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Show Of Hands July 2nd, 2012 12:00am

Claiming some general smartphone patent infringements, Apple has won an injunction preventing sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones in the U.S. For consumers, is this good news or bad news?

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poopsmith New Jersey
07/11/12 12:16 pm

I even work for apple and realize this is bad news..

NotAsheep Nevada
07/07/12 6:54 am

The amount of money I wasted on non-apple products before finally giving in still makes me sick. Nothing compares to Apple, and the rest are just incredibly expensive paperweights.

07/05/12 5:50 pm

Competition is always good so this is bad

Nerdz Texas
07/04/12 11:55 pm

Bad.. People wanted those phones. But I am a loyal fan of Apple

LOLdayl Ohio
07/04/12 9:27 pm

Sooo... When will Android phone manufacturers sue Apple for 'stealing' ideas???

07/04/12 4:38 pm

I encourage competition but most Android makers are blatantly copying Apples original ideas and inventions. Anyone would protect that

sgeisler18 Illinois
07/04/12 11:33 am

I hate apple with the exception of the iPod. Apple is trying to become a monopoly, and that makes me so mad. I never liked Steve Jobs, and macs make me want to hit people with said computer because they are overpriced crap.

07/04/12 10:08 am

I really don't understand how aneroid is an iPhone knockoff, they're nothing alike. well, they sort of are similar in a few ways but android can do everything iOS can do and waaaay more. you apple fanboys need to open your eyes and realize what's the best.

07/04/12 5:59 am

These patent fights are awful. If Apple isn't going to make a bigger screen phone then they need to put their lawyers away.

07/04/12 4:07 am

Apple is being a deusche bag.

I'm prolly not getting apple next time

bnnt Los Angeles
07/03/12 10:56 pm

Before iPhone, none of those guys had anything that even resembled an iPhone. Now they're all blatantly copying it.

07/03/12 9:42 pm

apple is like a spoiled kid with everything who doesn't want to share. I guess it's good business and they're within their rights to do so...

Vincere Seattle
07/03/12 8:37 pm

I like Apple, but a general smart phone patent will only hurt competition and innovation.

07/03/12 7:41 pm

This question is written pretty anti-Apple skewed. This is a good thing for Apple. Phone makers have been ripping them off since the iPhone came out. They'll have no incentive to innovate if other people can just steal their technology.

07/03/12 7:31 pm

Yes because Samsung steals. Innovators like apple need protected.

07/03/12 5:15 pm

It was ethical but sucks for consumers.

lmurder MDK
07/03/12 3:52 pm

No one can compete with the iPhone or iPad. Should have thought of it first...not steal ideas from them.

07/03/12 3:42 pm

People...if you created an amazing invention, became successful and someone stole your idea and tried to make money off of it, you'd be pissed too. Apple has done the right thing protecting their patent.

07/03/12 2:22 pm

This is stupid. Thats like Ford securing a patent on cars.

Gingerred primum non nocere
07/03/12 11:30 am

Bad news for buyers, yeah, but Apple has the right to protect their patent.

Apex swimming in the sky
07/03/12 11:12 am

If i make a blue car and you make one too but just put bells on it. I would sue you too. Now if i want to sue everyone that is building a car, now that's wrong! FTW Apple..

07/03/12 10:43 am

Well, let's be honest, android is basically an iPhone ripoff. Apple had every right to sue them.

07/03/12 8:53 am

apple claims that samsung copied the look and the feel of the iPhone onto the Galaxy Nexus, and if you look at the two phones, they're nothing alike. If you go on google+ the hashtag #boycottapple is trending pretty well! I'm never buying anything from apple ever again

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/03/12 8:04 am

Bad news for market competition, but if the patent infringements are true, then Apple is in the right.

cbbfle Nashville, TN
07/03/12 7:33 am

@desertsnow- what company doesn't want a monopoly? And about the breaking, I know people with original iPods, iPod touches, iPhones, and many who have 5+ year old macs. They do last.
Competition and choice is best for consumers.

