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Show Of Hands September 16th, 2012 12:00am

With 50 days until the election, are you firmly decided on who will get your vote or still somewhat undecided?

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09/22/12 4:32 pm

Decided. I'm not voting. But I will next election! (Too young)

09/22/12 6:39 am

Dr Jill stein. Romney and Obama are about the same with the same corporate owners.

09/21/12 6:08 am

Why can't the discourse be raised among voters like us.

Neiman New Jersey
09/20/12 7:03 pm

I like Johnson, but I will vote for Romney... I will not make the same mistake again and give Obama my vote.

Silent Jacksonville, FL
09/20/12 1:20 am

Gary Johnson. Not because he isn't Obama or because he isn't Romney. Because Gary Johnson is Gary Johnson and he wants the majority of the things I want for this country.

09/19/12 9:00 pm

Romney . Obama has put this country in a worse place then it was before he became president . Yeah bush didn't help but we should at least see a difference somewhat in the past four years . We have WE JUST GOT WORSE.

09/19/12 8:11 pm

Tabbser: You really need to get out more.

09/19/12 7:45 pm

Either way we are screwed with romney or obama

09/19/12 7:39 pm

Ron paul was a better option than romney so im going with gary johnson

09/19/12 7:25 am

Interesting that people are still undecided. With all these ads and news coverage, you'd think everyone would have decided on one candidate.

pashn4rshn Virginia
09/19/12 5:11 am

I can't vote4 Romney. Obama barely ekes him out. I would've voted Ron Paul. I'm sad no matter the outcome.

09/18/12 10:25 pm

Well, it's be obama for me, even though I'm a fiscal conservative. I just don't trust the judgement of a man that wears magic underpants and thinks god lives near a planet/star called kolob. At least obama is sane.

Apex swimming in the sky
09/18/12 10:22 pm

5 bucks it's a tie and fox news gives it to Romney. 2000 all over again

bbkkanders Kentucky
09/18/12 7:03 pm

I would vote for anyone other than Hussein the fool.

09/18/12 6:44 pm

I'll take the Mormon over the moron.

09/18/12 2:37 pm

Honestly, I wish we had a better republican candidate!

09/18/12 6:46 am

Hapgme; yeah I know, he calls everyone a liar, you may recall our discussion about Obamas self confessed drug use and he said we were making it up. I think he's in training to either run for a democratic office or become a journalist, hahaha he would be good at it!

09/18/12 5:21 am

Our country safe. Obama failed on these two big issues for me. Obama must go!

09/18/12 5:20 am

Our country as a whole, but this country is made of of greed, hate and blindness. I know for me I will not be voting for our current president because I don't want my grandchildren paying for my generations choices. I want to feel safe in my home, so I want my president to be at the helm keeping

09/18/12 5:18 am

NVR2lb, you are wasted your breathe with VERITAS he has been on this app for months spewing the same crap. And you have these young or inexperienced posters listen to you tow and they want to believe that Obama is their savior. I have watched you try to explain why this election is so important to

09/18/12 4:50 am

If I could vote, which I can't, I'd vote for Obama. Set in stone. I've checked out the Facebook page "Being Liberal" and it's hilarious.

09/18/12 4:16 am

So a better way to run the country is let a former drug addict just be unpatriotic (Obamas words) and borrow until there is no money left? Running a country like a business via accounting, actually having a budget wow that would just be horrible!

09/18/12 4:12 am

Veritas; so what are they spending the money on? Break it down tell us mr all knowing where is that money going? Just saying crap for the sake of saying it is typical BS lying, so once again what are these leaches spending all these federal dollars n?

09/18/12 1:34 am

I bet you guys are voting for the wrong candidate.. Try and I'll prove I'm right.. But most people are cowards and will never vote 3rd party

09/18/12 12:25 am

Let's just move it up a month and a half and get this shit over with!

Mosley2012 Pennsylvania
09/17/12 11:21 pm

Mommabearto5, I agree that something must change, but it will take more than a president to do it

Mosley2012 Pennsylvania
09/17/12 11:12 pm

I must be dirt poor according to Romney, my salary is way below $250 and I have a few degrees

Mosley2012 Pennsylvania
09/17/12 11:10 pm

According to Romney, $250 annually is middle class

09/17/12 9:43 pm

Veritas has presented more facts than every one else combined.

09/17/12 9:14 pm

The seven percentof you republicans get your shit together we must defeat obama and romney is the only way to do it!

veritas1 Panda
09/17/12 8:06 pm

@Danno. And it is that level of reasoning that is the only thing keeping the Republican party alive. A sucker is born every day.

veritas1 Panda
09/17/12 8:05 pm

And name one social program Obama created. Name one. SS expansion? Food stamp expansion? Medicare Part D? Oh wait! Those were all mindless spending increases by THE REPUBLICANS. Democrats at better for government deficits and debt. No two ways around it.

veritas1 Panda
09/17/12 8:04 pm

And if you don't like raising taxes, why in the hell would you either oppose Obama or support Romney. Romney's cowardly plan necessitates raising taxes on everyone making under $100,00. Obama has done nothing but slash taxes for everyone.

veritas1 Panda
09/17/12 8:02 pm

…run America like a business, right? Ha!

veritas1 Panda
09/17/12 8:02 pm

@nvr. Ha. Laughable. It's the Eskimos! This isn't some freak occurrence. Every single god damn republican state except two leech off of the rest of society. Every single one. So Blake the Eskimos all you want. Your argument is completely unsubstantiated. The real parasites are on the right. We have…

LOLdayl Ohio
09/17/12 6:32 pm

The recent embassy attacks proves to me Obama needs to go

09/17/12 6:28 pm

I would vote for my dog before I would toe for Oblowme.

09/17/12 6:25 pm

increase by themselves. You can't create new social programs in recessions without it having a huge impact on jobs growth add in over regulations trying to put some industries put of business and you have the Obama economy.

09/17/12 6:23 pm

Its not a good time to raise taxes on anyone in the first place. Then we have the issue of whats going on with electric utilities and how much those rates have gone up. As you know Obamas trying to kill the coal industry same with gasoline so prices reflect it. Those increases are like a huge tax

09/17/12 6:20 pm

The only reason the republicans voted against those programs you mentioned was the issue of how they would be paid for. If you check thats the difference democrats want all these programs without paying for them. Who in their right mind does big programs when the country is on its ass?

09/17/12 6:18 pm

@veritas, maybe California pays more to the Feds given their population but how do you explain the fact that the state is going bankrupt? That's not any other states fault other than California's. I think the only way we recover is to stop the left and right demonizing and become Americans again.

09/17/12 6:17 pm

States need the money because there are, like in Alaska case native Americans that we all support.