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Show Of Hands March 4th, 2012 12:00am

Would you rather live an adventurous but often uncomfortable life, or a more predictable and more comfortable life?

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03/15/12 2:04 pm

my rest grandfather was rich. he left his life of comfort behind to pursue the jungles of africa, to learn and explore. he died at only the age of 56. I would rather live fifty years as a tiger like him, than one hundred years as a chicken.

03/10/12 12:05 am

i long for the cowboy days

03/09/12 8:18 am

At 70 yrs old I DO enjoy the fewcomforts I have!

03/08/12 6:55 pm

live on the edge but in the jungle that's my dream life

swimguy Illinois
03/07/12 4:56 pm

What's the point of living if you dont live?

03/06/12 9:11 pm

This whole world is one fantastic novel. Who the hell would only read one page?

musicnerd RHIT
03/06/12 6:00 pm

Being sixteen, I chose adventure. Who knows how I'll feel in thirty years.

03/06/12 2:54 pm

live life to the fullest while you have it.

DrJohnny IPhone
03/06/12 1:36 pm

No reason you cannot have a comfortable AND adventurous life.

03/05/12 10:59 pm

At this point I'm not sure I like my life either way. Can I just start over?

03/05/12 9:26 pm

Predictable with comfort. Because that doesn't mean you won't have a surprise here and there, but it would be nice to have a schedule.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/05/12 7:16 pm

Sail the world in a hydrofoil boat, ride the cliffs on a dirt bike, run a business or get into politics... Adventure takes many forms.

03/05/12 4:00 pm

Comfortable!!! But as long as obama is president & democrats are dumber than squat- then I guess I'm stuck in the adventurous world!

GunnyGunz Virginia
03/05/12 3:16 pm

@durza, look at your shoulders, you have a chip on one of them.

03/05/12 2:12 pm

@Rosebud-Do "adventuresome" things with your family!! ie: I used to take my kids on "surprise" trips-usually long drives to other States, stopping at all kinds of places along the way, then try & find a campground. Also went rafting, canoeing at 1AM on a full moon-LOTS of stuff-ALWAYS Together! ;)

Rosebud Ohio
03/05/12 1:08 pm

Predictable, because family is more important than anything to me.

03/05/12 12:32 pm

I HAD my "adventures" from age 17/18-45. After my spinal injury & then my genetic disorder knocked down my activities-I've REALLY mellowed out!! NOT like I have much of a choice these days!!

Kommandant Indiana
03/05/12 10:39 am

Young men not from the upper class seem to have this adventuresome spirit the strongest. Luck me!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/05/12 10:12 am

Sorry durza, I didn't mean to cause you embarrassment or shame. For you I should've just said my Dad's job had the family moving around a lot, then my first career did too. For a lot of us who grew up this way, to be comfortable requires having some adventure.

03/05/12 7:06 am

Adventurous people are the ones who founded this country, and countless others around the world. They are the ones who put a man on the moon, and someday, mars. If the whole world sat in the comfy zone, we'd still be cavemen banging big rocks on small rocks. Shame only 30% follow their steps.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/05/12 1:20 am

Adventure is what fuels the imagination. It is what provides new inspiration for invention.

KudosToYou California
03/04/12 11:27 pm

I'll get my adventure when I need it.

03/04/12 9:38 pm

<------ knows people who Dont brag about their time in the military every chance
They get.

03/04/12 9:37 pm

Where did the rest of the risk takers go in this country?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/04/12 9:36 pm

Military brat, then enlisted. Toughest adjustment has been to stay in one place more than a few years. Perfect job would be to do something new every day, hate set schedules. On the other hand, the motorhome beats the daylights out of the tent when we go out to play.

03/04/12 8:56 pm

for me, stability requires me to uproot often, moving to places I never thought I'd go, so I have a little adventurer in me in order to have stability, ironically

dadstad Texas
03/04/12 8:37 pm

Herein lies the problems with this country. Complacency!

mamita Alabama
03/04/12 8:15 pm

Well I'm young so I still want adventure. Probably will change though in 10 or 15 years

03/04/12 7:31 pm

That doesn't really make sense, though.

03/04/12 7:31 pm

What if my life was predictably adventerous?

03/04/12 7:13 pm

work to live don't live to work!

Kommandant Indiana
03/04/12 6:34 pm

I find it interesting yet logical that it shows the highest percentage for this one is the poor and young. Then ones just getting started and trying to make a mark on the world.

Kommandant Indiana
03/04/12 6:32 pm

Although by the results show %60 like their comfort and security, I would have to speculate that the genes for that adventuresome spirit has been watered down significantly from what ever the high point may have been

Kommandant Indiana
03/04/12 6:29 pm

...contributing factor to the unique American style of government, economy, religion, expansionism and exploration, science and industry ect... The people who push the boundaries chose to come here and there is a genetic component to it that most of us have, more so then other countries.

Kommandant Indiana
03/04/12 6:27 pm

Did you guys know that americans that are blood Descendants of europeans are are genetically predisposed to the risk taking adventuresome spirit. They call it genetic self selection, as in most people who choose to journey here long ago had the genes of explorers. It is also theorized as a ....

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
03/04/12 6:02 pm

Had adventure when I was younger now love the calm of comfort.

taijiki Florida
03/04/12 6:00 pm

Didn't say financial specific. Any other happiness/comfort is unneeded

03/04/12 5:56 pm

Adventure is nice now and then, but there is a point where enough is enough, and you will want that stability and comfort. That time may be in a decade, or it could be tomorrow. So I say one should be prepared for that moment and love the way you'll want to when you die. OCD filler of the space left

03/04/12 5:54 pm

I'm lazy as hell. Comfort, please!

wirenerd Somersworth
03/04/12 5:30 pm

I want to live in Switzerland for 2 years when I'm old enough. Then move to Vienna.....

03/04/12 5:24 pm

I prefer predictable. Not necessarily because of the comfort but because I think it is good for our children.

03/04/12 4:53 pm

adventure totally......I love.doing. a lot of stuff and I don't likebto just beblazy allcthe tome so I love wfventursing

03/04/12 4:46 pm

adventure definitely......I cant sit still for more than 3 minutes

03/04/12 4:29 pm

Look at all you lazy, loser, couch potatoes!!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
03/04/12 4:24 pm

The expectation of comfort is one of the biggest problems this country has. When Americans knew they'd have to work hard each day, they did it. When they knew that nothing was free, nothing good came easy and comfort was for sissies, we were the greatest country on the planet.