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saylor NC
07/18/13 5:47 am

Puke is much, much worse!!!

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/17/13 10:33 pm

You're better off without the vomit, but not without the blood.

fire4life Narnia
07/17/13 10:34 pm

Very true. You need the blood haha

elianastar FreeSpeech
07/17/13 10:27 pm

Broken bones, concussion, blood, pus, even communicable disease? I'm there for ya! You hurl? You are on your own. Sorry but I fail to see how vomiting with you will help either of us.

07/17/13 10:08 pm

Vomit not only does it look nasty, but it smells nasty too

fire4life Narnia
07/17/13 10:10 pm

Vomit is my downfall. I can handle, blood, poop, teeth, and even curdled milk! But not throw up

07/17/13 10:14 pm

Blood is no problem for me as for some of the other stuff you listed I might be ok with depending on the situation

fire4life Narnia
07/17/13 10:21 pm

Haha I have a baby sister. Nothing really gets me except vomit. Wbu?

07/17/13 10:26 pm

Um don't like vomit, but luckily I don't see it often, bugs I can not do bugs, they freak me the crap out

07/17/13 10:50 pm

I don't care how small it is I grab a frebeze spray and a lighter and burn that mother freaker to ashes

fire4life Narnia
07/17/13 11:20 pm

Hahaha I can't even get near spiders. I throw things and make other people kill the bugs

07/18/13 12:02 am

Oh god I hate spiders so much, I was watching a movie the other and I look down to see this giant spider, I think I had a mini heart attack