paradox: what is soft is strong.

08/19/11 12:41 am

No problem Chaz! Happens to everyone. The women paragraph is after the ones about Catholics. I will try to enter the address again to see if I find the page you meant.

08/19/11 12:41 am

Ok. Bur just so you know forget that website though. I do believe there are scriptures that contradict Catholicism. You can find them online maybe on a different site or of course in the Bible.
I understand your points though. Agreeing to disagree then. Cheers evrryone

08/19/11 12:38 am

We will have to agree to disagree but believe me I do read the bible including the apocrypha which is generally ignored by Protestants. Another great resource is this series called Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic. It is very entertaining and informative. You can probably find it on YouTube.

08/19/11 12:38 am

Ok you know what I found a website too quick. Forget it.

08/19/11 12:38 am

Again I wasnt taking about the home page.