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thatguy81 July 16th, 2013 12:28am

The quadrennial Boy Scout Jamboree (a 10 day wilderness gathering) started today. Tens of thousands of scouts (and their Leaders) had to pass BMI standards in order to attend. Scouts and Leaders with a BMI over 40 were banned. Good call?

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hades4928 Minnesota
07/23/13 6:04 pm

I'm a Boy Scout and I think that it is a very good thing that the BMI is checked because we go through very strenuous activities.

erchinator Colorado
07/21/13 8:35 pm

I am an eagle scout who was at the last jamboree my dad was on the medical staff He said that people with 35% bmi who slid past regulations were the most common sick individuals. Scouts care about well being. Look up the scout law

IanB52 Greenville,TX
07/20/13 9:36 pm

Let Openly Gay Scouts in but not Fat Ones,Im Fat if I Listen to my BMI according to my Hight and Age I would Look Sick

indiewest cat person
07/20/13 9:17 pm

Those frickin Boy Scouts were all over DC when we were trying to visit the Smithsonian. Too many of them

07/20/13 6:05 pm

they are trying to protect themselves from lawsuits for injury

david suburban DC
07/19/13 4:13 pm

A BMI of 30 should be enough to be banned!

violence Pretty hate machine
07/18/13 7:57 pm

Admittedly, 40 is really high. They probably just didn't want to have to deal with the liability issues of someone dropping dead on them.

07/18/13 7:13 pm

I worry about obesity, but banning these kids get them out and active and involved. Maybe itwould motivate them to slim down?

Asterix Florida
07/18/13 4:55 am

I am 325 and 5 foot 10 and know I am far from skinny. I was just at the boy scout summer camp with my son and no problem with hiking and swimming and rowing and what not.

david suburban DC
07/19/13 4:17 pm

My friend, you are not "far from skinny" you are clinically obese and what won't kill you yesterday will kill you tomorrow. Far from skinny? Stop kidding yourself!

07/19/13 7:20 pm

David's just being polite, he's not really your friend.

07/17/13 6:35 pm

BMI of 40 is...right, we act politically correct on SoH...not very healthful. A 6' man would weigh 300 pounds, and a 5' child would weigh 200.

grondini Mainer in NC
07/17/13 2:56 pm

At age 30, my BMI is 34ish. I'm 5'4 and 200 lbs now, vs 140 lbs when I was 17 yrs old. I worry about these obese kids.

stopandthink New Jersey
07/17/13 12:38 pm

BMI was invented like 200 years ago by a Swedish dude. It's not an exact science

Michael Jordan would have been considered obese according to BMI

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/17/13 9:01 am

If your that big you need to work on it yourself til you can get down to a point where you can do physical stuff like this.

coachgeorge95 Texas
07/17/13 8:31 am

I absolutely agree with their decision. Besides, it is a private organization and they should be able to decide their own rules.

07/18/13 7:15 pm

I. Wouldn't even want to be involved in this homophobic organization, they are great at banning instead of being accepting, so I have banned any of my money going to their organization

coachgeorge95 Texas
07/18/13 7:47 pm

You want a trophy and a government handout with that opinion?

demonio Wisconsin
07/17/13 8:29 am

How the heck are the going to get their BMI down if they don't get their butts out there and hike

handfapp FL
07/17/13 6:09 am

I voted no, because they provide relief for the others during bear attacks

07/17/13 5:31 am

A 40? Are you kidding me. You couldn't walk 50 yards with a BMI of 40. This is a safety precaution

PAK the Armpit of Florida
07/17/13 6:30 am

Not necessarily. I was in better cardiovascular shape when I had a BMI of 42. Now, 10 years later, I'm back down into the BMI range of upper 20s low 30s I'm completely out of shape.

07/17/13 12:13 am

But what about Boy Scouts who might be severely underweight? Wouldn't they too have some difficulties running around and camping in the wilderness?

goodquestion CA
07/16/13 8:56 pm

How is this not discrimination???

07/16/13 8:49 pm

I myself like the idea and the fact of the scouts taking in consideration how the youth of America for the most part lack poor healthy eating habits and a lack of motivation for proper physical fitness from lack of proper parental guidance, obesity acceptance, etc so they need to cover thier ass now

07/16/13 8:30 pm

BMI isn't a measure, it's a comparison. If you want to have standards like this, it should be measured, not relative. I am curious what reason they gave, too...

07/16/13 8:11 pm

Also what about kids or adults who have disabilities such as a thyroid problem?????

07/16/13 8:10 pm

Unless they are doing a water test a simple BMW test can be completely off due to muscle mass....and also let's discourage the fat kids and adults to stay at home and watch tv instead of getting outside and being active????? That makes sense????

justin99000 Louisiana
07/16/13 7:37 pm

I am in a tent at the jamboree right now!!!!

07/16/13 10:31 pm

Guess it's not that rustic if you have wifi.

