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Show Of Hands January 9th, 2012 12:00am

Do you turn your eyes away from replays after an athlete on TV sustains a visible injury?

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01/22/12 12:35 am

Toward. I want to see how bad it is, especially so if I care about the athlete. If it doesn't look bad then I have something to be thankful about.

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
01/21/12 7:44 pm

I watch just to see exactly what happened not because I like to see them get hurt

01/20/12 3:31 pm

What kind of stupid question is this?

01/12/12 2:36 am

glad to hear that slikrick

01/11/12 9:24 pm

More of squint nd feminine squeal

01/11/12 4:30 pm

Usually, no. Unless it was something generally disturbing, I would watch it more than once

hacim Michigan
01/11/12 12:41 pm

@slickrick2 which team do you work for?

01/11/12 9:29 am

No I just wish I didn't have to pay for ESPN

01/11/12 6:46 am

I work on the production crew of an nfl team. I can tell you that they don't even show you the worst replays. If its really bad it just gets buried in the media vault.

01/10/12 11:50 pm

Ha, I broke my neck, ribs, and nose in a skiing accident last year. Healed fine, but injuries just don't impress me at all. I was a bloody mess, and I saw pictures of it afterwards

01/10/12 10:15 pm

lol @bp we are so twins

Lulzy New Jersey
01/10/12 9:31 pm

Of course. Reminds me that I am a human with limited time to exist.

01/10/12 9:18 pm

I don't watch sports. boring.

BP South Carolina
01/10/12 9:07 pm

I don't turn away, but I cringe and grab whatever part of the body that was injured and think of how it would feel.

01/10/12 8:56 pm

Curiosity killed the cat

01/10/12 8:56 pm

Anyone see Johnny knox's injury a few weeks ago during the bears game? Now THAT was painful to watch.

01/10/12 8:51 pm

Morbid curiosity is natural. Gotta look and go "EWWWWW, glad that wasn't me!"

01/10/12 8:47 pm

Of course not. We want to see to see the bone protruding from the leg!

01/10/12 8:34 pm

is it a male female thing? do more men watch than women?

Metal4life California
01/10/12 8:33 pm

Well, for me it depends on the injury, if its a usuall injury, I could watch, something more serious, I could still handle. But if it is really bad or kind of gory or something, I would probably look away

01/10/12 8:23 pm

No, because I'd miss the huge hit that injured him

01/10/12 7:05 pm

is it natural curiosity to look or morbidly so? I don't want to see someone in pain so I don't watch

01/10/12 7:05 pm

I remember a raider had his leg bent completely backwards, makes me sick to even think about that

erw331 New York
01/10/12 6:16 pm

It depends on how abnormally the bone is bend.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
01/10/12 5:54 pm

No I am a graduate nurse so I have clinical curiosity. Of course I feel very sorry for the injured player and hope for the best for him/her.

01/10/12 5:51 pm

Cringe, yes. Turn away, no.

MCR The Moon
01/10/12 5:50 pm

@ryno. Those guys make more in a year than I will in my life...for playing a game... I don't feel much sympathy

StNik North Carolina
01/10/12 5:36 pm

No. That's not entertainment. It's a man's (or woman's) livelihood going down the drain.

EJC Wisconsin
01/10/12 5:21 pm

I always look, like when Eric Wood of the Buffalo Bills snapped his leg.

01/10/12 5:18 pm

@Hitchens That was buster posey of the giants. He was done for the year as well as the giants's playoff hopes

01/10/12 4:25 pm

I always squint my eyes and say"Oooooh that sucks."

01/10/12 3:50 pm

Nasty injuries. I watch that.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
01/10/12 3:15 pm

Half the fun of seeing a millionaire player getting hurt .

hitchens Ann Arbor, MI
01/10/12 3:07 pm

I don't remember who it was but the was a collision at home plate this year in the MLB and the guy's leg basically snapped in half. I couldn't watch it a second time.

01/10/12 2:55 pm

What kind of a question is this? They must be running out of things to ask

01/10/12 2:38 pm

that many people watch??? no way. I gotta turn away. ;)

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
01/10/12 2:31 pm

so...23% of men are now gay. I didn't know the percentage had risen so high.

Sam17 Missouri
01/10/12 2:30 pm

And miss the drama? PPPFFFFFTTTTTTT

hacim Michigan
01/10/12 2:02 pm

@jhello, you play sports blindfolded? Impressive

MCR The Moon
01/10/12 1:58 pm

I laugh, at least now they've kinda done something to earn that paycheck

Pre Michigan
01/10/12 1:29 pm

I don't watch sports... I play them.

a20cutiepi Tennessee
01/10/12 12:33 pm

I've had two ACL knee replacements, so when an athlete goes down, it just reminds me of the pain I had to go through twice. I literally cringe at the site of a twisted leg :(

DamageInc California
01/10/12 12:21 pm

I cringe, especially for knee and ankle injuries (I've had my share of those), but I still watch. I don't agree with how some posts say that it desensitizes you.