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Were/are you on a high school sports team? (UserQ)

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07/15/12 9:02 pm

Nope - I'm a music and theater girl!

soccer12 New Jersey
07/15/12 7:52 pm

soccer and golf and contemplating track team to stay fit in the winter.

07/15/12 12:39 pm

Track and Field team!

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/14/12 10:52 pm

geo- sorry about that whole thing. I was having a bit of a day. I shouldn't have been on SOH at that point!!! We can go back to our 'we think almost totally opposite but it's fun to debate' style. what part of OR? I grew up down on the south coast but spent about 8 1/2 years in the Portland area.

GirlOnFire Ohio
07/14/12 5:47 pm

I'm on the cross country and track teams!! So much fun:)

FrostedMin California
07/14/12 4:58 pm

Yup! Well, soccer and basketball. Does cheer leading count too?

07/14/12 3:06 pm

Not knowing that would definitely make me look like an ignorant child!

07/14/12 3:05 pm

The football like war thing, the Disneyland thing, etc.

07/14/12 3:05 pm

@jms me and affd were having a sarcastic political debate, that was entirely tongue in cheek.

07/14/12 3:03 pm

@jms oh sorry I was understandably pissed at your comment. Read it, it's a little excessive. I don't actually think anyone hates the poor.

bellatrixx Indiana
07/14/12 1:59 pm

Yes Cheerleading and track. Best days of my life

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/14/12 1:00 pm

Dirty- I love playing ice hockey!! THAT is a sport!! :-)
Even on a track or cross country team where you have individual events, there is still a team score that determines the over-all winner. Unless things have changed in the past 20+ years. Haha so why wouldn't that qualify in your mind?

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/14/12 12:57 pm

...who is conservative prefers football, loves war or hates peace. Oh and I grew up in Oregon so I do have a few liberal leanings. A very few but still..... I agree that you know more than an average high schooler! Your knowledge has impressed me on several issues on SOH. Congrats on 1st trumpet!!

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/14/12 12:57 pm

geo- I was commenting on your post from Friday evening around 8:50, not the ones at 10:05pm. And I hate the poor?? What?? I've been on food stamps and lived in Section 8 housing. Why would I hate others who are in need??? I meant that there is hope that someday you will see that not every one...

07/14/12 11:06 am

Football Fr, Soph. Golf Jr, Sen.

07/14/12 10:05 am

@dirty I spent more time in individual sports than I did in team sports. It felt more rewarding knowing that I was better than the guy I just beat. If I lost, I had no one to blame but myself and would push myself harder to be better next time. To each, their own though

07/14/12 9:54 am

Um no to golf, bowling, fishing(really? Lol), and hunting. These are games or hobby's. Don't get me wrong, all of those take a lot of skill... But so does chess lol

monkeyy Ohio
07/14/12 8:37 am

@dirty- Definition of sport copied from
sport[ spawrt, spohrt ]
1. an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.

07/14/12 8:07 am

@dirty that's one kind of sport. Head to head sports have the thrill of head-to-head competition, where it's all on you. Fun for a different reason.

07/14/12 8:03 am

Scoliosis prevented me from doing much of anything through high school.

hippiedude fields of green
07/14/12 7:50 am

Jms, btw, my post under this one is my definition of a sport ;)

hippiedude fields of green
07/14/12 7:47 am

To anyone else, what fun is a sport without having teammates working as hard as possible as one unit to achieve a common goal? If you want to compete by yourself, its a game or an activity, not a sport.

hippiedude fields of green
07/14/12 7:40 am

Jms, I played ice hockey for 13 years, up until after my first year of juniors, lacrosse for 6 and basketball and baseball each for a year, as well as many others such as golf, soccer an football for fun, and I used to skateboard, snowboard. I think I know a little bit about teamwork buddy.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/14/12 7:20 am

Nope. The school's too small. So I'm on my own. But that's fine. Cycling, Running, Swimming, Free Diving, Triathlon, all things I can do by myself or with a buddy.

07/14/12 6:26 am

I was the #4 doubles team in JV tennis...they send 3 teams to tennis meets...

hononegah Illinois
07/14/12 5:13 am

I swam MVP and went to state for 4 years in hs

jakugbe Texas
07/14/12 4:11 am

I wish. I was a nerd. Unless orchestra is considered at team :-). I tried out for basketball and dam near fainted.

DB1984 Pennsylvania
07/14/12 3:36 am

Yes , HS Football , scored " 4 touchdowns in 1 game "

07/14/12 3:22 am

Because everyone who plays a sport in high school ends up being less successful...

07/14/12 3:22 am

I'll give you that. NASCAR is not a sport. They drive cars. So golf, swimming, track and field, cross country, volleyball, bowling, and skiing aren't sports?

07/14/12 2:32 am

I prefer focusing on school - it'll get me into medicine or something else and being able to make something of myself rather than sitting behind a cubical

07/14/12 1:25 am

I set the Ohio State record for the 400 yard dash. 43 seconds.

Jzz California
07/14/12 12:12 am

I was on the bowling team. I feel doesn't count. I said no.

suro New York
07/13/12 10:55 pm

Volleyball varsity (high school) 2 years.

07/13/12 10:38 pm

Field hockey cheerleading and lacrosse! Captain for fh and lax varsity

07/13/12 10:05 pm

Btw I love sports, just music more. A very hard choice.

07/13/12 10:03 pm

And attaching me personally makes YOU the childish one!

07/13/12 10:03 pm

I actually know a lot more than the average high schooler. I know every article section and amendment of the constitution and read the news a lot. Obviously less experience but I doubt that will make me suddenly decide to hate the poor...

07/13/12 10:01 pm

@jms I play 2 varsity sports and am first jazz trumpet. I am accomplished enough to decide my opinion in an opinion question. Hope for me how? To get brainwashed by right wing nut jobs? Not if I can help it.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/13/12 9:34 pm

Geo- I'm glad I know you're a young person who's not even out of high school yet. There still hope for you. And maybe you'll get that 'change" we were all promised!!!