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davidwhite1 July 16th, 2013 4:27pm

When traveling by air, a person of size sits next to you crossing the definitive airline boundary of their seat. Do you ask that they be moved, potentially causing them to be removed from the aircraft?

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shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/17/13 8:11 am

I absolutely do not - I was that person - I'm not now - I have complete empathy - there is no grinning and bearing it - there is sharing - and I'm happy to do so

Landy NE Indiana
07/16/13 6:45 pm

As long as they don't stink, I won't judge them.

07/16/13 2:18 pm

If its a long flight, one of us is moving!

think4yourself Not a safe space
07/16/13 1:17 pm

Now that they have declared obesity a disease you would probably get sued for discrimination if you say anything.

icytoes the tepid north
07/16/13 1:17 pm

To heck with replying... I can't stop hitting submit prematurely!

07/16/13 1:06 pm

If they would like to pay me for the portion of my seat the are taking up then they can stay.
Other than hat they can move, I didn't pay for 3/4 of a seat I paid for the whole seat.

07/16/13 10:08 am

I'm a grin and bear it type of person. It's how I am. I doubt I would even consider that asking that asking to be moved might even be a possibility.

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
07/16/13 10:42 am

If you cross the area of your purchased seat, the air line can ask you to move or purchase another seat.
Often times if you purchase an additional seat the fare is fully refundable if the flight does not sell out.

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
07/16/13 10:01 am

To a certain point I bear it. I mean, nobody is comfortable in those seats an, lets be honest, I'm not exactly the king of respecting personal space. However, if I were unable to avoid touching them and/or I felt I had legitimate concern they

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
07/16/13 10:03 am

might carry disease (eg. Strong odor), then I. Would say something. Frankly, I might not have presence of mind to say something to airline staff. That is gross.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/17/13 8:13 am

Because they are large they carry decease???? Give me a break? Obesity the last thing it is okay to discriminate against

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
07/17/13 8:43 am

He described the man as malodorous. It isn't normal to go on a plane without bathing, especially if you know you're already in a delicate position.

I understand tension is high. I'm crazy. We get stigma, too. But sometimes practicality has to be

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
07/16/13 9:32 am

I have been feeling guilty for a few weeks.
I was traveling on an plane from AZ to PA, a large man came and sat next to me.
The high AZ heat had made his skin touching mine moist, and he smelled of BO.

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
07/16/13 9:34 am

I normally just grin and bear it. But on the occasion I asked he be moved as he was crossing the boundary.
The man was visibly embarrassed, then hurt as he was told he needed to leave the aircraft. He protested for sometime. Indicating he would

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
07/16/13 9:36 am

not make his sons graduation if he did not fly.
He was informed he would need to go and buy an additional seat and get on the next airplane available.
I felt terrible for the whole flight and now.
Did I make the wrong call?

07/16/13 10:45 am

I've got to be honest, I would feel terribly, terribly guilty if that happened to me. I'm not sure you made the wrong call, though.

saylor NC
07/16/13 7:01 pm

OhMyGoodness! That is terrible. I would feel horrible for causing that. However, the airline should have recognized he needed two seats...he should have realized it too.

saylor NC
07/16/13 7:03 pm

I guess the airlines should include a few extra large seats on each aircraft.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/17/13 8:16 am

To be honest - when I heard that - about his son's graduation - I would have given up my seat. Maybe he doesn't fly very often - maybe he could only afford one seat. I wouldn't have let a man miss his son's grad

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
07/17/13 8:17 am

Unless I had something equally as important (child's wedding etc) to get to

PAK the Armpit of Florida
07/16/13 9:30 am

Mr PAK is 6-4 300+lbs I know he's as uncomfortable as the person he's squished next to and has done everything in his power to upgrade to a more spacious seat. I just suck it up...