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JackTorS July 16th, 2013 7:19pm

Does it bother you when someone posts the same poll worded a different way several times back to back?

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GetEduc8d learning more everyday
07/18/13 7:35 am

You just like to push our buttons don't you? ;^)

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
07/16/13 4:16 pm

Ah....I see what you did there.

07/16/13 12:21 pm

A lot of my polls only have one word, so that would be difficult for me to do.

EarlyBird Portland
07/16/13 12:22 pm

Yes Jack. Will you arrest them for me?

JackTorS Clap you stupid bastards
07/16/13 12:26 pm

Anything for you, Birdie!