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03/12/12 6:03 am

Ron Paul is not insane. Our current government is insane. They continue to spend out of control, go to war without a declaration of war, and ignore our Constitution. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

cavman32 Texas
03/11/12 10:57 pm

Paul is the only person that can beat barack hussien obama

03/11/12 1:39 pm

I'm with Ed on this one.

edd3232 California
03/10/12 7:01 pm

Ron Paul is insane he has one good idea and a lot of bat s*it insane ones. He is way out of the mainstream. How in the hell can he beat Obama if he can't even beat Mittens.

03/10/12 11:06 am

liberal or liberal? liberal... =]

03/09/12 10:39 pm

palindrome the only reason Paul wouldn't win is because so many idiot democrats like you would vote for obama

03/09/12 10:36 pm

I'm republican and i don't think Paul could beat obama, the only reason he get such good ratings on show of hands is because so many liberals have this

puppylove California
03/09/12 9:04 pm

Ron Paul can't win a primary but CAN beat Obama. That gives him a good reason to be president!

03/09/12 7:42 am

Current map has electoral college at 269-269 even though Paul wins popular vote 53-47

03/09/12 6:19 am

palindrome the reason Ron Paul can't win a primary is because the Republican Base is scared of change. If faced against Obama he has a better chance of winning than any other republican candidate. Faced against the base. Not so much.

palindrome California
03/09/12 12:00 am

Can Ron Paul REALLY beat Obama? It seems as if he can't even beat Santorum and Romney

03/08/12 12:56 pm

@HolyBabble - Ron Paul is the ONLY one who beats Obama when polled nationally against him.

True, he hasn't won any states (if you believe the "official" results), but that doesn't matter. It's all about the delegates. ;)

03/08/12 5:46 am


03/08/12 5:46 am

The only thing these primaries prove is who does the base want. The independent parties should have their own primary

03/08/12 5:44 am

Ron Paul is the only candidate that can beat Obama because the Republican base is going to vote for whoever is not Obama. Which leaves independents. Ron Paul is the only Republican that can steal the independent vote from MrO. Its time for a game changer. RON PAUL OR BUST

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/07/12 8:20 pm

This goes to show that you shouldn't take the results on this app too seriously. Ron Paul is a joke and has not finished first in one State. But he can win the Presidency? LOL!

03/07/12 7:02 pm

Only 25 percent are awake. The rest dont read news , they wait for the news manipulators to give them the spin from the left and right. So the 75 percent sleepwalkers have their opinions and talking points given to them. Paul followers see through the "construct" modern media creates daily.

03/07/12 2:20 pm

Libertaria I know they're EXTREMELY active. Really they're probably the most active. But Paul never wins. And it makes zero sense because they appear to be the most vocal.

03/07/12 10:46 am

Aye libertaria i"d like to see more intell post and view not comments about other peoples comments

03/07/12 10:14 am

Ca-52 , ron paul supporters are the most active voters there are . They do show up . Look at campaign video, it looks like a concert. However , talk radio is very influential and older voters or people who don't have acces to real news rely on CNN or Fox or talk radio to give them the skewed news.

03/07/12 4:35 am

Your right libertaria controlled by corporate greed=blind enslaved society.

03/07/12 4:34 am

In 2008 I voted for "change I could believe in" but although my candidate won he has met so much opposition from those who place more credence in miracles than they do in intelligent actions, so I am hoping the changes Paul wants will be effective too but met with much less public opposition.

03/06/12 10:34 pm

What? I'm not against anyone. Briggs made a point. I just want to know why Paul supporters don't show up.

03/06/12 10:12 pm

Don't let the media choose your president for you. THINK FOR YOURSELF! Ron Paul 2012!

03/06/12 10:10 pm

I vote for PEACE. Ron Paul 2012.

03/06/12 10:10 pm

Ron Paul is the ONLY one who can beat Obama in 2012, because he gets votes from Independents, young people, and even some Democrats (aka Blue Republicans). He will also actually restore America instead of just doing more of the same!

03/06/12 10:08 pm

Ron Paul > Mittrack Sangingrich

03/06/12 10:06 pm

Ron Paul is the only one with a consistent, constitutional record and policies. He is a veteran and will cut one trillion dollars from the budget his first year and will have it balanced in three years.

03/06/12 10:04 pm

President Paul! President Paul!

03/06/12 10:04 pm

Ron Paul revolution,
bring us back our Constitution! :D

cavman32 Texas
03/06/12 9:58 pm

Romney = Obama. Paul= Change. change will never happen

cavman32 Texas
03/06/12 9:56 pm

CA-52 wake up! Ron Paul knows what freedom is, all the other dumb asses dont

03/06/12 8:42 pm

If I could vote, it'd be for Paul. It's sad to see that most of the republican voters vote on moral issues and mainly
Religion (Santorum)... However, Ron Paul boasts more experience and a better foreign policy than Obama

03/06/12 7:11 pm

Hmm, romney or obama? Same difference, both well financed by Goldman Sachs. Anyone see just last week geithner was arrested for telling AIG not to pay the 180 billion loan back and they released him immediately afterward? Youtube it

bliggs Veni Vidi Vigor
03/06/12 6:10 pm

CA-52 is exactly right. Paul voters obviously don't show up at the polls. I am very disappointed right now. :(

03/06/12 5:12 am

Ron Paul 2012!!! He is for the Constitution!!!

03/05/12 7:18 pm

Equality,his boy in ge doesnt pay taxes ohh wait neither does geitne

abrakadabra Ohio
03/05/12 6:01 pm

Obama 2012!!! He is for equality!!!

03/05/12 2:58 pm

That was aimed at ace123

03/05/12 2:58 pm

Why? It's simple. Paul supporters don't show up to vote. It's very simple. If there are as many as there appear to be. Thats not to be belittling.Who knows? Maybe things might change tonight.

shrimpster Florida
03/04/12 11:36 am

I love Ron Paul. but what's the chance of an antiwar anti empire candidate to win in country full of bully mentality and ruled by fear?

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
03/04/12 9:36 am

What's that media? Paul can't win? In the other polls on the app all the other candidates lost to Obama. So why is the media saying Ron Paul can't win? They must not want him to win. Maybe that's because most of the establishment will loose their jobs once he's in office.