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Show Of Hands October 22nd, 2011 12:00am

Should we allow users to publish SoH poll questions (non-commercial) to you all directly, using either a small posting fee or a community filtering system to discourage (but not eliminate entirely) garbage questions?

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10/22/11 7:53 am

Keep it pure. LOL. Like your pure. but no SoH. what's next questions from Occupy Wall street?

sohuser California
10/21/11 10:17 pm

SoH has 100,000 users the question page will be flooded with stupid questions even with a fee.

10/21/11 9:51 pm

no fee! keep SoH free!

BadBadger Georgia
10/21/11 9:49 pm

Holy cow, you must get tired of the, "That's a stupid question! I've sent you X questions! Why haven't you used mine?!"

BadBadger Georgia
10/21/11 9:46 pm

I've created a programmable algorithm that filters crap questions. I'll license it to you for $10K per year. I call it BadgerSays. Send 'em to me ... I make the choice. lol

BadBadger Georgia
10/21/11 9:46 pm

@Tony: Judging from the stats you blogged on 7/31, I can imagine you must get overwhelmed with user-submitted questions.

hapiotter2 Utah
10/21/11 9:40 pm

By limiting the # of questions, you get more people that answer each of them. A lot fewer people would answer the questions if there were a huge # of them.

BadBadger Georgia
10/21/11 9:34 pm

bigmama, if the questions are crap on that app, I can't even imagine what the answers must be like. Good Lord!

10/21/11 9:13 pm

No I use another app that is all questions posted by users and most of the questions are crap. Too many questions would ruin the best parts of this app. I don't think it's cause Tony is trying to be lazy either so why don't you try not being a jerk, dude.

10/21/11 9:10 pm

no, that is kind of asking for trouble! I like your questions.

alaskan sleeping
10/21/11 9:08 pm

No. You choose what question gets posted. If you don't want to do the work. Shouldn't of made an app

10/21/11 9:03 pm

No fee. Yes filter. And 2 tabs, 1 with u questions and one with ours

10/21/11 8:59 pm

Absolutely not. Let's keep it classy.

TheAntiLib Dutchess County, NY
10/21/11 8:38 pm

Create a menu option to view user submitted or regular SOH questions

livefreeordie New Hampshire
10/21/11 8:17 pm

allow a filter option to eliminate user submitted.

BadBadger Georgia
10/21/11 7:57 pm

Now, if you could figure out a way to let through the dumbass questions, then let us vote on whether the submitter should be banned for life? Cool! ;-)

BadBadger Georgia
10/21/11 7:56 pm

Tony, it may be a pain for you to filter through the thousands of user-submitted question, but I think you do a fine job of filtering and coming up with your own.

10/21/11 7:38 pm

No. Too cluttered and too overwhelming.

10/21/11 6:57 pm

different section, and maybe a 5 user Q's a day limit? it could get overwhelming. u can keep a user Q waiting list, so Q authors will see when teir Q's will be posted.

10/21/11 6:50 pm

Create a faster filter system so we can have our poll ideas posted faster.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/21/11 6:24 pm

Yeah, a separate category is a REALLY great idea!


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/21/11 6:24 pm

Depending on the questions, it may actually reduce the likelihood of statistically cool results. We are already slued towards Apple loving young guns (like me), but the statistical results you showed in one of your blogs is what I'd like to see continue.


10/21/11 6:18 pm

Maybe there should be regular polls and then a separate poll section for user questions.

10/21/11 6:16 pm

thanks all - great feedback! the purpose of the fee would not be for me to "cash in" - it would be to prevent brain-challenged individuals from spamming "who farted?" type questions. I'm leaning instead toward a separate category, but wanted to hear your opinions before investing to build it.

10/21/11 5:43 pm

Don't charge people to make polls though. That just seems wrong.

10/21/11 5:42 pm

I think there should be a separate section (or a separate app altogether) for user-created polls. Also, so only serious users post them, there could be a certain number of "points" (which you could obtain by voting & posting comments) you'd have to have to create one.

JDoe Its a gift
10/21/11 5:39 pm

Yes, but make it interesting. If its $20 to post a question! There won't be that many takers but I really want to see the type of question someone would pay that much to post.

10/21/11 5:38 pm

Paying is stupid. But the second half could really grow this and make it more fun and interactive. We should be able to have filtering options - ie user questions only. The app also needs search and sorting features. Great app btw thank you for it

blutuesday California
10/21/11 5:38 pm

The fee is fine by me but not for random, anybody can do it posting.

Oh please, NO!!

10/21/11 5:35 pm

that said, giving over your BRAND to the person with the most free time, the loudest rant, or the deepest pockets would take control from you. there is a way just isn't this in my humble opinion.

10/21/11 5:33 pm

Tony...I think you have a great app. I also have no issue whatsoever with the concept of you increasing your revenue stream. frankly you earned it.

10/21/11 5:29 pm

Yes make it like opinionadied!

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
10/21/11 5:18 pm

It would be too complicated. I really like the simplicity of it now. And I like the questions Tony writes.

Jzz California
10/21/11 5:17 pm

log i can onlu use landscape on my ipad. it doesn't help my typos. :)

Zack100 Tatooine
10/21/11 5:10 pm

And yes it would be way too overwhelming!!!!

Zack100 Tatooine
10/21/11 5:10 pm

@cryskull I think it is better to keep it at 2! If you don't know which to choose don't answer it.

10/21/11 4:56 pm

It would be too overwhelming.

10/21/11 4:49 pm

I've been using the app on the iPad for a while now, and I just got an iPhone. I was surprised at the differences in the appearance, but I get it. Overall, the experience is much better on an iPad. The only drawback is I can't dictate my comments on the iPad.

10/21/11 4:45 pm

log cabin! on the iPad soh is landscape only. how weird.

cryskull Culpeper, VA
10/21/11 4:43 pm

This question needs more than the two "yes""no" response.

The polls need to have a third option like "undecided" or "don't know"

Some of the questions are vague or have too many options for one side and only one option for another side

10/21/11 4:43 pm

no! the questions section will turn into the comments section. it will get crazy. you need to keep your fist down and approve everything.

10/21/11 4:40 pm

I have no idea what you're asking. But I would still like a filter.

My suggestion...let us "like" other comments.

10/21/11 4:28 pm

OMG no. Sometimes I can barely stomach the comments, I can only imagine how bad some of the questions would be.

heartful Iowa
10/21/11 4:23 pm

On a separate section
1 poll place from Tony, 1 from users

katniss Dallas, TX
10/21/11 4:20 pm

I think we already have enough opportunities to give input by emailing you. But I think there should be a separate app for user questions. Users have the option to answer and see results for others' questions as well as vote on which questions should be posted!

10/21/11 4:10 pm

Why would I pay u for my polling question?