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12/28/12 12:16 pm

Just got back from Disney World and it has been 20 years since I've been to Disney Land but Disney World is just a bigger more improved version of Land

12/24/12 7:36 pm

Met my husband while we both were working at WDW.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/24/12 4:54 pm

My dad used to do some annual gig (he's a musician) at Disney world, so my family went every year for awhile. but I was either not born yet or a baby at the time and I totally don't remember at all. totally sucks.

andrewser Miami Lakes
12/24/12 1:05 pm

Soo geographical division, all the states near California go for Disneyland, but the rest of the us for disneyworld...... It is because they are near Disneyland...

ddrgrievous Idaho
12/24/12 7:36 am

Magic kingdom ( one of eight) has a parking lot bigger than Disney land....

DakotaJames seattle
12/24/12 3:08 am

I love the map of votes for this one. I've been to Disney land at least 5 times. Not once to Disney world.

satiricalnick meh
12/24/12 12:38 am

DW smokes DL. Theres so much more to do at DW, the 8 or 9 theme parks, the water parks, downtown disney, so kickass. Take your kids to disneyworld when theyre old enough to remember.

AnnieM The Island
12/23/12 11:48 pm

on cloud 9,978 when I realized I'd be working where I could see and listen to Illuminations! every single night.

AnnieM The Island
12/23/12 11:47 pm

theme park (that is now owned by 6 Flags) was opening that year & we'd already been to a little more than half the Six Flags parks in the US. My brother wanted rollercoaster after rollercoaster & I just wanted that Disney experience. I was on cloud nine.
A little more than 10 yrs later I was…

AnnieM The Island
12/23/12 11:44 pm

I've been to Disneyland once in about '90 or 91. My dad was living in Vegas at the time, so he took a day few days off and took us there. I still remember a lot of details & still have my autograph book. My brother was bored out of his skull most the time. We had a Sea World in our hometown, a new…

AnnieM The Island
12/23/12 11:33 pm

I was on the 2nd floor facing the parking lot side of the building. In the slow season when everyone was off work we could still hear all the whooping and hollering from the pool, lol.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/23/12 11:56 am

I also feel the same way. Having known it so intimately is really special to me. Have you ever visited Disney Land?

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/23/12 11:55 am

I remember your situation. Lol we may have known each other. I think I lived in 7 on the top floor. Between the bus stop & pool.
My niece use to think I roomed with Mickey in Toon Town

desolatia Oregon
12/23/12 12:26 am

Can't answer. Have never been to Disneyland. But 68 more days until we leave for Disney World!

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 10:36 pm

There's also a reason Cast Members are trained to ALWAYS be mindful of whether they are on stage or off. ;) People don't pay an arm and a leg for the realities of what it takes to run an operation like that. They pay for the magic ;)

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 10:34 pm

Well, I can't quite recall how it was at the other parks, but at Epcot most the restaurants back up to the backstage areas. There's a reason for that and there's a reason backstage looks pretty similar to the back of any other restaurant in the nation.

12/22/12 8:27 pm

Due to special circumstances, I have been backstage at Disney, and trust me. It is not the place where dreams come true. The place is a dump.

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 6:53 pm

him there some day.
I feel lucky that I got to experience Disneyland as a kid, WDW as an adult and as a Cast Member and that in another year or so I'll be able to view WDW as a little kid in a way through my son's eyes.

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 6:52 pm

then stayed in one of the bedrooms when one of our roommates went home to NM after about 2 months.

My son's best friend right now is Mickey Mouse & he tells people often that Mickey lives at a place called Disney World in a big castle with Donald and Cinderella and that we're going to go see…

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 6:51 pm

I lived in 705 right near the pool, lol. We hung out with the guys down the breezeway from us, but I can't recall their exact apt. number. Also had an "honorary" roommate. She lived across from us but after she and one of her roomies got in a knock down drag out fight, she slept in our living room,…

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
12/22/12 5:22 pm

We camped at the Hershey Camp grounds near the park three years ago. It was a great time. Just as I remembered it as a kid.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/22/12 1:52 pm

We still enjoy Hershey Park on a regular basis.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/22/12 1:49 pm

Tony, did you enjoy it? You have to enjoy each moment and not compare yourself out of the satisfaction of the moment...

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/22/12 1:34 pm

We are going this year because a BFF still works there and gets our family in. I'm too excited about seeing the new MK to wait.

