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07/19/13 3:07 pm

Ours broke a few years ago, so no. But we still have many VHS tapes. I haw watched a few at other people's houses, but mostly they sit, unused.

jonfrei the boonies
07/18/13 7:51 pm

I have 2, and neither of them work... :( I've got several boxes of movies I need to get converted...

stickman46 NJ
07/18/13 7:31 pm

I have an all in one blue ray with a vcr about 5 yrs old. I actually just used it last week to watch an old wedding video

fire4life Narnia
07/18/13 7:26 pm

Yup. Right next to my box TV with fake wood paneling :)

lesil Colorado
07/18/13 6:42 pm

My dad accidentally gave ours to arc :(

RyanOH Ohio
07/18/13 5:47 pm

Yes, but its in the storage room, along with two others and about 20-30 different types of cables that I will never use!

PAK the Armpit of Florida
07/18/13 4:46 pm

We have one somewhere maybe in depths of the garage...

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
07/18/13 6:45 pm

Haha! That is always a dangerous place in the garage. Be careful to not get sucked into it and get lost when you dig there. Haha

theawesomer Nowhereland
07/18/13 4:20 pm

It is kinda sad that some people don't know what it is

lesil Colorado
07/18/13 6:43 pm

I said "what's that" because there was no "no" answer

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
07/18/13 6:45 pm

Haha! Sorry. Trying to be creative with answers. "What's that?" is a no or really what it means. Haha

aurealis the sky
07/18/13 3:28 pm

Yeah my TV has one, but my sister broke it :|

07/18/13 2:58 pm

Of course. How else would I watch my old Disney movies?
We actually just never got rid of it, though we haven't used it in years.

aurealis the sky
07/18/13 3:27 pm

Hell yes!!

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
07/18/13 2:54 pm

I have not owned one in like 20 years.

Jungle in the dog house
07/18/13 2:44 pm

I can't remember the last time I saw one. Damn old timers disease.

07/18/13 2:31 pm

I don't own one but I know what it is.

Knox45 Yellow Brick Road
07/18/13 2:41 pm

Haha! I was just being funny with the answers. Lol!