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Show Of Hands January 28th, 2012 12:00am

If your doctor suggested a course of treatment that was not statistically recommended for your exact condition, would you follow it?

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02/07/12 12:36 pm

Get a second opinion it might save your life

02/05/12 8:58 pm

depends on the doctor, is it family and well known. or no?

02/04/12 12:35 pm

I had a medical condition that went undiagnosed for years by several doctors but I found my answer on the Internet. the health industry does not want you to get better, they want your money. even after I went to the dr I mentioned the condition it was disregarded quickly and I never went back

Flooded Virginia
02/02/12 10:22 pm

this is definitely a "depends" question. maybe there are reasons why the more statistically positive option wouldn't be beneficial in your personal situation, all aspects of your life considered

02/01/12 2:14 pm

That's what second opinions are for

elbow82 Veganland
01/29/12 9:29 pm

This question requires too many follow up questions for me to know how to answer. I guess my answer is not necessarily (no), but it would depend on the seriousness of the condition. I'd do independent research and get a second opinion if it were serious.

01/29/12 9:14 pm

@southern- yeah thats standard (sarcasm). I am not famous nor does anyone have it out for me. doctors generally have the education and lack of ill-intent that let me trust them. then again I haven't actually been to the doctor in several years.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/29/12 7:17 pm

Has anyone ever considered why it's called the "PRACTICE" of medicine ?

01/29/12 3:51 pm

Most likely, but I'd get a second opinion.

01/29/12 3:49 pm

No. I wont put my health at risk with some silly doctor.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
01/29/12 3:35 pm

I trust my doc but as a graduate nurse I would also do some research on my own.

01/29/12 2:16 pm

yes and get a second opinion. And do some research

iwearacrwn TEXAS
01/29/12 2:08 pm

If a doctor is prescribing some treatment not for you condition maybe you need a new doctor. Just sayin'...

01/29/12 11:18 am

Ha that just happened to me. The guy had no idea what was wrong so he just prescribed some creams.

01/29/12 8:43 am

If its less invasive less chemicals I'd seriously consider it. I wide researcj

dotnetdev Georgia
01/29/12 5:49 am

Assuming u trust yoyr Doctor, there is nothing else you should do. wht go to him if u dont plan on taking his advice.

2katz I live in Nebraska
01/29/12 1:57 am

Yes, but only a doctor I know well and have had a good patient relationship with.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/29/12 1:24 am

Most treatments used now were considered risky at one time. It would depend on the doctor as to whether or not I'd take that risk. I have a couple that I really trust (one I worked for at one time and the other I've seen since I was 7), but I have a couple, including my PCP, that I'd question.

01/29/12 1:09 am

Yes- but with a grain of salt- they are doctors after all.
But I just lost an uncle to cancer because they thought it was just a cold! (and I miss him & his example every day)

SouthernG Man Cave
01/28/12 11:55 pm

@JJC. remember MJ's doctor? care to revise?

01/28/12 9:26 pm

@DrKelly my thoughts exactly

DrKelly Wisconsin
01/28/12 9:16 pm

those of you in healthcare know that term

DrKelly Wisconsin
01/28/12 9:16 pm

three words: evidence based practice!

01/28/12 9:10 pm

If i trust my doctor, sure. Who am i to try to do their job?

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
01/28/12 8:44 pm

If the treatment makes me sicker and no guarantee of a cure, no. I would rather have quality over quantity of life.

01/28/12 8:32 pm

There's a reason they're the doc and I'm not.

Money. Jk :)

01/28/12 7:56 pm

If a treatment has no real evidence that it works then no but, lots of people take crap treatments all the time. Why do you think homeopathy exists?

marls Ohio
01/28/12 7:31 pm

Mayyybeeee..... Depends, if I have a life threatening condition, then yeah but if I have a sinus infection, no.

MGLC New Mexico
01/28/12 6:57 pm

Maybe bc it depends if it works but rarely then ok, but if it kills you statistically then no, I said yes bc the 1st one is more likely

01/28/12 6:54 pm

->, I'm having some continuing problems, (rashes & some kind of "growths" in places the blisters had gotten bad.). Of course we all can't agree on these things, nor further treatments. I get to take a 2hr trip to the city Mon AM to see specialists. <sigh> Medicine-can't get away from it.. ;)

01/28/12 6:48 pm

->and connections, I decided to do my OWN "investigation" & FINALLY figured out what it was. While most of the docs accepted my diagnosis, (staph), we STILL disagree on where it came from. (well, *I* KNOW, they just won't believe me-YET!! ;) and NOW-likely because of my compromised immune system->

01/28/12 6:43 pm

-> 98% of the time, only seeing the winter sun while transferring to transport for dialysis, appointments, or my frequent flyers to the local ER. NO ONE could figure out WTF was going on with me; but, of course, everyone had their idea of what my treatment should be. With my medical background ->

01/28/12 6:38 pm

Tony must be gifted with extrasensory perception...
The reason I haven't been around here for over a week is I broke out with a VERY "strange" rash-actually, it was more like a severe sunburn, complete with blisters & eventually, peeling. Thing is, as most of you know, I'm basically bedridden ->

01/28/12 5:36 pm

I agree with Pinkyousuc. I'd also inquire the rationale behind the recommendation.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
01/28/12 5:16 pm

This may explain why so many people die from the same old stuff. They want exactly the same treatment everyone else who died received.

01/28/12 5:05 pm

Depends how life threatening my condition.

01/28/12 4:49 pm

I'd want a second opinion, but I'd consider it.

teaparty Cleveland
01/28/12 4:10 pm

I'm paying the doctor a ton of money. I wouldn't put that money to waste.

Rosebud Ohio
01/28/12 3:30 pm

Depends on the doctor and why it wasn't. I'd weigh all the options first though...
But my family dr I wouldn't. My daughters pediatrician or my OB? I trust them both a lot.

01/28/12 2:48 pm

I would get a second opinion

01/28/12 2:29 pm

When you have an incurable disabling disease like me, yes you'd try anything!

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/28/12 12:47 pm

& anyone (IMHO) that takes a new to the market drug before it has been on the street a while, takes some big time serious risk. Sometimes it takes years for long term side effects to manifest. The drug approval process is on big pharma's side, not ours.

Damn the side effects, full profits ahead.

01/28/12 12:44 pm

Cowboy- my wife is a doctor, as are my brothers and three cousins.
None of them get paychecks from drug companies.

01/28/12 12:43 pm

I wouldn't go to a doctor I don't trust, so this would be a non issue. If he recommended it, that's good enough for me

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/28/12 12:42 pm

@Kenzie, same thing happened to my nephew. Quack doc said he had schizophrenia, put him on zyprexa or something similar to that name, turns out he had some kind of mass on his adrenal gland. Anyway, the drug gave him diabetes. A perfectly healthy kid with no family history of diabetes or schizo.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/28/12 12:15 pm

What the heck does "statistically recommended" mean anyway? If my doctor can't look me in the eyes and tell me what I need to do, or what medicine I need to take, I'd go find me a doctor that could. Who needs to listen to all that malarkey when you are at the doctors office? Not me.