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Do you leave a tip when picking up take-out food?

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06/17/12 5:03 am

Why would you tip for someone to hand you food? Your money goes for the preparation (parts & labor). It's not being cheap. It's being logical.
But if you are being waited on @ a restaurant, 20% should be the bare minimum gratuity.

Caspey Pennsylvania
06/15/12 6:53 am

I was a server for 10 years. I DO NOT tip carry out. tips are for service. the guy who bags your groceries deserves mor tips than whoever hands you your carry out.

06/14/12 5:35 pm

You tip for good service, take out has no service. To waiters, stop expecting a good tip, earn it and you'll be rewarded.

06/14/12 7:23 am

Of course I would. Those take out people are often times getting paid waiter wages.

06/14/12 12:10 am

I worked in the service industry when $2.01 per hour + tips was the standard wage.

I tip 20% for service when I dine in a restaurant... More if I get fabulous service.

EXPECTING a tip loses sight of the purpose.

The customer doesn't tip to pay your salary. They tip for great service.

06/13/12 10:57 pm

Then you're just a plain cheap ass.

06/13/12 9:13 pm

@cms00: I have worked in the service industry and I feel a tip for a takeout order is NOT to be expected. The customer should get what they paid for.

You did nothing special.

Placing a takeout order, bagging it, and ringing it up is not service above what should be expected by the customer.

06/13/12 12:09 am

The people who don't tip or don't think they should tip have never worked in the service industry.

nabuka Virginia
06/12/12 9:11 pm

A lot of places have the wait staff do the take out orders too. So your to go order is taking them away from their dine in customers. They have to double check the order when it comes up, bag it, etc. leave at least a couple of bucks! Or give your waiter a break when you get crappy service.

blutuesday California
06/12/12 7:02 pm

77% of you should rethink the tipping for "to go" orders. Be nice!!

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
06/12/12 5:05 am

At least they are doing something! All the crappy "get a better job" like comments suck. At least they are trying to make a living and these are usually in-between jobs. "Don't be on Welfare, but don't have a crappy job." Why don't you people go home and cook for yourselves?! Haters.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
06/12/12 5:04 am

If it's Chinese or Pizza I don't tip. If it's Chili's or Carrabbas where someone is looking for my car and waiting for me then I'll give 10%. If they are looking for my car (and there are a few like it) and running out (in the rain) to give me food they deserve something.

NYevo NY
06/12/12 4:35 am

What would the tip be for if you take out? Don't say the food, because a premium is already paid on that. I thought tipping was for waiter service

NYevo NY
06/12/12 4:33 am

I tip when i sit and get waited on, not when there is no waiter service.

snafu Washington
06/11/12 11:40 pm

Only if I frequent the place AND they're nice.
There's a teriyaki place we order from once a month or so, they're not very friendly (it's the only one around) so we don't tip them, we used to tip them though.
We always tip the Pho place we go to every other month because they're really nice :)

06/11/12 11:07 pm

You should. 10% or so.

06/11/12 8:41 pm

no. I dont give the supermarket cashier a tip either.

aam Pennsylvania
06/11/12 7:37 pm

You're not entitled to a tip just because you chose to work in a restaurant.

elbow82 Veganland
06/11/12 7:08 pm

Very rarely. One of the reasons I choose takeout sometimes is to avoid paying extra.

anarchy4s South Carolina
06/11/12 6:58 pm

...I do, however, tip AT LEAST 20% as a result of the experience unless the service is just absolutely atrocious (only happened once in the last 10 years).

anarchy4s South Carolina
06/11/12 6:56 pm

Earlybird: I waited my way through school...I know what they make, and I used to HATE when I was on take-out duty (fortunately it was rare), but never did expect a tip for just knew you wouldn't make jack that night and found ways to torture your mgr for being a dick.

monkeyy Ohio
06/11/12 5:50 pm

I've never picked up take out food.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
06/11/12 5:33 pm

If it's a really big order where they would need to assist me by helping me carry it out to my car, yes. But just taking my order an having me pick it up quick? No. There's no "service" in that worthy of extra payment.

diamedic606 Myrtle Beach, SC
06/11/12 4:21 pm

3rd party--it was a joke chill out there. It was actually a quote from "the office". I don't tip my doctor hahaha

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
06/11/12 3:42 pm

It has always been curious to me why anyone would take a job that pays $2.05 an hour and rely on tips for their livelihood and be satisfied with that lifestyle. I have never understood why workers have not banded together to dispute this practice and demand minimum wage?