ZestOfClementine Ye Olde 802
07/16/13 5:45 pm

They should just have a physical test they have to pass first. That would cause less of a commotion about discriminating against fatties

07/16/13 5:39 pm

The camp site was designed to be an extreme high adventure camp. My son is there he had to have the physical plus go thru 3 shakedowns prior to going. It's a costly camp $2400 but well worth the opportunities & experience. It's for the scouts safety

broncomark often, not what I seem
07/16/13 3:45 pm

I would say very, very, few children of Scouting age are built of lean muscle mass, like the oft-cited NFL players.

RiverrSong Michigan
07/16/13 3:39 pm

I like the idea, but BMI doesn't work very well

roundsquare round square
07/16/13 1:56 pm

It's for their own good

theNobamist Silicon Valley
07/16/13 1:52 pm

One fat kid passes out on the hike and they'd get sued out of business.

thatguy81 here
07/16/13 1:32 pm

Again everyone, the BSA Jamboree is once every 4 years. This policy isn't saying kids over 40BMI are excluded from being scouts. BMI of 31-39.9 had to submit medical waivers and this policy was sent to troops over a year ago.

smacc DunningKruger
07/16/13 12:38 pm

Isn't that like banning a kid from going to school for failing a test?

thatguy81 here
07/16/13 1:26 pm

No. It would be like banning a kid from going to the national spelling b when they can barely spell their own name.

smacc DunningKruger
07/16/13 1:50 pm

No that is a competition. The jamboree is an event. We need to be inclusive to teach good habit. Obviously we failed with these kids.

thatguy81 here
07/16/13 2:05 pm

It sounds like their parents failed them. Not us.

smacc DunningKruger
07/16/13 3:55 pm

That's true but maybe they were ill equipped as well. No reason to penalize the child.

sprokolopolis California
07/16/13 11:34 am

Does american apparel run the Boy Scouts too? If I have a boy I'm Guna beg the Girl Scouts to let him be with them. The difference is night and day.

debob texas
07/16/13 11:04 am

I have always supported the scouts in the past. No more.

cairo2 UVM
07/16/13 10:21 am

I also seriously doubt many Scouts in particular were affected. I was in Scouts from Tiger to Eagle. Spent 8 years in troops in Egypt & VA. Went to Camp Freedom in Germany & Lenhok'sin in VA. Very, very rarely met anyone who would have been affected.

cairo2 UVM
07/16/13 10:13 am

The bottom line is that if you are involved in troop activities, you should not be near 40 BMI. Thus, this policy encourages involvement in activities & physical fitness in advance. This is not like the gay ban, which is a categorical issue.

ScrewU Gone
07/16/13 9:58 am

I'm remembering Jamboree as a big gathering of camping and activities. Not high adventure with days of hiking. Am I thinking of the wrong thing?

cairo2 UVM
07/16/13 10:05 am

From what I hear, this year is more adventure based and more isolated.

ScrewU Gone
07/16/13 10:11 am

Last one I went to was on the mall in DC.

cairo2 UVM
07/16/13 10:16 am

This one is in the mountains of West VA, so it's more like going to Lenhok'sin or hiking the Long Trail in VT (I'm not going to compare to the AT, because that takes so much longer than this event, so we'll go with the trail that inspired the AT).

cairo2 UVM
07/16/13 10:26 am

And I know I for one, if I was that out of shape, I would do some training in advance to ensure I had the strength & stamina to safely do that kind of activity.

montie AnCap and proud
07/16/13 9:46 am

Has anyone heard about the false flag operation going on there?

Yoko318 Utah
07/16/13 9:03 am

Keeping yourself physically fit is part of scouting. That's like trying to go to a music camp when you can't play anything but the radio.

Yoko318 Utah
07/16/13 9:03 am

Keeping yourself physically fit is part of scouting. That's like trying to go to a music camp when you can't play anything but the radio.

07/16/13 8:48 am

Maybe they need to do something about their situation so next year they can participate safely. Maybe the parents should be involved in helping their child loose weight also to prevent this from happening to them in the future.

thatguy81 here
07/16/13 1:29 pm

It's an every 4 year event (like the Olympics of scouting) and this requirement went out to troops over a year ago.

ScrewU Gone
07/16/13 8:19 am

I am disappointed in the decision. These are some of the kids most in need of the experiences scouting offers. Adult leaders can decide what activities might be inappropriate, but sitting at home is not going to help them at all.

funlover heart of it all
07/16/13 7:27 pm

i totally agree. this is discrimination no matter what face you try to put on it. one more way we tell large people that they don't belong. if I fail a test I can study harder, but how does a boy stop being himself?

txcode1 Texas
07/16/13 8:01 am

Every time I see a poll like this my eyes cross. Are you kidding me, is this really the direction our Country is headed in? How about allowing them to have a physical by a Doctor, and let a professional determine if they pass or fail!

malibog 12309
07/16/13 8:27 am

Uncross your eyes and read. 40 was the cut off, 31 to 39 required medical clearance. The BSA is only protecting itself from law suits.

