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Show Of Hands January 14th, 2012 12:00am

If you lost 20% of your current body weight, would you be a more healthy weight or a less healthy weight?

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Spewhefner Florida
01/28/12 8:33 am

This is pathetic.... if I lost 20% of my mass I'd be hospitalized. learn to eat right America....

01/24/12 10:48 pm

I'm only 99.4 pounds now

01/23/12 10:31 am

I would be hospitalized, losing hair, skin and bones. Probably some heart problems, maybe even liver and kidney failure. Fun times.

01/22/12 4:09 pm

HARSH!!! that is my exact weight and height! What r u trying to say?

01/21/12 2:26 pm

I would weigh 96lbs @ 5'4". Right now I'm pretty muscular with defined abs and quads of which I am proud and have worked hard for. Loosing 20% would mean loosing a whole lot of my muscle. And yeah, it's gross how nasty and fat the majority of the population is.

QConserv California
01/20/12 9:20 am

I can't believe how fat people are... Eww.

je808 New Jersey
01/19/12 9:57 pm

I'm 5 foot 8 now and 102... So losing 20% would make me less than 80 pounds. Not healthy. I'm already being threatened with hospitalization at the weight I'm at now..

01/18/12 10:32 pm

Well I'm 11 and 70lbs so no I will not lose any weight

01/18/12 10:29 pm

Well I mean if you are under 120 it would be unhealthy not 250 common u know u said unhealthy

01/18/12 11:55 am

I don't try to lose weight; I replace my body fat with muscle through weight training.

Soitgoes Missouri
01/17/12 5:11 pm

Thanks, Tony, for reminding me I'm fat.

01/17/12 1:48 pm

Damn, America's fat.

01/17/12 6:48 am

I would be 5'7" and about 102 pounds. Although that seems desirable for models, I don't think that's healthy at all.

swimguy Illinois
01/16/12 8:24 pm

I'm a tad overweight now so I'd be a tad underweight.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/16/12 8:01 pm

physical condition internally that she has, she is overweight and won't be able to lose it for the rest of her life. REMEMBER THAT BEING OVERWEIGHT ISN'T ALWAYS FROM MCDONALDS!


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/16/12 8:00 pm

@mlow106 most of the really fat people either A: binge in secret while trying to lose weight, or B: have some rare medical condition preventing then from losing weight. I have a relative who used to be fine before she got cancer (don't remember what type), but now because of the medicines and…

01/16/12 7:03 pm

yeah, it's fat people that make America look bad.

Lovatic Indiana
01/16/12 5:16 pm

If I even lost ANY weight, i would be at a less healthy weight! I'm already underweight for my age!

daggomit Mississippi
01/16/12 3:18 pm

I live in Mississippi and I'd be six feet 130 lbs if I lost 20%, think that's too thin. Btw I don't think MS is that over weight, at least not where I live.

mlow106 Michigan
01/16/12 1:06 pm

This is pathetic! Stop going to McDonald's if your already fat!!! You make America look bad

katharine Idaho
01/16/12 1:01 pm

I'd be 5'5" and 80 pounds... Jeez, no thanks.

01/16/12 9:59 am

could definitely lose the weight, but until then I'll provide shade in the summer and warmth in the winter! yup!

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/16/12 9:26 am

Btw I am overweight but not by 20%. I could probably stand to loose about 12% though.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/16/12 9:24 am

I find it interesting how many constant commenters have not weighed in here.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/16/12 9:17 am

Looks like everyone who is thin wants to brag about it and those who aren't are keeping quiet.

lynnee Missouri
01/16/12 12:14 am

I've lost 20% at least, from my heaviest... tons healthier! I'd like to lose 10% more from where I am now, but 20% would definitely be more than I'd be comfortable with

01/15/12 9:36 pm

Mississippi and the other southern states like Alabama, according to a survey claiming they are the nations fattest, should be pure blue!!! xD

01/15/12 7:33 pm

No, I would be a skeleton with muscle. Attractive, but not healthy at all.

hacim Michigan
01/15/12 6:04 pm

the gender filter on this is shocking

01/15/12 1:55 pm

right now 90 lb. 5'6" female after 78 lb. 5'6" skeleton

mamita Alabama
01/15/12 1:50 pm

Well I weigh 115 at 4'11 so that would make me 92 lbs. think I prefer to be how I am. Most don't believe I'm 115 cause I don't look it(so they say). I prefer to keep the curves I've got right now :)

hazhap1 Las Vegas
01/15/12 1:43 pm

My "ideal weight" is 145, and I'm 140. Losing 28 pounds would put me at 112. At 5'6" and male... I don't think that would be attractive or healthy.

01/15/12 1:08 pm

by BMI is like 8% so i'd look like i was starving

01/15/12 12:49 pm

I wish I could lose that much.

KyHeff Kentucky
01/15/12 12:17 pm

I am still very young so I would be extremely underweight

01/15/12 12:06 pm

I am a little over my goal weight right now but i'm still in the healthy range. I'd be underweight if I lost 20%.

01/15/12 12:04 pm

6'4" and 130 pounds doesn't sound good.

01/15/12 12:03 pm

92 pounds for 5'2 too skinny haha I was this size when I was in fifth grade

01/15/12 11:57 am

I'm not that heavy-well, for someone who weighed 95lbs until menopause 4 years ago I am. (140lbs, 5'5). BUT, the extra weight is responsible for about 80% of my physical problems right now. It's just hard to lose weight when you're immobilized 90% of the time <sigh>

Pre Michigan
01/15/12 11:24 am

I think some of y'all on the commenting are lying. :)

Wert A picture of my junk
01/15/12 10:50 am

Topgun, you're already pretty light as it is, for 5'10".