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Are traffic speed cameras more for public safety or local government revenue? (UserQ)

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03/06/12 8:55 pm

Yeah I'd say yes except those things are expensive... They're sketchy though lol

Caspey Pennsylvania
03/04/12 5:56 pm

you have the right to face your accuser in court. no accuser no crime

TechSgt Arizona
02/29/12 9:24 pm

They're unconstitutional and they also malfunction. I know a few people who have all been well within the limit (I saw the speedometer) who have been caught be speed cameras.

kandykane California
02/26/12 5:52 pm

I honestly never ever considered if they were there for our safety. Because isn't it obvious they're for money?

flyberg Northern Kentucky
02/25/12 7:59 pm

Considering this is often accompanied by reducing yellow lights to unsafe and unreasonably short time periods: cold cash at the cost of safety. If you have to come to a sudden complete stop for a yellow light to avoid running the red, it can't be good for cars or gas mileage either.

02/25/12 4:21 pm

Sorry but I'd rather pay our cops to catch real criminals than go on a wild goose chase to find someone caught by a speed camera

02/25/12 4:21 pm

@holy yes you're right... Because the cameras that catch you are third party companies, not sworn officers. They're hoping you "turn yourself in" by following the instructions on the letter you receive and pay the fine. Arizona tried it... And lost a lot of money

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/25/12 11:19 am

We are watching you. It is for your good. Trust us. Only criminals need to be afraid.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/25/12 10:46 am

When an officer catches you breaking the law, he's making the roads safer.

But when cameras catch you breaking the law, it's all about money.

Obey the traffic laws... Morons!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/25/12 9:31 am

The sneakiness of DC... They have small laser activated cameras from rear. This reduces reflection until too late.

Today, the cameras are networked real time and use optical face and number recognition. They can also provide dynamic signal optimization based on real time flow characteristics.

tuvwxyz New York
02/24/12 10:24 pm

Although law violators should be punished, the cameras are very unforgiving and can be unfair. I also believe that many only have them for money reasons, sadly.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/24/12 7:50 pm

Driver 1 : Traffic cameras suck. And are only there to make money.
Driver 2 : I obey the traffic laws and have never had to pay a fine .
Driver 1 : Stop obeying the laws and being rational; you make me look bad.

02/24/12 2:40 pm

@SDLA, sounds like a faaaantastic idea. ticket those lane constipators.

02/24/12 2:16 pm

how can the cameras be mont makers if people arent running red lights? If people are running red lights or cutting it too close that sounds like a safety issue to me.

adalla Virginia
02/24/12 12:26 pm

Brilliant! Tickets for slow drivers in the left lane!

02/24/12 11:15 am

I'd be for speed cameras on the freeway in the fast lane or HOV only... to keep people from going to SLOW with a line of cars backed up behind them.

02/24/12 11:11 am

Alison, in LA you cant turn left without waiting until it's yellow/red because there are no Left Turn arrows. you have to pull into the middle of the intersection and wait for the yellow just to get through. which proves to me LA is more interested in revenue than safety.

02/24/12 9:09 am

I got into an accident at an intersection in Florida when someone in the intersecting lane ignored their red light. I went immediately to the police station which was in walking distance since the guy hit and ran. Apparently the red light cameras there werent recording. Safety, my a$$.

02/24/12 8:41 am

Holy babble you are quoting a study that was paid for by essentially the benefactor of the study.

Red light cameras may work in some instances, but they are clearly for city revenue, masked in safety.

Alison Illinois
02/24/12 7:26 am

It said SPEED cameras; not red light cameras. I wish people would learn how to slow down and process what they read before jumping in and posting on it. Speed cameras=money makers. Red light cameras=love them. I'm tired of jerks blowing red lights on left turns.

Kozial02 Illinois
02/24/12 5:15 am

Cars should just be banned. They are far to dangerous for the great unwashed to be entrusted with. Not to mention the environmental destruction. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid Babs!

