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sccr28jb No No No
11/04/12 8:36 pm

This is easily the biggest toss-up between the states...

EarlyBird Portland
11/04/12 2:14 pm

I changed my vote to Romney.

freeedom New Hampshire
11/03/12 8:59 pm

@cairochris, where in NH? They only thing I can say is NH is not as big as VA. I live in Southern NH and that is what I see. The north is sparsely populated.

Jzz California
11/03/12 3:59 pm

NH has 23 votes. Hardly telling.

HISMAGESTY Massachusetts
11/03/12 2:16 pm

funny how most of America thinks its Obamma but NH thinks its romney

11/03/12 2:01 pm

Interesting that 85% of NH residents on SOH picked Romney.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/03/12 1:06 pm

actually, I think it forces some people to be a bit more honest. They focus on that specific race and leave their pom-poms on the floor.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/03/12 1:05 pm

The libertarian vote (G. Johnson) is strong here. this may pull some Republican votes away from Romney.

11/03/12 11:26 am

Who thought that the swing state maps would be any different than going to the main Obama Romney map and looking at the individual states?

timeout Boston Strong
11/03/12 11:11 am

Out of all the NE states this is the most conservative. Close but Obama ekes out a win here.

badattitude no place like home
11/03/12 10:12 am

That's because even the conservatives aren't confident that people are smart enough to see through the liberal medias lies and decide correctly.

form Winter Springs, FL
11/03/12 9:57 am

This is the hardest of the swing state picks

11/03/12 7:42 am

Interesting - I've had the opposite experience & I've done a lot of work in NH recently. I think, like VA, your perspective of the race is highly dependent on where you are in the state.

freeedom New Hampshire
11/02/12 8:25 pm

Whoops, didn't mean to write "in here." I originally wrote in New Hampshire, but then I deleted it because I was running out of characters.

freeedom New Hampshire
11/02/12 7:56 pm

Everyone I talk to in here is not so enthusiastic about Obama anymore. I voted for him last time, but I will not this time. Most people I talk to are leaning towards Romney. Also, the vibe I get from Obama supporters is that they are kind of embarrassed to still support him, but they're pro-choice.

11/02/12 6:11 pm

All the GOP comments about social issues recently could backfire the most here...NH is very socially liberal. Fiscally conservative, socially liberal. It's a Northern New England thing - VT is similar, but focuses more on the latter (and so is more Dem) whereas NH weighs both issues equally.

11/02/12 4:16 pm

I kind of think Romney will get this one.

nickelb Texas
11/02/12 2:55 pm

I think Obama. I wish Romney

Scranton Pennsylvania
11/02/12 1:35 pm

I picked Obama but I am the least confident on this one. I'm actually surprised even the Republicans are picking Obama 51% at the moment.

11/02/12 1:08 pm

New Hampshire's pretty damn fickle. I'm hedging my bets on this one...Romney.