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Gamer365 Woodbridge, VA
02/26/12 9:13 am

I was the one who suggested this ????????

02/25/12 9:14 pm

add me on Xbox, turtletanman.

02/23/12 10:44 pm

Just because ps3 has Blu- ray and free online doesn't mean it's a better system. And also for ps3 owners those two things are your only argument against xbox. Suck suck that. XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/23/12 3:48 pm

Fuck you and ur family hotpockets... Ps3 would whoop microsoft and pussy bill gates and say... So suck that dick motherfucker

02/22/12 1:29 pm

My xbox just got the dam rings. And i just sold my ps3 a montj ago. Big f ing mistake right there

02/22/12 7:52 am

For all you PS3 owners, just because it's blu-ray, doesn't mean it's 1080p. Both consoles render 720p, the 360 has a way faster processor, and not to mention the most comfortable controllers ever. PS3 offers free online and bluray movies. That's it. I think both have bad Mass Effect

nyc93xo New York
02/21/12 1:29 am

I love the Xbox controller and live just shits on ps3 tbh. speed and fluidity of the 360 is unparalleled. I do wish that membership was free like the ps3, but that's about it.

02/20/12 8:13 pm

Nintendo 64 is where it is at

EnginE3r Texas
02/20/12 9:52 am

PS3 is awesome, better controller, free online play, made for HDTV's.

Xbox: bulky controllers, online play requires a paid subscription, default output is for SDTV's
I choose ( ] over )(

waaazzaap Arizona
02/20/12 12:23 am

Looks like we know who won the comment page battle on here ;)


PS: I wonder if M$ paid the app developer to make them have more percentile rate

Ethan182 Missouri
02/19/12 9:35 pm

Yeah I've had my ps3 since opening day and I take it back and forth between houses and I really don't take care of it... I hear about a "red ring" probably like 25 times every three months from my buddies at school.

sabstorie SoCal
02/19/12 8:43 pm

Ps3 all the online play..hd..blueray player already installed...down with wack-box!!

cabooseftw Illinois
02/19/12 8:30 pm


Listen you wildebeest, just because we all don't have gorilla hands, doesn't mean you have to try and rub it in.

02/18/12 7:02 pm

The only reason you can't use it is because you have girl hands

02/18/12 12:53 pm

Totally equal, but I have a PS3 so I gotta go with that.

dawnydark Arkansas
02/17/12 4:57 pm

@saucyross Yeah, this was asked a couple of months ago.

SaucyRoss Boston
02/17/12 4:45 pm

Anyone else notice this question was asked a couple months ago?

02/17/12 4:34 pm

Interesting... There is a reasonable difference in the percentages of dems vs repubs. Wonder if theres anything behind it?

02/17/12 4:20 pm

I use the playstation for netflix and i dont have to pay to play online if i want. Some of my friends who have had xboxs said they went through like 3-4 xboxs becuase they break. I go with a playstation 3.

02/17/12 12:45 pm

Ps3! I've had the same one since the initial release. It's been on 2 deployments with me and I just BARELY had to open it up to clean the lens and dust. Runs like a champ. My 360... Has been a doorstop for several years now

tracylynnn Ohio
02/17/12 11:28 am

ps3 all the way but them both together than make your choice

mememms WI
02/17/12 7:18 am

PS3 all the way! A lot more exclusive games and better too!

02/17/12 6:08 am

Xbox all the way baby

02/17/12 5:26 am

Gaming PC. Can play any game or blu-ray in 1080p at 60+ FPS. Something neither console can do.

02/16/12 11:05 pm

Only bc Xbox now has kinnect.

14573 Scary Numbers
02/16/12 9:43 pm

Not to any xbox rep reading this see how ps3 number one point is free Internet *hint-hint*

02/16/12 9:27 pm

I own a PS3. Both systems are good, but I'd rather have free online gaming. I prefer the controller on the PS3 too.

But, PC beats both systems, by far. If only I had the money for a decent gamimg rig...

GuyFaukes Iowa
02/16/12 8:56 pm

hey darkseid. when will Hollywood make a new superman film? a good one with doomsday or darkseid.

02/16/12 8:47 pm

Also Microsoft is losing its place as the top notch company for products. Apple is now the most valuable company in the world now and beats Microsoft out for all the products. Sony is now a powerhouse in the entertainment industry and will soon dominate over Microsoft once they get it together.

02/16/12 8:45 pm

Ps3 is the better system. It gives you free online, great exclusives like the uncharted series, god of war, little big planet and infamous. The Xbox can't handle the graphics that the ps3 provides to its players and it has blu ray which makes it more than just for gaming. Sony won this battle.

GuyFaukes Iowa
02/16/12 8:36 pm

people that have 360's are hawkeye fans, and I am a cyclone.

KnockOut69 South Carolina
02/16/12 8:17 pm


I'm not paying for online access.

02/16/12 8:15 pm

If anyone knows what I mean.

02/16/12 8:15 pm

I'm for the 360 and so is America. But since we are in America it is a bit biased. If we include the whole world, they would be more even (though the 360 IS statistically still more popular in total). Japan is practically made up of ps's. Can't wait for the "720". (hopefully we can play used games)

Nerdz Texas
02/16/12 8:00 pm

I'm not into video games but I have a play station3

tyger Kentucky
02/16/12 7:20 pm

I have had both for a long tome, I favor the ps3 simply because greedy Microsoft wanted more for their online fee, not worth it when the ps3 is free online

02/16/12 6:40 pm

I think we should all agree that the PS3 is better when it comes to hardware. it has bluray, an 8 core processor, which by the way is used in super computers. and all around better hardware. While the 360 always fries and is not very good hardware. The 360 better games, online play, controller

02/16/12 6:38 pm

boogereatr you need to stop saying things are gay. You say everything is. That's not kool. I reported you that is offensive.

02/16/12 5:59 pm

Three words: Little Big Planet.

02/16/12 5:31 pm

PS3 has more power under the hood. Also, bluray disks hold more data then a dvd disk, so the developers can add more content (if exclusive, they do). Hard drive bigger too (upgraded mine to 500gigs). As an entertainment system, PS3 is superior. What do I know, I've only owned every system. Ever.

02/16/12 3:45 pm

I have both for different games. Plus my Xbox didn't play Bluray.

akgoat UniversityofAlaska
02/16/12 2:54 pm

I guess no one remembers that xbl went down for months before. And has also been hacked.