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/24/12 5:04 am

Front-into-side collisions – the crash type most closely associated with red light running – at these intersections declined by 32 percent overall, and front-into-side crashes involving injuries fell 68 percent.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/24/12 5:04 am

Significant citywide crash reductions followed the introduction of red light cameras, and injury crashes at intersections with traffic signals were reduced by 29 percent.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/24/12 5:02 am

Institute studies found that in addition to the decrease in red light running at camera-equipped sites, the effect carried over to signalized intersections not equipped with red light cameras, indicating community-wide changes in driver behavior.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/24/12 5:02 am

A 2011 Institute for Highway Safety study comparing large cities with red light cameras to those without found the devices reduced the fatal red light running crash rate by 24 percent and the rate of all types of fatal crashes at signalized intersections by 17 percent.

adalla Virginia
02/24/12 4:54 am

@Ogias - you got 4 seconds on the yellow and a 2 second grace period on the red light camera. You can easily stop an 18 wheeler in that time

adalla Virginia
02/24/12 4:51 am

When 40,00 ppl die needlessly every year on our roadways, you think there'd be a public outcry for safety. Keep worrying about sneaky terrorists, never mind the Asian woman who can't keep her Honda Pilot in a Lane who is FAR more likely to kill you...

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/24/12 4:50 am

I'm surprised by many of the poll results on here. But this one is shocking.
83% say cash? You people are without a doubt complete morons.

adalla Virginia
02/24/12 4:46 am

They don't bring in much cash, except for DC where they've got hundreds. Our red light cameras went away they weren't even paying for themselves. Before that they had dramatically reduced crashes at those intersections

02/24/12 4:43 am

it was a damned if you do damned if you don't situation not enough time to make it through and too close to stop at or before the white line.

I'm still waiting for the real traffic issue poll to arise: should school zones be removed from college and HS areas? cull the flock I say

cryskull Culpeper, VA
02/24/12 3:46 am

It's would not be for cash if you dont speed. What the real issue is, you can't talk your way out of a ticket from a machine.

KudosToYou California
02/24/12 1:08 am

Schools are anomalies. For some reason the prospect of having kids all around you seems to decrease your desire to drive like a maniac.

02/24/12 12:58 am

They cause more accidents butcthatsbonly beau there's too many law breakers in our rides civil folks don't break no laws

tcotco10 California
02/24/12 12:42 am

It's just for cash. They cause more accidents.

BadBadger Georgia
02/23/12 11:28 pm

That's real nice of the city, but I only wish I knew how they do that!

BadBadger Georgia
02/23/12 11:28 pm

BTW, we have this new kind of speed limit sign near me. It's this cool thing on wheels with the speed limit constantly changing in lights. What's cool is, every time I pass it, no matter how fast, the speed has changed to exactly what I'm doing at that instant.

BadBadger Georgia
02/23/12 11:01 pm

I saw a study that suggested that there may be more accidents caused by traffic light cameras.

BadBadger Georgia
02/23/12 10:59 pm

Gun, I don't know about in Iowa, but I've never seen a traffic light on a 70 mph stretch of road. lol

dlyliny1 New York
02/23/12 10:54 pm

@sarasponda, on Long Island, too. I got a ticket for one. The irony is that the yellow is timed so short that at the posted speed limit, there's no way u can stop in time without causing an accident.

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
02/23/12 10:50 pm

Im pretty sure the government just wants to control every aspect of our lives

02/23/12 10:32 pm

I support red light and speeding cameras. People need to learn how to drive safely. If the sign says 70 mph then you drive 70 mph under ideal driving conditions and slower if conditions are bad.

kris55 Alabama
02/23/12 10:08 pm

They cause more accidents bc people usually slam on their brakes when they see them...

Kozial02 Illinois
02/23/12 9:33 pm

I bet more people are hurt/killed by jaywalking. When will the jaywalking cameras be installed? Oops! I just gave the commies an idea.

02/23/12 9:26 pm

I'm pretty sure most Americans are smart enough to NOT kill ourselves by running red lights.