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07/16/11 10:42 pm

American living in Portugal right now.....god I miss the u.s.

takashi Colorado
07/14/11 11:10 pm

I've never even been out of the US

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/13/11 3:56 pm

many times in the Navy,Italy,Greece,France,Tunisa,Turkey you get to travel quite abit.

07/07/11 11:57 pm

Yes, I've been to the United Kingdom! It. Was. AWESOME!! It's my dream to go to Germany though. Maybe when I'm older I'll get to! :)

07/06/11 12:47 am

Just came back from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary

lovableme California
07/05/11 8:05 pm

I'm visiting London, England right now! <3

purpledragon Pennsylvania
07/03/11 2:40 pm

@hickhater it takes money to go places...and just because people like me don't have the money to go to Europe it doesn't make us farmers. I've been to Canada and most of the eastern US so I can say with pride I am not a hick.

07/03/11 12:09 pm

Isn't the definition of being a hick someone who makes snap judgments about a place he or she has never seen?

Adonis New York
07/02/11 9:34 pm

I try to exemplify the perfect Texan while traveling in Europe.

Liebel michigan
07/02/11 8:12 pm

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

07/02/11 7:17 pm

Now can I get an amen?

07/02/11 7:16 pm

But on a different point, since when does not being rich make you a hick? Maybe one of the worlds problems is rich people looking down on us "hicks" and thinking your so much better.

07/02/11 7:15 pm

Who gives a damn about Europe. Isn't the only reason any of us (aside from native Americans) are here is because it's been such a hell hole for the last 400 years?

07/02/11 6:13 pm

Germany and Croatia<33

07/01/11 12:57 pm

A hickhater from Minnesota? Lol

07/01/11 11:58 am

Does not being able to afford world travel make you a hick? I personally would like to visit Europe one day but unlike 'hickhater' I'm a working class 'hick' so leave the US and stay gone hater.

07/01/11 5:23 am

Love this one. The narrow-minded hicks who haven't been anywhere and vote with blinders on so that they can ignore the problems of the world while clinging to their rural way of suck!!!! Leave the US, see the world!

daver141a New York
07/01/11 12:25 am

Sounds like doodle feels inferior. Sorry doodle, we all still love and admire you. You can look at my Europe pics if you want

07/01/11 12:07 am

@doodle52 I'm not a fool, and I wasn't bragging when I said where I've been to or lived. I was fortunate enough to be born into a military family. I've gotten to visit and live in a lot of places because of my family getting transferred somewhere else. Some people may be lying, but I am not:)

06/30/11 11:11 pm

all I see on here is a bunch of fools on here "bragging" about alllll the countries they have supposedly been to. Like we care where you've been.

06/30/11 9:43 pm

Ireland last November and England in the Spring of 2012!

06/30/11 6:56 pm


06/30/11 4:59 pm

Lol: the richer u r the more chance u went to europe...

joe13 California
06/30/11 4:35 pm

Technically, yes, but only for a connection through Paris to get back to the US.

06/30/11 3:01 pm

Went on a 30 day "backpacking" trip through 10 countries after college grad. Great experience to learn the different cultures. Would live their based on the defunct gov't there, but it is a beautiful place to visit

06/30/11 1:33 pm

And here we are again with politics jumping up front on a question about travel.

06/30/11 12:50 pm

@ lutang - 57 states...13, er 12, year-old daughter, corpse-man, I see fallen heroes in the audience, saying that a fallen Medal of Honor recipient is alive...I don't have time to go on...looks like you dummycrats are as good at counting as your dear leader is!

06/30/11 10:17 am

It's discouraging enough that I have not been able to afford to fly back home(Hawaii) for the past 6 years now let alone make it out to Europe. It's not from lack of initiative... Laziness... Or arrogance... Just a lack of resourcs

06/30/11 10:15 am

@landshark-- you realize to get frequent flier miles you have to fly first or spend money on a credit card or things of that nature. Companies don't just hand miles out for nothing. Landshark-- your comments on this blog appear to lack understanding and sensitivity towards those less fortunate

06/30/11 4:10 am

je suis de Poitier, France

06/30/11 1:52 am

No but wouldn't mind visiting Spain one day hopefully.

06/30/11 12:33 am

Never gone but I wish!!

kris55 Alabama
06/30/11 12:15 am

I love europe its so beautiful and cultured

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/29/11 11:59 pm

Almost everybody in DC has gone there!

06/29/11 10:43 pm

Would love to go there, even live there

06/29/11 10:31 pm

Completely off topic sorry but that just popped into my head and I started cracking up

06/29/11 10:30 pm

@lutang you reminded me of probably the funniest blunder during the election; when Joe Biden asked Sen. Chuck Graham to stand up. Of course, Chuck didn't stand up because he has to use a wheelchair to get around lol

mcdkm Houston
06/29/11 10:21 pm

@LuTang - On Memorial Day he said he saw many of our fallen heroes in the audience and today he got his kids ages wrong. But on the topic, we spent three weeks in Europe for our honeymoon. Nine countries in all but loved Italy and Monaco.

06/29/11 10:07 pm

@10isplaya you're missing out lol. I've been to quite a few places around the world thanks to the military. I'd go back to almost all of them on vacation

06/29/11 10:07 pm

Noooooo, but I've been to Muscoy.

06/29/11 10:06 pm

I went to Germany and Austria. Absolutely amazing.

06/29/11 10:03 pm

honestly i have no desire to travel outside the U.S....