ProfDG I Want Truth
07/03/12 6:27 am

Samsung has a history of unethical behavior.

07/03/12 2:00 am

Good because Samsung is the most unreliable rude brand in the world. I had 2 phones from them & a TV, none of them were quality products & the cs people were EXTREMELY RUDE, regarding my TV. The product quality I've seen from them I will NEVER buy their brand again in my life

07/02/12 11:49 pm

Punk rock iPhone crew all the way

Solanum Georgia
07/02/12 10:16 pm

I'm excited about apple getting stomped. We need to stop paying for bricks with apple logos and start paying for tech that has a price that correlates to the actual performance of the device.

07/02/12 9:52 pm

Samsung Galaxy quality is Apple. Apple uses Samsung engines on all their iPod devices. Apple sued because they stole Apple's products. They are already illegal in 3 countries,they should be held accountable,and they should go to jail. So check your facts-Please don't attack others for misinformation

07/02/12 9:36 pm

PAteach2 First off I want to say that I'm writing this on my iPhone. You are the definition of fanboy. I bought the iPhone 4 because, when I did, it was the best phone on the market. The Samsung Galaxy phones are surpassing iPhone in quality. Calling them garbage makes you sound like a fool.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/02/12 9:26 pm

@magnush - they are far from the worst or greediest. Ever hear of Citibank, or Bank of America?

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/02/12 9:24 pm

They need to stop fighting each other in court and fight harder in the marketplace. Considering the types of devices we could have if they had put that money and effort into R&D, we are getting ripped off.

pateach2 love my son
07/02/12 8:29 pm

Good keeps the garbage off of the shelves. It's like buying an off brand mayo, it resembles Hellmann's but it's no where close. Same thing with any smart phone other than an Apple....the iPhone is my Hellmann's!

peacenskis Alaska
07/02/12 8:14 pm

I'm an Apple fan, but by choice.

07/02/12 7:17 pm

I say it's good because I LOVE Apple, but bad because competition will hurt and when that happen, innovation will hurt!

07/02/12 7:08 pm

If you want my opinion, Apple is afraid of another Microsoft-like takeover. Apple couldn't compete with Microsoft until they came out with the iPod and attracted consumer interest in their company. Now the iPod is threatened by another open source OS.

07/02/12 6:56 pm

Apple is the most greedy self centered, self righteous company there is, was, and ever will be. I hope they get sued into oblivion and their proprietary garbage phones all get turned into a Bigg apple shaped tombstone.

kehvn Towson, MD
07/02/12 5:39 pm

People seem confused on this one. You can have competition that's beneficial and fair. That's not the same as theft. Apple claims Samsung stole from them. Therefore protection against theft is good for consumers. Private property protection is the only "regulation" the free market actually needs.

07/02/12 5:28 pm

You can turn a blind eye to this all you want but it proves that competition drives innovation. Apple is trying to stop competition by accusing Samsung of using a screen transition that is similar to theirs. Yes, that actually happened. Boo hoo. It only suggests that Apple is struggling to keep up.

07/02/12 5:24 pm

The fact of the matter is that Apple has had to add a front facing camera, a more powerful rear camera, a higher pixel density screen, turn-by-turn navigation, dual core processor and, if rumors are true, a larger screen because Android has pushed the market in that direction.

07/02/12 5:19 pm

Chance, what was I wrong about? Since you're so smart and all.

07/02/12 4:56 pm

Oh come on people, there are more than 10 million pre orders for galaxy S III devices. This is apple crapping bricks because Samsung has what it takes to whoop them.

fester Ohio
07/02/12 4:23 pm

Good news. You don't get to steal other's ideas when yours suck!

lmurder MDK
07/02/12 4:21 pm

Google lost out when they sat around and watched apple grow over the pat decade.
They deserve every loss they get. It's called R&D!