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Show Of Hands December 5th, 2011 12:00am

Is the Republican primary down to a two person race (Newt vs Mitt), or is it too soon to rule other candidates out?

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TheKilling New Jersey
12/14/11 10:11 pm

Ron paul or we are all f*ucked ala 1984

12/13/11 4:56 pm

Ron Paul 2012 or bust!

12/09/11 10:23 pm

I hope people can see how Ron Paul can save us from our previous poor choices

12/07/11 6:07 pm

Amazing consistency across party lines on the response to this one!

12/07/11 8:18 am

The media controls the candidates we see and I don't see them introducing any more.

Liebel michigan
12/07/11 6:41 am

I hope its not down to just them two

12/06/11 8:12 pm

Ron Paul is ahead of Mitt in most polls! Ron Paul!

12/06/11 2:14 pm

Ron Paul!!!! all the way!!

BladeNut MA
12/06/11 1:17 pm

at least last year i had some basic respect for the republican canidates, mccain could at least run a country...bachmann perry and cain are fucktards

12/06/11 8:21 am

just don't want to see or hear her for four years...

12/06/11 8:20 am

newts wife for me would have to be seen as a con not a pro. just thought I'd throw that in there.....

12/06/11 8:12 am

Your schizophrenic. Go to sleep.

12/06/11 8:11 am

Poor Paul. He will never get it with his hippie foreign policy... LOL. Wish he would tho

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/06/11 7:29 am

Ron Paul is coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs !

12/06/11 6:44 am

Traehov, I voted for Perot, that's why I now believe a 3rd party vote is merely a vote for the incumbent. It was a hard lesson, and I'm sorry that I (in effect) threw my vote away. IMO it's sad but true that it's a two-party system.

12/06/11 6:35 am

Ron Paul is the top tier. Gingrich and Romney do have a chance but not much of one.

12/06/11 5:56 am

I won't vote newt. I'll write in Ron Paul if I have to. Friggin republicans would rather vote for an establishment mainstream GOP candidate & force everyone 2 vote Obama than go the smart route & vote Ron Paul and get bipartisan votes to knock Obama out of office. I won't let that blood on my hands.

12/05/11 11:02 pm

Ron Paul is being funded by Obama. wake up.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/05/11 10:47 pm

I think it's all going to come down to the Trump debate since who Trump decides to fire and who to hire is about the level of intelligence that the republicans have used to select their possible candidates thus far.

kejb689 Michigan
12/05/11 10:38 pm

Ron Paul should be the front runner. My hope is that independent voters come to vote the Republican primary and we have Paul in the drivers seat. Anyone on the fence take some time to look at Ron Paul and his ideas for this country. The middle class should all be for Paul.

12/05/11 10:09 pm

@Denver DM: People who voted for Perot in '92 ended up doing this country a great service. Doubt that happens here, but - as a GDI, especially - throwing my vote behind any 'ol (R) isn't the best use of said vote. In my opinion, natch.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/05/11 9:52 pm

Santorum has just slightly more of a chance of getting the republican nomination as I do.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/05/11 9:51 pm

well,Hussein is translated as handsome. much better than a frothy mix of e and fecal matter following anal sex.

12/05/11 9:44 pm

That's what you base your vote on? I guess Hussain flew under your radar huh?

RJ1969 SoCal
12/05/11 9:28 pm

Santorum? I could never vote for someone with that name! Have you ever googled Santorum and read what the definition is?

RJ1969 SoCal
12/05/11 9:28 pm

I'm hoping Donald Trump runs. And picks Palin as his running mate.

12/05/11 9:11 pm

Hopefully Santorum can gain some ground. I cringe every time I see that ad of Newt sitting on that couch with Pelosi......eww. I would be more excited for Paul if he was a little more realistic about foreign policy

gelina44 Springfield, MO
12/05/11 9:00 pm

Even in the show of hands poll its not down to Newt and Mitt are not the top two candidates... Poorly phrased question

12/05/11 8:41 pm

oh god no. anybody but Gingrich.

12/05/11 8:39 pm

Even in the SOH poll Paul is in 2nd, why say the third candidate?

12/05/11 8:01 pm

Agree, look what happened when Perot ran as a Third party

12/05/11 7:55 pm

Traehov, a 3rd party vote is a vote for Obama. Just saying.

12/05/11 7:40 pm

I'll likely be voting 3rd party yet again. The GOP field is terrible. And while I don't think Obama is the Antichrist, I hope he gets voted out, simply to get Republicans to shut the &%$# up about it already. Unfortunately, his presidency has proved that our country has no middle ground left. Sad.

kehvn Towson, MD
12/05/11 7:28 pm

Agree with a lot of posters... Paul & Gingrich. Unfortunately I doubt Paul could win the GE... Which makes Newt my man!

BLESSED19 North Carolina
12/05/11 7:13 pm

Newt and Mitt are the only ones who would make good Presidents. The rest all have flaws that make them to weak and vulnerable. Obama is by far the worst if we have him as President again the US will fall apart and for us the world might really end in 2012 like the Mayans say haha which is bull

12/05/11 7:01 pm

Democrats and Independents for RON PAUL IN 2012!

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/05/11 6:50 pm

Now that Cain is out Republicans should allow Buddy Roemer to participate in the debates.

gonk In a psychology textbook
12/05/11 6:40 pm

Mitt Romney? I certainly hope not. Let's go President Huntsman!