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HolyBabble Mississippi
07/07/12 6:16 pm

I vote for potato chips 'cause they American.

Tortilla chips are Mexican and I hate illegals and all things Mexican!!

07/02/12 6:00 pm

Potato....but I like both.....actually it depends on what dip we have

bnnt Los Angeles
07/02/12 12:09 am

Chips and salsa. In fact, I'm craving them now.

ahsu Ohio
07/01/12 10:59 pm

If it is a delicious factor, potato chips. I don't eat any chips bc I'm trying to lose some weight, but if I had to choose then it's be tortilla chips. Potato chips are too greasy and oily. Used to eat them all the time though.

trav Instagram, travisdover
07/01/12 4:52 am

Potato wins taste, but I'll go for the healthier tortilla and salsa. Nothing beats potato with an onion dip though (for taste)

FakeSound Arizona
07/01/12 2:49 am

The map is awesome. Look at the southwest!!

applestar Florida
06/30/12 4:32 pm

If plain? potato. But if I can have a dip I'd take tortilla & home made salsa ( no jarred crap)

MNchallenger Minneapolis
06/30/12 1:39 pm

I'm typing this while eating potato chips.....

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
06/30/12 1:13 pm

Golfer. Our BBQ is what made Snyder of Berlin. It was our signature chip. Now we're big into kettle chips. I love kettle chips. Eating a fresh warm unsalted kettle chip off the line is the cats ass.

EarlyBird Portland
06/30/12 8:11 am

Potato chips just taste like salt and oil to me. They kinda gross me out. :-(

06/30/12 1:50 am

Potato. Tortilla chips, although made from corn, sometimes contain wheat which is no good for gluten allergies.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
06/30/12 12:12 am

39 weeks pregnant and now I want some chips!

glyiker America
06/29/12 10:26 pm

Definitely tortilla if there is queso involved.

06/29/12 10:09 pm

Tortilla chips with salsa with pico de gallo added, yum yum! Best tortilla chips are from Abuello's.

06/29/12 9:39 pm

i like both :D
but i chose potato chips

ekb0610 Florida
06/29/12 9:30 pm

tortilla chips with guacomole!

06/29/12 7:56 pm

Tortilla with what ever drug Chipolte puts on their chips.

nerdy Massachusetts
06/29/12 7:43 pm

Salt and vinegar chips are a treat!

elbow82 Veganland
06/29/12 7:36 pm

Potato if plain, but tortilla if good quality salsa and guacamole are available.

06/29/12 7:34 pm

tortilla chips n salsa

06/29/12 7:24 pm

Being from PA I should pick potato chips but if I had both on front of me it would be tortilla chips. I do love me some salt & vins though!

snafu Washington
06/29/12 7:09 pm

Depends on the dip! Refrained beans, salsa, guacamole? Definitely tortilla chips. Cheese dips, onion dip, etc.? Potato chips.

FaceMoose Over There
06/29/12 5:42 pm

Unsalted tortilla chips are sooooo good...

2katz I live in Nebraska
06/29/12 5:41 pm

Really depends on with what. Naked chips, I prefer potato. Best made on parchment paper in the microwave, BTW. Yum!

FrostedMin California
06/29/12 4:32 pm

For some reason potato chips make me feel sick. :P

KudosToYou California
06/29/12 2:53 pm

Right now I'd prefer Ruffles with a sour cream and garlic salt dip.

06/29/12 2:49 pm

Uhh is that even a question? ¡¡TORTILLA!!

06/29/12 2:01 pm

I would have thought Idaho would be red

06/29/12 1:18 pm

Chips and salsa>Chips and salt

NFLPrincess First and Goal
06/29/12 1:15 pm

@CAKE: maybe we 're just burnt out on the potato : )

06/29/12 12:01 pm

Kettle cooked are some of the best chips every!

06/29/12 11:24 am

Thought potatoes would have more. Darn Americans.

striker59 Colorado
06/29/12 10:40 am

The only chips I eat anymore are Pringles, baked lays, Doritos, and chips and salsa.

Chukar retired police officer
06/29/12 10:20 am

Surprised that Arizona voted potato. Not racist..... just saying.

06/29/12 10:09 am

I like pita chips better!!!! :)

RRStephens Tennessee
06/29/12 10:07 am

They need another button that is purple for "split" or torn between the two options lol. I like corn chips with salsa, guacamole and cheese dips and I like potato chips with French onion, ranch, and been dip, so it's a tough call.

scottstots Georgia
06/29/12 10:02 am

Tortilla chips and salsa, but I do enjoy some Pringles from time to time

lmurder MDK
06/29/12 9:43 am

The southern border states love tortilla chips...ironic.