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10/23/12 4:47 am

Just undergrad research. We get paid and presented at an IEEE conference which was completely nerve wracking! Even got published. Woohoo!

10/21/12 1:17 pm

Unpaid internship at the White House back in 1992.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
10/21/12 10:21 am

Hopefully I can change my answer by the end of next summer.

bu45 Ohio
10/20/12 3:17 pm

my college requires two internships before graduation, because if these experiences we have a 99% placement rate within 6 months of graduation. I myself have done 3.

gonzoboy Arizona
10/20/12 9:04 am

I've never had an internship. Only an intern.

wirenerd Somersworth
10/20/12 8:19 am

I'm guessing not, but would a 3 day job-shadowing for school count?

10/20/12 6:49 am

Interning now with KSP Forensic Laboratories.

10/20/12 3:40 am

Why?? Experience is experience, and these days no employer wants you without it. Take what you can get and stop complaining!

10/19/12 10:59 pm

I was the only undergraduate allowed in an internship for a study when i was a premed student. I learned so much and it really motivated me to keep studying.

10/19/12 9:53 pm

Yes! I got an awesome PR internship at a national nonprofit, and I've loved every minute of it! I've learned so much. I was eventually offered a paid part time position, and I've been there for almost two years!

10/19/12 9:21 pm

Question should be who had had a paid internship. Unpaid internships ought to be illegal.

10/19/12 6:04 pm

Not exactly an internship, but student teaching is the equivalent to working before you graduate without pay to get experience.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
10/19/12 5:30 pm

I've been applying like mad for one. Sadly my chosen field is very narrow and competitive.

10/19/12 3:22 pm

What about sex with an intern?

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
10/19/12 11:35 am

Yes. One that lead to a full time job after graduation.

thinker2 nc
10/19/12 10:41 am

Required for pharmacy school. No fun but I'm glad they made us do it. Some of my classmates had never worked a day in a pharmacy (hospital or retail) and were going to graduate as pharmacists.

dflem Arizona
10/19/12 8:43 am

No. My time is worth money. Walked out of an interview once because they said I'd be an unpaid intern instead if the full time job I was applying for

10/19/12 6:36 am

3 - all in college and all unpaid (required). Though I despise the unpaid part, especially since I pay for class therefore paying to work, I had a tremendous experience with 2 of those internships (1- major tv network, 1 - law firm). Added valuable skills, experience, and professional networks.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
10/19/12 6:34 am

I want one... None out there. Obama says the economy is fine... My ass

Alison Illinois
10/19/12 5:38 am

I didn't have an internship, but I did have a student teaching assignment. Basically the same thing.

Itabliss Hello
10/19/12 4:23 am

3... None required. They were all pretty great. my favorite was interning in the county clerk's office. Second favorite was at a publicly traded company. Least favorite was at an accounting firm during tax season. all were paid... Not much, but still paid.

10/19/12 2:06 am

Fraunhofer institute one year - robotics and CIM.

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/19/12 1:45 am

Two, required in grad school. I was 40 years old and was treated like crap, like I knew nothing. Just assigned boring menial tasks, not included in any meetings where I might have learned from hearing discussions, etc.

AnnieM The Island
10/19/12 12:35 am

I also learned the career path I thought I wanted was one I did *not* want to pursue. That's valuable information right there.

AnnieM The Island
10/19/12 12:34 am

Paid internship for a major corporation. Granted, i got paid so little that it might as well have been unpaid. I loved that job in so many ways, and detested it in so many others. Learned a lot about big business, though, both good and bad.

10/18/12 11:41 pm

I've had interns work for me and they were usually terrible. Worse than new trainees all together.

10/18/12 10:25 pm

I am currently a paid intern. I am grateful for it as now I am finally teaching and loving it.

cmblank2 Raleigh
10/18/12 9:50 pm

No, but I have a meeting tomorrow to start the process of obtaining one

cato Santa Barbara, California
10/18/12 9:14 pm

Not me personally but I hired two graduate students to intern for this summer. They did a great job.

10/18/12 9:13 pm

Back in college at a non-profit.

MejmaAlfman Manhattan Beach, CA
10/18/12 8:19 pm

I've interned for two political campaigns and once for a state assemblyman. Good experience.

10/18/12 7:55 pm

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smartfart Florida
10/18/12 7:54 pm

One in undergrad. An easy 4 hours a week for a semester.
The two in grad school for 9 months each were a little tough while working full time. A minimum of 12 hour days + regular classes.

10/18/12 7:48 pm

must be so hard

10/18/12 7:48 pm

Oh I feel so sorry for you. Being your own boss and

10/18/12 7:38 pm

That... is really unfortunate

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
10/18/12 7:38 pm

No. But I do own my own business and everyone gets paid except me. So isn't that sort of the same thing? Woo hoo! Four more years of interning if we can keep this wiz-bang in office!!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
10/18/12 7:37 pm

Paid internship. I'm not dumb enough to work at a for-profit for free.

captain12345 Tennessee
10/18/12 7:33 pm

Yea I had to before they would pay me for the work i did it was pretty fun the only thing I hated was my wife was making all the money

10/18/12 7:32 pm

That's great! I have one now too with the Obama campaign also

10/18/12 7:22 pm

I've had three. Two in high school and one in college.

mewells Arkansas
10/18/12 7:19 pm

Yep. As a teacher, our degree required us to do a full semester of internship teaching. So not only for no pay, but paying tuition to do it.


10/18/12 7:14 pm

Can I have a Tesla ?

Ratchet Ohio
10/18/12 7:14 pm

Yes. Obama campaign. Right now.