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07/18/12 9:12 am


AdamT Boston, MA
07/15/12 6:09 am

Chicken go cluck cluck, cow go moo! Piggy go oink oink, how bout you? Want to be an animal just like you... Whoever gets my Kung Pow reference gets a gold star.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/13/12 8:40 am

@giantrobot: May you actually learn something someday. There are athletes that intentionally eat vegan during practice so that they have more energy. Bill Bradley (just beat manny pacquiao) didn't eat any meat leading up to the fight.

GiantRobot Pennsylvania
07/11/12 9:06 pm

May all of you enjoy life while doing no intentional harm to anyone or any creature and may all vegans have a favorite omnivore in their life to be there to hold their head up when they become too weak to do so themselves.

07/11/12 10:08 am

Eating other animals is the way of the world. I love both and don't feel guilty.

07/11/12 9:40 am

What about the poor plants you rip from the ground and violently chop up to eat?

elbow82 Veganland
07/10/12 9:07 pm

Ugh, I accidentally answered this. I'm vegan, so neither. Wish there was a way to unvote. Both options cause incredible amounts of suffering.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
07/10/12 9:06 pm

...and what about pork?!?! I love topping my big greasy beef burgers with thick strips of extra greasy bacon. Yumm-O!

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
07/10/12 9:05 pm

The cows that they use for Chick-Fil-A signs are so cute with their "eat more chikin" signs, but they make me want a big greasy burger. As far as us killing ourselves, we're gonna die anyway. So I say dying eating what you love would be the way to go

07/10/12 7:58 pm

Flyte, may a dog pee on the grass that you eat.

2Bfree New York
07/10/12 4:13 pm

I love a good burger but I'm a sucker for a clucker !

07/10/12 7:27 am

Vegan. I don't eat rotting carrion borne of extreme cruelty and abuse. Swollen fat faces, bloated fat bodies, heart attacks, butt cancer, and grunting whenever you have to haul yourselves from one place to another is all you get. Snap out of it. You're killing yourselves.

NYsteve Baltimore
07/10/12 6:08 am

This is by far the most difficult poll question I've answered.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
07/10/12 12:27 am

I love burgers and steaks. Chicken is good but I'd take beef over chicken any day.

bnnt Los Angeles
07/09/12 10:51 pm

I love steak but eat it only a few times a month. Way too unhealthy to be cowboy.

because South Dakota
07/09/12 9:39 pm

trav I don't care what's better for me, and mother nature knows how to handle the environment. give me a med rare, 26 oz rib eye

trav Instagram, travisdover
07/09/12 9:25 pm

Chicken is better for you and the environment

lou1 Washington
07/09/12 8:55 pm

Former 18 year vegetarian here... LOVE beef... I'd rather eat grass than chicken...

Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/09/12 7:56 pm

vegetables < chicken < beef < venison < buffalo < bacon

rangeman Lafayette IN.
07/09/12 7:50 pm

P.E.T.A = People Eating Tasty Animals

DrReid Ever present.
07/09/12 7:38 pm

The beef industry is so malevolent and closed.

DrReid Ever present.
07/09/12 7:38 pm

The beef industry is so malevolent and closed.

DrReid Ever present.
07/09/12 7:38 pm

The beef industry is so malevolent and closed.

DrReid Ever present.
07/09/12 7:38 pm

The beef industry is so malevolent and closed.

peacenskis Alaska
07/09/12 7:37 pm

More of a veggie, but if I'm gonna eat meat....I go all out. BEEF

kubu1218 Texas
07/09/12 6:38 pm

Neither - I stopped eating meat and I've never been happier!

snafu Washington
07/09/12 5:42 pm

I like them both but I could eat chicken every day.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/09/12 5:38 pm

I would've thought Kentucky would be firmly pro-chicken...

07/09/12 5:17 pm

How about neither? The thought of eating a chicken or a cow. How gross?

07/09/12 4:56 pm

Beef all the way. Chicken tastes dry and gross unless prepared perfectly. Most restaurants over cook chicken to be safe. As far as beef, rough to ruin a steak unless you char the heck out of it.

Bekka Just relaxing...
07/09/12 4:49 pm

Give me an awesome steak!!

I actually eat chicken more often (cheaper and healthier)...

07/09/12 4:45 pm

Neither because I'm a vegetarian but I choose chicken because it's leaner and healthier.

Quinnipiac Here
07/09/12 3:15 pm

wow, political leanings and meat preference correlate. wouldnt have guessed that.