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
06/11/12 3:40 pm

@Hazhap1: Other people's perception regarding my thoughts on tipping for handing me a bag is none of my business.

As far as Arkansas: You wouldn't know unless you go.

Making assumptions based on one person's comment regarding one facet of a subject sounds like you have deeper issues.

Itabliss Hello
06/11/12 2:47 pm

I usually give a couple bucks, simply because I was a server years ago. I know what a thankless job it is. IMO, EVERYONE should work as a server or 6months to a year once in their life.

06/11/12 2:31 pm

IMO, the reduced wage paid to you by your employer is for the busy work that does not result in tips (filling sugar caddies, rolling napkins, etc.).

Putting food in a bag and ringing it up is one of those busy work activities.

Getting the order correct, is a reasonable customer expectation.

lin512 Texas
06/11/12 1:42 pm

@johnny, I'm in Texas so I don't imagine I'll see you anytime soon. I never said that the bad tippers get bad service, I just said that I remember.

EarlyBird Portland
06/11/12 12:24 pm

Anarchy- I understand what you're saying but once I found out that most food servers don't make minimum wage, I look at it differently. Other tip oriented jobs (taxi, hair cut, etc) make at least minimum. Most food industry people hustle and a simple buck or two would make such a diff

Newsfeed Illinois
06/11/12 10:24 am

If you go to Lou Malnati's you should tip for carryout

smodcast Newport News, Va
06/11/12 10:13 am

I say do away with the tip system entirely. I want absolutely no say in your salary. That's between you and your boss.

levinthor Massachusetts
06/11/12 9:15 am

I wasn't aware that people tipped for take-out.

anarchy4s South Carolina
06/11/12 8:11 am

If somebody walks it out to my car, sure...I'll throw them a few dollars, but 20% is completely outrageous! Those arguing that point need to reexamine the importance of their handing me a bag, a mint and running my card does not qualify you for a large financial reward on my part.

anarchy4s South Carolina
06/11/12 8:05 am

This thread is cracking me up! you can certainly tell who all the wait staff users are...they're the only ones arguing for a tip for handing me a bag and *gasp* swiping my debit card! My dry cleaner does the same thing and I don't tip her! ...and her bag is 45x heavier!

anarchy4s South Carolina
06/11/12 7:59 am

Why would I tip for take-out? Other than cooking it, I did all the work! I wasn't served, and there absolutely no interaction on which to base the tip percentage! The cook cooked (for which he/she is paid and typically doesn't depend on gratuity) and I picked up. End of transaction.

thinker2 nc
06/11/12 7:16 am

I'll tip at outback or chili's because they bring it to my car. If I'm going in to get it myself, then no tip unless it's a big order.

06/11/12 7:00 am

Only if there's a tip jar usually.

angiebrite Gallifrey
06/11/12 6:47 am

@Lmurder, I'm not a mom and serving isn't my career. I waitress for extra money because my real job doesn't pay enough

06/11/12 6:32 am

Generally no, if they are exceptionally nice/polite/quick/whatever I might leave a couple bucks and if I had a very large order I would leave a good tip. To me tipping is about direct costumer interaction and the people giving you your food for take out don't do much of that....

hazhap1 Las Vegas
06/11/12 5:12 am

BlackBenz... Your comment is not helping the public perception of people in the state of Arkansas at all.

dadstad Texas
06/11/12 5:03 am

If they are friendly and efficient.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
06/11/12 5:02 am

At the restaurant my uncle owns, the person who takes the order, then puts the to go order in a bag and runs the card is the host/hostess. The host/hostess gets paid $8.50/hr. My cousin told me he is always surprised as to why he gets a tip on to-go orders since he is already getting paid to do it.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
06/11/12 4:53 am

Well of course! If all it takes is a few bucks to make someone who spends 8 hours running in circles smile... I'm cool with that.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
06/11/12 4:38 am

Whoever tips for quality of food is an idiot. The server has Nothing to do with the quality of the food. Don't stiff a server just because you don't like what your eating.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
06/11/12 1:08 am

Lmurder: Is that somehow worse than a Single Mom with a Welfare career?