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Show Of Hands November 15th, 2011 12:00am

Better Christmas present: a new iPad 2 or a new Kindle Fire tablet plus $200 in Amazon cash?

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11/24/11 4:09 pm

the stupidest question i ever heard

11/23/11 10:49 pm

I already have a nook color so.... Ya

dylansl Texas
11/21/11 12:49 am

You can't do apple vs amazon ON A APPLE APP. it will be very one sided.

zebbiezoo true blue
11/20/11 9:14 pm

Voting on the iPad2 for the iPad2!!!

11/20/11 12:12 am

Friends of mine bought a fire, returned it the same day and replaced with Ipad 2. I love my Kindle, but not the Fire

Mnah Maryland
11/19/11 7:40 am

The iPad 2 is not as amazing as 200 dollars and the fire

11/18/11 11:27 pm

Umm no brained pick the ipad

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/18/11 11:06 pm

You don't have to be a fifth grader to know $500 beats $400. So bump the cash to $300 ... still no deal, iPad2 beats two fires and $100 hands down!

11/17/11 6:14 pm

im typing this on my ipad 2 as we speak and it freaking rocks....which is why I selected the kindle fire. lol

11/17/11 8:04 am

iPad 2. I can't run my iPhone apps on a kindle.

Chopper2 Georgia
11/16/11 3:57 pm

Fire+ with $200 in amazon cash ! I feel is better

11/16/11 10:00 am

I already have a ipad 2 and love it!

elbow82 Veganland
11/16/11 8:52 am

I'm so surprised by these results! I would pick the Fire hands down. I have an iPod touch and husband has an iPad. I almost never use his iPad, and anything I do on it could easily be done on the Fire. Maybe a lot of people aren't aware of what it's capable of doing? I think the size is perfect.

11/16/11 7:30 am

I already have an iPad 2

11/16/11 12:35 am

I do not regret purchasing my iPad 2 one bit

11/16/11 12:29 am

Just the 200 would be nice

11/16/11 12:01 am

I would so take that two hundred!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
11/15/11 11:44 pm

iOS is pretty sweet, with the exception of rooting/jail breaking options. MacOS is severely behind on usability compared to Win7. I use both & the only issues I have with Mac apps come down to issues with the OS. For instance, CS5 works better on PC. Staying on subject, iOS is the better mobile OS.

blakestr San Diego
11/15/11 11:09 pm

No matter what Mac is in top. What is Microsoft? What is IBM(HP)? The idiots who like PC's are too broke or cheep to realize the great potential of a great Macintosh system. Mac has been ahead of the curve since forever and now it's starting to get attention since the iPhone an iPad are out. Mac=A+

11/15/11 10:37 pm

The kindle fire is a good e-reader and also the $200 can be spent on anything in which is a plus!!!

11/15/11 10:36 pm

I'd rather have a fire (or a nook) even if that money was substantially lower. I have an iPod touch, computer and iPad 2. The iPad hardly ever gets used except for rarely using a library app that lets me borrow books. I also like the nook and fires smaller size which makes it easier to carry.

11/15/11 10:24 pm

I have an iPod already plus $200 sounds good to me :)

11/15/11 10:22 pm

kindle fire isn't a competitor for a tablet it's more of a e-reader

civ511 Vermont
11/15/11 10:21 pm

Everyone knows apple sucks, stop being brainwashed!

14573 Scary Numbers
11/15/11 10:19 pm

The ironic thing is apple is probably going to release the iPod 3 "Just in time for the holidays!"

11/15/11 10:17 pm

Have kindle & iPad 2. Apples & Oranges, truly can't / should not compare, even w/$200 credit.

11/15/11 10:08 pm

iPad 2; I have a Barnes & Nobles nookColor

11/15/11 9:44 pm

iPad 2 no questions asked

11/15/11 9:27 pm

From the reviews, it seems like the Fire isn't what it's cracked up to be.

11/15/11 8:46 pm

I love my regular kindle. And also I would like $200 now for Christmas shopping. X) if it wasn't for the shopping I need to do (and I love amazon for shopping whenever possible) I would probably go iPad. Lol.

11/15/11 8:44 pm

Too bad the iPad is so damn expensive. Fire for me!

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
11/15/11 8:43 pm

Definatly the fire and the cash i can buy soo much stuff i want on amazon with that

chrismisen atlanta
11/15/11 8:39 pm

fire because to the person you gifted it seems more generous. in the long run, they would enjoy an ipad 2 much more though.

flip Michigan
11/15/11 8:03 pm

This question can be translated as "Tony asks his minions what he should by for the misses" haha

11/15/11 8:02 pm

Rachel Roxxx on 3D. Oh man.

11/15/11 8:01 pm

Next ipad 3 should be on 3D HD so that i can watch and on 3D. How sick would that be?

11/15/11 8:00 pm

I have an ipad 2 but it feels like i want more out of it.

Nerdz Texas
11/15/11 7:56 pm

I pad 2 oh wait, I already have one

11/15/11 7:46 pm

I chose the fire, only because I already have an iPad and an iPhone.

11/15/11 7:13 pm

my iPad practically replaced my lap top. I only download music on the lap top now. which is backwards I know, but I'm a pirate. I will not pay for a cd. unless I'm at the concert.

blutuesday California
11/15/11 6:15 pm

Isn't anyone having second thoughts about giving business after the exposure about how they treat their employees at their warehouses (saw this on HuffPo last month or so)? Ambulances are routinely parked nearby to treat workers for heat-related illnesses, for one thing. Bad biz, Bezos!