As for the initials, I feel the same way. I can't believe I remember them all

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/22/12 1:33 pm

Wow! We have a lot in common, Annie! I use to hang out with the "401 Boys" while I lived there, but can't remember my own room number. Lived with a crazy Hispanic girl.

My husband knows that every kid we have has to go to Disney between 5-6 because it's the height of "magical" at that age.

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 12:33 pm

Yeah, I think that was the theme of Spaceship Earth when I was there. It's hard to remember because I only went on it once. I liked Imagination! and Test Track much better.
Also, awesome name. :)

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 12:31 pm

New Years I was so excited to go to work because it was so festive & fun.

Also, I'm a little impressed that after a decade I still remember all these acronyms. ;)

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 12:30 pm

back is pin trading again.
My son is also 3 & I can't wait to explore all the changes & new attractions with him. We have an opportunity to go this spring, but I think we're going to wait til he's 4 or 5 so he can enjoy a little more. I'm also dying to go back at Christmas. From Thanksgiving to…

AnnieM The Island
12/22/12 12:29 pm

I was a CP too. I was at Vista Way and still remember my apt number, lol.
I still do the two finger point. It drives my husband insane. ;) I also still have all my pins and my name tags displayed on my wall. It's a little sad that I'm 30 and one of the things I'm most looking forward to when I go…

willowjoe New York
12/22/12 7:57 am

question was asked before and same answers.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/22/12 7:43 am

We have a place in Oregon " Enchanted Forest " loads of fun no stinky air. You can move around too. Good prices. Not nearly as much going on but loads of fun.

sukiemac Michigan
12/22/12 7:04 am

We got married at Disney World. It was beautiful.

12/22/12 5:14 am

I still have some of the tickets you had to use at Disneyland.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/22/12 4:14 am

I tell my hubby all the time that if we won the lottery I'd want to go back to work at WDW or IOA (Worked at Spider-Man)!

My girl is 3 and I am super excited to go see all the expansions at MK that just opened. It's killing me that I can't go explore the tunnels and see how they redid it.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
12/22/12 4:12 am

I was a CP at MK at Casey's Corner in '00! Lived at Vista Way (and still fear Hot Tubs to this day!)
Worked seasonal until I graduated college in '04. Worked at AK at CMM! I can quote the whole Festival of the Lion King forwards and backwards!

I still point with 2 fingers!

12/22/12 2:38 am

Vista way atw!

12/22/12 2:37 am

And it's still unofficially referred to as ODF although merchandise and foods combined. Do you still do the two
Finger point?

12/22/12 2:35 am

I started as a CP at MK cosmic rays in 00. After that I went to DAKL as a RGSM and then a AM at all star. I just left 1 1/2 yr ago for a Gm spot at a great
Restaurant here in cleveland. Plan to go back at some point

12/22/12 2:23 am

I've been to both. I prefer Disneyland, and not just because it's closer. It's just got a better layout and certain rides that I love which Disneyworld doesn't have. Most importantly though, I hated Florida (awful awful awful weather). CA is infinitely more pleasant.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/22/12 1:42 am

also, side note - my name is Annie as well. twinsies.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/22/12 1:36 am

my understanding is that they change the theme of the spaceship earth ride every few years. I don't remember much from the first time I went on it, but I was there in 2007 and it was SO cool. it was about the evolution of technology over the past few centuries, or something.

Wert A picture of my junk
12/22/12 12:11 am

Been to Disneyland many times. Only been in the underbelly of Disneyworld as a contractor.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/21/12 11:11 pm

AnnieM food and wine festival are three of my favorite things. Seems like Epcot would be worth the visit. If an alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Planets has me headed in that direction, I won't resist stopping in.

AnnieM The Island
12/21/12 11:07 pm

I think it opened in either January or February of 2003. It's in the Future World part of Epcot. It's just in front of Test Track if you're coming from the main entrance/Spaceship Earth (aka, the giant golf ball).

treegardner San Diego
12/21/12 10:36 pm

Disney World is awesome, but nothing beats walking in Walt's footsteps through the original park, Disneyland.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/21/12 10:04 pm

I was gonna say the star wars ride was pretty gentle. now that I think about it I was there in april of 2003 so it probly wasn't open yet.

12/21/12 10:01 pm

Its hard to vote if you have only been to one. I've been to Disneyland Paris but not Anaheim and I lived in FL so I've been to WDW a lot.

ladyniner81 I hate people
12/21/12 9:52 pm

I've been to both and Disneyworld was WAAAAAAY better except for the crowds were gawd awful in both, and I HATE crowds