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garybababooey July 13th, 2013 10:32pm

What do you think is the better age for people to have children?

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musicfreak Loving Life
07/13/13 5:56 pm

It really depends on the couple, but I think 25 or so is about right for me at least.

kelsey498 Colorado
07/13/13 4:30 pm

I chose 18-29 but I think that 18 is way too young for most. I'm 23 now and there's no way in ready for kids. I'm getting married next year, we have places we want to travel and then we'll start thinking about kids.

demonio Wisconsin
07/13/13 4:21 pm

It is a matter of opinion but it seems people are pushing off marriage and children and it isn't always the best idea. It would seem more natural for us to begin a family right away. That's the way our grandparents did it. But again to each their own

aurealis the sky
07/13/13 4:10 pm

Very late 20's-30 is when I plan on having a child. I'd like to live my life a little first and enjoy my youth :)