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Have you ever been skinny dipping? (UserQ)

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08/18/12 5:02 pm

Went swimming nude today. Guess what, a bolt of lightning didn't strike me down. Nothing happened.

08/17/12 11:11 pm

too scared to get caught. dont want to scar my family for life lol

113girl Idaho
08/17/12 7:48 am

heck ya i have, how else would you have fun out in the country

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/15/12 8:10 pm

Ok, 49% of Alaska have? Think I'll have to wave the bulls#!t flag on that one!

08/15/12 12:46 pm

in my own pool and in a very secluded spot on a lake at night.

EarlyBird Portland
08/15/12 12:43 pm

Xxy - why would high school boys be required to swim nude? First, it seems strange and secondly, most kids are a little embarrassed at that age to be nude in front of friends

EarlyBird Portland
08/15/12 12:40 pm

⬆⬇⬇. You asked a great question!

Did you answer it?

08/15/12 9:46 am

I'm proud to have submitted this Q.

08/15/12 7:39 am

I swim nude in the backyard pool and then layout nude.

xxy Massachusetts
08/15/12 5:27 am

My high school required all male gym students to be fully naked when using the school pool. Does that count?

The idea that Half of the respondents have never been swimming naked is really, really, sad.

bnnt Los Angeles
08/14/12 10:37 pm

In the ocean, late at night. And in a hot tub a few times while in a ski trip. All around college and shortly after.

anonymous0 Nevada
08/14/12 5:03 pm

Lmao on the national polls. Ppl in the Midwest are conservative. Ppl in new York Florida and San Francisco are bunch of liberals... Go figure.

08/14/12 4:21 pm

My parents had a pool and lived in the backside of nowhere. Everybody in my family got caught at least once. Even granny.

EarlyBird Portland
08/14/12 11:31 am

BarbearNJ - that sounds fun too! :-)

08/14/12 9:09 am

Rudders to big, keep swimming in circles...

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
08/14/12 8:48 am

No but I danced naked in the pouring rain once (where no one could see me). It was fun!

08/14/12 7:48 am

No..too embarrassed I'd get caught. I'm a wuss

08/14/12 7:39 am

doesn't it mention that in the bible... no skinny dipping before marriage?

monkeyy Ohio
08/14/12 4:22 am

@emsies haha I did that too, but I always had a swim diaper on;)

emsies Seattle
08/14/12 12:11 am

I'm sure I have, if playing naked in the kiddy pool when 3 years old counts as skinny dipping.

08/13/12 11:14 pm

I had coitus in a jacuzzi.

redman15 Washington
08/13/12 10:08 pm

Just jumped off a cliff into a river w/ two buddies and our dranguses out!

snafu Washington
08/13/12 9:41 pm

Hot tub counts? Never at a lake, beach or pool. Gotta fix that!

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
08/13/12 9:26 pm

@heelfan95: BFE = Bum-F#cked Egypt. Just means like, out in the middle of nowhere.

08/13/12 8:17 pm

Nope, but it's on my bucket list. And I'm still young

08/13/12 7:19 pm

I had to think about it-- had lots of fun over the years but ave never actually skinny dipped. It's definitely on my list but I'll never get the hubby to

08/13/12 7:10 pm

Omg I'm just kidding lmao!

Jzz California
08/13/12 6:47 pm

Every day in my pool. I only where a suit when we have company, or the gardener is around.