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Do you know anyone who has ever suffered a stroke?

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QuietGuy13 Indiana
08/01/12 8:55 pm

My friend with cancer had one while I was visiting him in the hospital. Scariest moment of my life

08/01/12 9:36 am

my uncle had one major one that he never gained consciousness. Then he had another which they declared him brain dead, and my mom & my aunt had to talk my other aunt into pulling the plug (they're all sisters) My aunt did say later on it was for the best. She hated seeing her husband like that

07/31/12 4:16 pm

Yep, Dick Clark. After his stroke it was all downhill even though Ryan Seacrest can be commended for making him feel needed right to the very end.

07/31/12 1:31 pm

My brother started a stroke on his drive to my home for Christmas dinner. He kept it to himself. When I awakened him for diner, he had slurred speech and stumbled. I took him to the hospital and sat with him while he was being admitted.

wirenerd Somersworth
07/31/12 8:49 am

My grandfather had 2 strokes in 3 days. Rendered both legs unusable, and incomplete control of his left arm. And the first one was on my grandmother's birthday.

07/30/12 11:37 pm

My dad had two. He never fully recovered physically from the first one and the second killed him. He was fortunate that his mind stayed fully active until the second one. He just tired out really fast and needed a walker.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/30/12 11:04 pm

My parents both had them. Dad lost his short term memory.

07/30/12 10:43 pm

My Uncle had one yesterday waiting for a heart transplant. I'll miss his sense of humor very very much.

madeit Houston Area
07/30/12 8:42 pm

My uncle just died of one yesterday. RIP

Bekka Just relaxing...
07/30/12 7:58 pm

Both parents- dad died from it. Mom is doing well.

07/30/12 7:57 pm

Yes, my daughter at two months old. Can happen at ANY age. I now know hundreds of survivors. There is help, including speech aides for those who have language challenges. There can be quality of life with today's technologies.

commonsenc District of Columbia
07/30/12 7:47 pm

My grandma had one while baybysiting us when I was ten. Then a year latke my grandfather died of an anurisum.

07/30/12 6:44 pm

Yep 35 y/o hunting buddy had brain stem stroke but has recovered remarkably

Happy Hong Kong
07/30/12 4:40 pm

I think knew would be a more appropriate word here.

Sam95 Nebraska
07/30/12 3:16 pm

My grandma has had 2 major strokes and 2 mini strokes, that we know of. She cant walk, move her left arm, and she has a hard time talking. I love her so much. She has been holding on since 2001. <3

07/30/12 1:05 pm

My grandpa had several strokes and hard attacks

melkor Angband
07/30/12 12:58 pm

My great grandmother. I watched it happen.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/30/12 12:47 pm

Yupp. The dad of one of my co-workers. He was also a regular in the bar at the restaurant I work at. He's gonna be just fine luckily. :)

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/30/12 11:51 am

My Grandma. She survived but was bed-ridden for the next 5 years until she passed away peacefully in her sleep. It was so difficult to see my active, going all the time Grandma stuck in a bed. She had all her mental faculties but couldn't even speak. I'd rather not survive.

07/30/12 10:45 am

Unfortunately my ex boyfriends father had a stroke and died a few years ago. That was the first time I ever saw him cry. Breaks my heart thinking about it. He wasn't very old and was a sweet and amazing man. RIP :-/

07/30/12 10:15 am

Yes, my father. No paralysis at all, but lost 75% of language. Absolutely life changing for him and for my mother.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/30/12 10:05 am

Two Grandfathers, one Grandmother, the neighbor down the street, and a friend's 40 year old brother. All really old people except the 40 year old, none fatal, but all significantly life changing. If I stroke out, I hope I stroke all the way out.

monkeyy Ohio
07/30/12 10:03 am

No I don't know anyone who's had a stroke.

acavemand The Burgh
07/30/12 9:22 am

My grandpa had one that crippled him to the point he can barely function. My dad had one that is usually even more severe than that and was mostly recovered in a year.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/30/12 8:43 am

I know my dad who knows a guy who had a stroke!

07/30/12 8:30 am

My great-grandfather has had a few at the age of 103.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
07/30/12 8:06 am

Wife's grandfather. Good man. Died last year.

07/30/12 8:05 am

Thats how my dad died years ago :( i miss you daddy<3

07/30/12 7:46 am

First! My grandmother had 2

07/30/12 7:46 am

First! My grandmother had 2

07/30/12 7:46 am

First! My grandmother had 2

07/30/12 7:46 am

First! My grandmother had 2

07/30/12 7:46 am

First! My grandmother had 2

07/30/12 7:46 am

First! My grandmother had 2

07/30/12 7:46 am

First! My grandmother had 2

07/30/12 7:46 am

First! My grandmother had 2