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Show Of Hands December 6th, 2011 12:00am

If your favorite Presidential candidate came to town and had a rally, would you attend?

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bmgx Michigan
12/18/11 6:51 pm

Boring. I'd rather look up his stats from the comfort of my home rather than be swayed by his political mumbo jumbo.

12/09/11 10:18 pm

I'd go if Ron Paul was comin to town heck yeah vote Ron Paul help us repair this country while we still can

12/08/11 3:49 am

If Ron comes to town, I'd be there.

12/07/11 6:29 pm

IF I had a favorite.......

AntiMike Alabama
12/07/11 5:52 pm

Dem. or Rep. all politicians are full of the same thing. SKATÁ!!!!

12/07/11 5:28 pm

I have better things to do, like WORK!

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/07/11 4:23 pm

If you notice, the states that said NO are states that generally get a lot of presidential rallies anyway. So, the people are probably like, "been there, done that."

12/07/11 4:47 am

thanks to Obama.... I'm now a democrat!!

12/06/11 11:12 pm

Coke: a lot of people share your sentiment!

HoneyB4dge Georgia
12/06/11 7:51 pm

I'll throw chicken biscuits at him.

Nerdz Texas
12/06/11 7:42 pm

not that interested enough in politics to attend and my town is too small for him to notice

12/06/11 7:21 pm

I saw Obama when he was running. I actually believed he would make a change. Thanks to him, I'm a republican!

runamok NoVa
12/06/11 6:26 pm

I support my candidates but not at "public" events. I don't do crowds, it stresses me out.

12/06/11 6:07 pm

I saw him (Obama) also when he was a Senator from my state. He was a marginal Senator who became an incompetent president.

jakersw22 Michigan
12/06/11 5:40 pm

I went to see Obama when he was still a senator in 2008

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
12/06/11 2:17 pm

I might go. But I wouldn't put much effort into going. If I had to park far away or wait very long, I wouldn't do it.

Caspey Pennsylvania
12/06/11 1:47 pm

I'd vote republican in a heartbeat for Ron Paul. Too bad the rest of the GOP is a joke right now.

cato Santa Barbara, California
12/06/11 12:33 pm

Dr. Paul for president. You bet I'd go!!!! Love the man.

Eric Wisconsin
12/06/11 11:00 am

I'm with tieguy, state and president.

leftocentr Oregon
12/06/11 10:19 am

Political rallies are like religious revivals. A bunch of nuts working themselves into a frenzy about nothing.

nance6 Arlington VA
12/06/11 10:09 am

I live in Arlington and contend with motorcades, closed bridges, etc. on a routine basis. the candidates ARE in my town on a regular basis and I avoid them like the plague! None are worth seeing in person.

lynnee Missouri
12/06/11 8:00 am

If I had a favorite, I would... I don't like any of the options this time around.

12/06/11 6:25 am

Lol Mcluke & Tops.

Obama's here quite often, messes up traffic by my office is all I have to say about that.

12/06/11 5:02 am

but the Ron Paul rally probably wouldn't be crowded at all....

12/06/11 5:02 am

I hate crowds and traffic. hell no!!

12/06/11 3:33 am

IF I had favorite, why wouldnt I?

12/06/11 2:08 am

Obama came to town but i didnt attend. Don't like heavy traffic/crowds so no thanks. Maybe if I was more into politics. :P

krohns Earth
12/05/11 11:36 pm

Cant wait to see Ron Paul 2012

whatabout Pennsylvania
12/05/11 10:51 pm

I've got some books that need signing <3 Ron Paul 2012!

12/05/11 10:49 pm

Why not lol. Especially since it's town not city or county

12/05/11 10:43 pm

Not sure why you wouldn't!!! If it's your fav candidate. Hell if there was one I "liked" I'd likely go.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
12/05/11 10:20 pm

I went to the big Obama rally in Portland in '08, back when I was a little younger and a lot more naïve. It was over 95 degrees that day in early May, but I got to see The Decemberists play!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/05/11 9:43 pm

If is was someone I liked clinton was two blocks away didn't soil my feet.

Hawkn Texas
12/05/11 9:41 pm

I would, but I doubt any Republican would come to Connecticut

12/05/11 9:29 pm

I wouldn't want to go to a political rally even if I was the candidate.

12/05/11 8:57 pm

I have a job and candidates don't seem to have rallies after 5pm. Must not really care about us working class showing up. So the answer is no.

12/05/11 8:45 pm

I would have to, it's my job

12/05/11 8:40 pm

I have in the past, but not this year.