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liasbbb July 18th, 2013 8:39pm

Is solitary confinement cruel and unusual or a useful tool to prisons and the inmates?

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/19/13 4:48 pm

There isn't much choice if they've already killed one cellmate. It would be cruel and unusual to be their next roomie.

rickvee Living the dream
07/19/13 2:56 pm

Since rubber hose beatings aren't allowed anymore, they need to do something to show that there's worse than "being in jail"

fixitlater My Life
07/18/13 2:23 pm

Sometimes I wish I was in solitary...

Fjolsvin Midgard
07/18/13 1:46 pm

It contributes to or causes mental illness and historically has been used as a torture technique along with many of the other tactics used in our prison systems. Rather than creating more mentally ill destructive persons the focus should be on tx.

Correption Under a Bridge
07/18/13 1:44 pm

It is certainly an important tool for keeping other inmates safe from someone who is currently unstable.