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PartyJustin July 14th, 2013 6:27pm

How badly do you think U.S. and Russian relations will be affected if Edward Snowden's request for asylum is granted?

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BusinessJustin Tamriel
07/15/13 4:15 am

Much worse things have happened between us than this, and much bigger things are pushing us apart. This will have very little effect on our relationship, if any at all.

07/14/13 1:58 pm

No, it isn't going to have a huge effect. The US government is trying to take Snowden out of the spotlight.

flurry a
07/14/13 11:39 am

I will think more fondly of Russia.

MJSeals J.D.
07/14/13 11:32 am

Romney tried to warn us...

07/14/13 1:57 pm

*sigh* Romney did try to tell us all that some hacker man named Snowden would seek asylum in Russia for leaking top secret documents. Yes.