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Show Of Hands June 13th, 2011 12:00am

Facebook has a new feature that uses facial recognition to automatically identify and tag people in photos uploaded by friends. Creepy or cool?

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07/02/11 11:27 pm

I'm a recovering stalker... I only stalk on weekends. Call 1800-STALK if you want me to stalk you.

07/01/11 4:55 pm

@clone2384: good point

07/01/11 4:55 pm

Cool but at the same time stalkerish.

06/30/11 11:21 pm

Imagine what the government has if this is free.

06/29/11 6:42 pm

It is very creepy. More like a creepy cool. It is kinda cool how it can do that, but the computer or facebook shouldnt memorize what we look like!

06/28/11 3:43 pm

New technology! Let's poke it with our SPEARS! why can't we have the good old days back where people lived to be 40?

sabs Georgia
06/22/11 6:59 pm

It makes it way easier to tag people when you have a huge album of pictures soooooo.... I don't really care if Facebook knows what I look like. :-/

06/21/11 10:53 pm

Very very cool. At last "the future" is beginning to give us signs it's almost here. Finally!!!

cjclove Washington
06/21/11 2:27 pm

I think its flippen cool!! And btw idiots in I robot they were programmed to attack god ur dumb

06/21/11 10:32 am

06/20/11 8:21 pm

I have no problem appreciating creepy&cool as a class of gadgetry unto itself. This tech is in that boat.

06/20/11 2:54 am

@Gelidity: Well played.

Aside from that, I was already upset at Facebook and all the theories around it, and now this? Thanks SoH...

Gelidity Pennsylvania
06/20/11 2:13 am

You obviously have never seen I Robot

Gelidity Pennsylvania
06/20/11 2:12 am

I havnt heard of this yet. Creepy def.

06/20/11 12:16 am

I don't want my friends to tag pictures of me. I certainly do want it done automatically. Invasion of privacy....anyone?

06/19/11 4:39 am

Shut up CS, and stop being stupid. A robot could never turn against a human, same reason a coffee maker can't monitor the stimulus, it wasn't designed/programed to.

06/19/11 1:30 am

All hail our robot over lords.

bornofashes Chicago, IL
06/18/11 4:51 pm

It doesn't automatically tag people. It's not that good. It can recognize a face but not who's it is. It makes guesses, but it can't tag someone without human confirmation, thus it is not creepy.

06/18/11 2:32 pm

I wonder what it says about twins?

nicholasmc Ohio
06/18/11 10:21 am

it's amazing technology so it's useful