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/16/13 8:29 am

Because doctors make stupid decisions or people who know people get the councils to make exceptions. I worked medical at the last Jamboree 4 years ago and trust me, this is a wonderful idea. 115 degree heat for the first week, walking ~10 miles/day

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/16/13 8:31 am

And you have to remember that kids this age when away from parents have horrible hygiene and safety skills. I lost count of the number of larger young men I had to teach about showering daily and putting powder in moist areas. They don't take care

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/16/13 8:32 am

Of themselves because they are so excited to be there. The Jambo put in TONS of medical facilities to prepare for this. But kids with 50+ BMI were in our med station daily with issues. Also I treated one Leader who was almost 80 and less than 30 days

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/16/13 8:33 am

Out from a triple coronary bypass. Yet a doctor had approved him to be there! You don't want to be in the middle of nowhere and have medical issues, believe me. Scouting IS encouraging fitness with this. This event is so special and important

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
07/16/13 8:35 am

That scouts and leaders change their health habits so they can go. Also, someone mentioned that most leaders are under BMI 30? Not so. I think BSA first calculated that well over 40% would be excluded by the >40 BMI rule but kept the rule anyway.

txcode1 Texas
07/16/13 8:21 pm

It's your answer to exclude these kids rather than try to make accommodations for them. I'm blessed that neither of my kids have weight problems, but I feel for these kids. the BSA is doing more damage than good with these kids. Great team building!!

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
07/16/13 7:31 am

The three main goals we have for the boys in scouting are to develop physical fitness, moral character, and social awareness. The Scout Oath vows to remain "physically strong". Fitness and good health are ingrained in the scouting program.

txcode1 Texas
07/16/13 8:15 am

How do you get fit if your not given the opportunity to participate. What the BSA is really saying is " hey kid you don't meet our standards, we really don't need you cause you don't fit the image we have created....sorry kid"!! Great job BSA

ScrewU Gone
07/16/13 8:20 am

Yes. Scouting is about the growth of kids. It's not frikkin Seal Team 6.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
07/16/13 8:24 am

Tx, there's plenty of opportunities to participate in scouting. The poll is only asking about the National Jamboree. This is a ten-day high intensity event, and requires the kind of fitness that makes it obesity restrictive.

07/16/13 8:51 am

@ txcode1 life does that all the time. In school if you didn't make the team you practiced so next year you could. The kids that didn't get to go need to go eat better, exercise, and get fit and then they can participate.

rons screw politicians
07/16/13 6:23 am

That should make Bloomberg and michele happy!

HalfDozenMama in my scrapbook room
07/16/13 5:44 am

It's a private organization. Regardless if I agree or not, I support the private organization's right to run things the way they want (same w their gay policy).

07/16/13 5:19 am

son hiked 82 miles @ philmont last year & is currently at Jambo. Bsa is right in keeping kids fit. If they lower the bar & keep the same activities kids will get hurt. son will Eagle when he gets back & his troop is folding due to the gays in Dec.

evo Tampa
07/16/13 5:39 am

Whoa, lets be clear, your troop isn't falling apart because homosexual scouts can join, your troop is falling apart because of the intolerance of the parents.

07/16/13 5:53 am

Yep! But it's more than that, the Church that sponsors the troop, it's doctrine believes that homosexuality is a sin. Not all scouts in this troop belong to this church, we don't . Across town the local Catholic Church is dropping their troop too.

07/16/13 6:04 am

I'm not happy with the vote because negative effects it will have on BSA for awhile. I think BSA will have a major drop in Jan. I really don't see a large # of gay kids join. Not all people against it are bigots, it's a religious belief.

07/16/13 7:25 am

Lets be clear....if you dont like a person because who they love you are a bigot. Idc if you wrap your self in religious bullshit.
When did you choose to be straight? Prolly the same time they chose to be gay.

wabajaber1 Bible Belt
07/16/13 7:27 am

So is love, tolerance and brotherhood. It is most definitely bigotry. Will they kick a kid out if they find he disobeyed his father or worked on a Sunday? I'd think the 10 commandments would be held higher than a couple lines in Leviticus.

07/16/13 1:46 pm

Sucks for you that your church sucks...

Waiiiit a second..all these "sucks" in a thread on homosexuality......

flyberg Northern Kentucky
07/16/13 4:45 am

They're not really encouraging fitness. That would require more long-term effort at the local level, not a blanket, one-time punishment.

tdaddy Kentucky
07/16/13 4:15 am

40+ is way too obese. If the idea of BMI testing is to promote a healthy weight, any BMI over 25 is obese. Maybe allowing some slack should be permissible, but not 15 points, 5 points would be better, so a 30 BMI should be the highest score allowed.