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Do celebrity endorsements of candidates ever influence the way you vote? (UserQ)

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02/10/12 1:38 pm

Still want to know why Trump's endorsements hold more weight than mine....? Of COURSE they don't influence me. Only the candidate has the ability to pursued me in a particular direction. #NOTafollower

02/08/12 1:06 pm

cause actors know everything right?

02/07/12 12:16 pm

How many celebrities do you see standing inline with you I'd bet my last dollar they have no idea who is even running

EnginE3r Texas
02/06/12 6:48 am

The only celebrity that influences my decision is Mark Levin.

KatieYou Minnesota
02/05/12 4:33 pm

I actually just change my perspective on said famous person. If it was my family though, that would influence me.

02/05/12 12:22 pm

It's funny how nobody thinks they're influenced, but in reality most people are. I'll readily admit to paying attention to people like Jon Stewart because I think he's far more intelligent, even as a celebrity, then most people you would ever see on TV.

02/05/12 11:46 am

Often when celebrities start endorsing a person, it makes me not want to vote for them.

02/05/12 2:03 am

The only person who influences who I vote for is me. I do my homework and make my OWN decisions.

02/04/12 7:39 pm

Whoever most of Hollywood is endorsing I go with the other guy.

02/04/12 5:23 pm

Haha me too.

dbrat East Coast
02/04/12 3:27 pm

no but I do like seeing who agrees with my views

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/04/12 2:39 pm

I think the 4% are NEGATIVELY affected by the celebrity endorsement.

Nerdz Texas
02/04/12 2:38 pm

I don't care too much of celebrities

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/04/12 2:37 pm

I voted yes because it can make me want to NOT vote for someone if they are stupid enough to have celebrity endorsement.

02/04/12 8:02 am

I just wish that people would actually spend time to find out what each candidate really is about. The majority of people have no idea what the voting records of candidates are, or where they really stand on issues.

BadBadger Georgia
02/04/12 3:36 am

Perhaps the message here is, "Shut your bloody mouths, Garofalo, Redford, Belafonte, et al."

02/04/12 2:10 am

I managed 13 voting precincts in Florida during Obamas election. People were buses in and given democrat voting cards do people knew how to vote.
One guy asked me " I'm votin for Obama! Who's this Biden guy? I don't want that guy. Just Obama . Fix the ballot! Lmao rofl.. And acorn tents

02/03/12 10:37 pm

I voted yes...because whomever they endorse, I usually vote against. Most celebrities have no clue what's happening in the REAL world. They live in a fantasy world surrounded by sycophants.

02/03/12 5:02 pm

People listened to Oprah and look where that got us. I think for myself.

valeriejo ramble on
02/03/12 3:45 pm

No, but they're usually liberals and so am I, so we just happen to agree ;)

02/03/12 3:14 pm

*watching an endorsement* "And if you listen closely, you will hear the sound of no one caring."

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/03/12 2:37 pm

I don't care about celebrities, their lives, their money, their political ideology, or whatever they endorse. I think people who give credence to them are fools.

kst8r Iowa
02/03/12 1:54 pm

It actually really annoys me because most celebrities don't understand the monetary situations the we have to deal with every day so it really ticks me off when they say "I know what you're going through" because most likely they don't.

02/03/12 1:52 pm

It negatively influences me actually. If someone I'm not fond of endorses something, I'm less likely to buy the product.

02/03/12 1:48 pm

The benefit of a celebrity endorsement is not getting a vote so much as getting exposure ...

02/03/12 1:45 pm

even Morgan freeman has been trying to dip his toes in political punditry of late, it really seems actors are clueless as to how clueless they are.

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
02/03/12 1:44 pm

I really hope that 4% of people are messing with the poll. "If Beyonce thinks they're good, that's enough for me!"

The very definition of messed up!

02/03/12 1:42 pm

yes, when pundits like Matt Damon or sean penn endorse someone, the chance that I will vote for that person reduces a bit.

cairo2 UVM
02/03/12 1:10 pm

If the day comes when someone can tell the electorate who to vote for and you just blindly follow, this country will REALLY have gone downhill.

cairo2 UVM
02/03/12 1:07 pm

Ideally, the only things that should influence a vote are the issues. 90% of the stuff out there today is irrelevant, look up each candidate on each issue and see who is the better option. Forget campaign & PAC ads, etc., they are just twisted words & stats taken out of context.

cairo2 UVM
02/03/12 1:04 pm

Why would they? Half the time people in this country probably don't really have fully thought-out, objective votes based on the issues, why are celebs any different? Sometimes they are worse, and some cannot be taken seriously at all, so why should they influence a vote?

trav Instagram, travisdover
02/03/12 12:03 pm

I'm voting for Ron Paul because Colbert endorsed him

02/03/12 11:12 am

Lol Humanist and Cowboy.

Soitgoes Missouri
02/03/12 10:23 am

I remember someone telling me they voted against Kerry because he looked too much like the Frankenstein monster.

Soitgoes Missouri
02/03/12 10:21 am

People who vote negatively based on celebrities would be just as bad as the ones voting for someone voting based on who Leno's endorsing. I think most of the 4% is being sarcastic, but I'm sure there are no's that are naive with how their vote gets effected.

Bekka Just relaxing...
02/03/12 9:03 am

It sounds like the 4% who said yes meant that it would influence them negatively. So we might have 100% on the poll.

02/03/12 8:56 am

Wow- this is the closest to full agreement I've ever seen on this app.

krohns Earth
02/03/12 8:54 am

I'm smart enough to figure out Ron Paul only person worth my vote

02/03/12 8:41 am

Nope, just my view of the celeb.

dlyliny1 New York
02/03/12 8:39 am

A resounding "Hell No!". Why would anyone give a rat's butt who some overpaid, egomaniacal, ivory tower git likes? I'll form my own opinions, thanks! In fact, the more "celeb" endorsers a candidate has, the LESS I respect them since they clearly are pandering bc they don't have a good platform/plan.

02/03/12 8:22 am

Yes. If I see any of the liberal Hollywood types endorse a candidate, I know NOT to vote for them.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/03/12 8:11 am

Everyone is influenced a little bit, but I would argue that the influence stems more from one's view of the suitability of the celebrity to make an intelligent endorsement than from what the given reason for the endorsement is. Ex: Tom Cruise's endorsement doesn't mean much because he's a bit loony.

cowboy Doors of Perception
02/03/12 7:55 am

If a "celebrity" influences who you vote for to run your government, please vote on the first Wednesday of November.

02/03/12 7:46 am

I do not believe I'm persuaded by whom celebrities vote for. Instead, I believe that when celebrities endorse candidates publicly it actually damages the celebrity's career more than a the person running for office.

FrankZappa New York
02/03/12 7:07 am

There was a Fox News poll that showed Trump's endorsement had a negative effect.

02/03/12 6:56 am

Sure..I'm still waiting for Alec Baldwin to move to Canada. Seriously, who cares if Oprah endorses Obama? I'm still not voting for hi

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
02/03/12 6:43 am

No. I have a brain and it works just fine on most days.