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Show Of Hands September 4th, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever had what you would consider to be an absolutely perfect day?

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09/08/12 5:44 am

Six flags with some of my best friends AND the guy I then liked told me he liked me back.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/06/12 10:45 pm

The honeymoon featured several of them, if you know what I mean. *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*

09/06/12 8:01 pm

Many, since my definition of a perfect day is nothing bad happening

09/06/12 7:57 pm

Fewer of them as I get older. Responsibility lays more heavily upon me. Perhaps this changes upon retirement.

bmooney Louisiana
09/06/12 2:08 pm

the day I told the girl of my dreams and friend who I crushed on for years how I felt... in a letter. that she read... and called me 3 hours later to say..... YES. BEST. DAY. EVER. I floated a few inches off the ground until I slept hours later.

SillyNiner New York
09/06/12 10:16 am

right now I have a nasty case of poison ivy and I've hadituptohere with Obama's and Romney's fingerpointing...perfect is the first Wednesday of November

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/06/12 9:23 am

Saw a sign yesterday that fits this question--- if you think today isn't a good day, try missing one.

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
09/06/12 8:24 am

A perfect day? What a joke. The perfect day is the day you die.

Cameron258 Florida
09/06/12 5:48 am

Last time I went to Disney World!!

09/05/12 3:35 pm

Twice. When I had my kiddos.

09/05/12 2:57 pm

not in the last THREE YEARS

09/05/12 2:25 pm

happily lost on the Hebridean island of Harris, slopping through a peat bog, then heard Mahler #10. God, take me now!

09/05/12 10:40 am

Truelove8@@@ couldn't have said it better

Hawkn Texas
09/05/12 9:18 am

@bracetty I hear ya. I'm 19 too

09/05/12 7:39 am

Yes. In Kauai on the beach with the man I love, a healthy stash of hawaiian pakalolo and not a worry in the world. Just L-I-V-I-N!!!

09/05/12 5:34 am

The day I blessed this planet with my existence, the day we got my dogs 9 years ago, and my junior prom.

09/04/12 10:52 pm

I dnt think I Had a good day in years :/ I'm only 19

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
09/04/12 10:20 pm

My parents surprised us with a puppy for Christmas. Best day ever!

luna Minnesota
09/04/12 8:27 pm

My point being that your perfect day doesn't have to be a big event. Just a day that leaves you content and relaxed.

luna Minnesota
09/04/12 8:27 pm

I'm 16, and my perfect day would be just chilling on a beach or making new friends. Summer camps gave me lots of perfect days!!

true Home
09/04/12 8:26 pm

Considering that someone else may be laying in bed like a vegetable unable to move, blind, taking chemo treatments, or suffering; every day I have is good! Be thankful! Compared to what other people are going through yes my day is perfect

BabyBoomer Illinois
09/04/12 8:23 pm

How sad that there's 30% out there who haven't experienced a perfect day. What's wrong with this picture?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/04/12 8:03 pm

More often than other times, flying. The airplane's ready, full of gas, clean and squawk free. The checklist just flows, the thing is running smooth, all the radio calls reach happy, helpful people, and the air is crystal clear and glass smooth. Lots of perfect days punching holes in the sky.

dbrat East Coast
09/04/12 8:00 pm

Yes, when falling in love or watching my son

09/04/12 7:16 pm

Wow. Depressing responses. How about being with loved ones? Watching your kids experience something they love for the first time?
Look at the bright side of is very fulfilling.

EarlyBird Portland
09/04/12 7:10 pm

Clearly we all have different ideas as to what a "perfect" day means.

09/04/12 7:07 pm

I see it depends on your standard.
I took perfect to mean that at the end of the day I'm completely satisfied with how the day went not that there wasn't the slightest snag or flaw.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/04/12 6:49 pm

I looked into the face of my new son. My birthday is July 4. The last few have been perfect. This year the baby, the son of my son, wasn't will enough to go out. But it was still a good day.

wakeup South Dakota
09/04/12 6:43 pm

Everytime I wake up and start my day its perfect. What happens during the day thats different.

commonsense America isnt racist
09/04/12 6:26 pm

Perfection exists, I experience it all the time. : )

elbow82 Veganland
09/04/12 6:12 pm

I think I've had a lot, but nothing really specific sticks out in my mind.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/04/12 5:49 pm

EarlyBird....unknown. Maybe that will be a user poll in the near future.

09/04/12 5:32 pm

Most of my days are perfect! Life is easier when you realize that at the end of the day, most days, you are going home alive. So unless you are one of our great Americans service members, police, or fireman. Then everyday is probably a perfect day. It's all about perspective.

09/04/12 5:26 pm

When somebody I was in love with finally reciprocated it was a perfect day. I could gradually watch the feelings grow during that day.

09/04/12 4:55 pm

Woke up at 5:30am and went for a run and completed a best effort with less effort. Wifeypoo was feeling a little friskey soon after. Felt,good all day and that night went to eat with friends and talked and drank till late. That was good. but then there was this time..

JennaF sunflower state of mind
09/04/12 4:45 pm

Every day is perfect. I'm blessed with everything I need and have no reason to complain about any day I've ever had :)

thelowend imitation is flattery
09/04/12 4:37 pm

the day my son was born the Yankees won the world series and I switched positions to a better job and company. haven't had a day that tops that.

EarlyBird Portland
09/04/12 4:23 pm

RJ - I read the blog. Are you the one from California that started "first"?

Nerdz Texas
09/04/12 4:18 pm

Pretty much, if one really good thing happens at the end of the day, it is perfect.

EarlyBird Portland
09/04/12 4:09 pm

Prterri - you are so right! You could have all kinds of wonderful things happen to/for you but if you're not in the right frame of mind, it means nothing.

true Home
09/04/12 3:52 pm

I've been very blessed. Every day that I am able to wake up and move is a great day.