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Show Of Hands December 6th, 2011 12:00am

Is your state geographically surrounded by other states, i.e. not bordering an ocean or Canada or Mexico? (MapArt)

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12/20/11 8:14 pm

well at least everyone in Hawaii got it right! I can't say the same for NY thought...

bmgx Michigan
12/18/11 6:49 pm

Most states have it right. There are some really dumb people tho.

12/18/11 3:52 pm

10% of my state doesn't know about the Atlantic Ocean or Canada?

weallhave1 Tennessee
12/18/11 10:52 am

M+MSRULE, what exactly is on the other side of the lake? That's right! Canada! So, somewhere in the water is the border between the US (Ohio) and Canada. Or does the US not border Canada when there is water in between? LOL!!!!!!!

12/18/11 10:22 am

this is really dissapointing, 8percent of people in mary think that it is surrounded completely by other states

taboo Louisiana
12/17/11 8:41 am

when I read the poll Q I though it was so stupid. but no, America is...

GirlOnFire Ohio
12/13/11 8:46 pm

This question was confusing. A better question would be is your state landlocked. Ohio technically doesn't border canada it borders lake erie which isn't an ocean. So yeah odd question.

12/12/11 8:54 pm

42% DC. your overwhelming stupidity explains why the country is in such bad shape!

meeeee Massachusetts
12/11/11 12:31 pm

Wow... Five percent of people in massachusetts think we arn't next to an ocean... *facepalm*

eshelmsc York, PA
12/11/11 10:20 am

Apparently other Pennsylvanians have never looked at a DETAILED map. Yowza.

palindrome California
12/10/11 1:01 pm

Wow. I wanna know what happened in Penn and Ohio 0.0

12/10/11 8:31 am

Hey the map actually makes sense

BadBadger Georgia
12/09/11 11:05 pm

Am I excusing them for their votes? Hell no!

BadBadger Georgia
12/09/11 11:04 pm

At this point, it appears at least 32 people in my state have never been to our 100 miles of coastline.

dylansl Texas
12/09/11 9:38 pm

I think the point of this was to see how stupid Americans are.

eradicator JC
12/09/11 6:55 pm

There seems to be s little confusion about the Great Lakes.

12/09/11 5:52 pm

thank god hawaii is 100 percent

12/09/11 1:42 pm

not to get all technical here... but pennsylvania and ohio, you've got a little canadian (border) in you

12/08/11 11:28 pm

haha some peeps in wa think we're landlocked

12/08/11 10:03 pm

so three percent of fellow Oregonians don't think their state is bordered by an ocean. interesting.

12/08/11 9:46 pm

seriously?? like we didn't know the outcome of that vote!?

12/08/11 5:07 pm

Good way to figure out the true percentage of morons.

watermelon Minnesota
12/08/11 4:31 pm

Wow 7% of my state is uneducated that we border Canada.....

12/08/11 3:43 pm

Well states like Ohio Pennsylvania wisconson and Michigan are debatable

kandykane California
12/08/11 2:33 pm

Shouldn't it be 100% yes or no for all the states?

12/08/11 12:10 pm

21% of idaho forgot about Canada...

12/08/11 11:58 am

What a great question for identifying the percentage of idiots, er, I mean ignorant out there ... And it's even broken down by state. Nice.

12/08/11 11:06 am

Some of you seem to be liars...

Wert A picture of my junk
12/08/11 9:34 am

I guess we can count on jessie74 to be a poisoning bias moving forward.

moonshot More often I know nothing
12/08/11 7:42 am

people in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania got it wrong!

12/08/11 5:17 am

I...why is Ohio convinced it's surrounded by other states? Lake Erie isn't a state...and neither is Canada =\

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/08/11 4:33 am

You bought this app? Dude, somebody ripped you off.

purpledragon Pennsylvania
12/07/11 8:14 pm

Jessie74 it's kinda why I bought this app, to take the questions seriously...

purpledragon Pennsylvania
12/07/11 8:12 pm

Enuf4me, I'm not particularly intelligent, but even I know Canada is a speedboat away... But yet, saying "pennsylvanians are stupid" is making me want to move to the North Pole and get eaten by a polar bear.

12/07/11 8:02 pm

Ohio really come on people we border Canada......

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/07/11 7:48 pm

The only dumb-asses are the the ones who take this question seriously.

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
12/07/11 7:46 pm

I was almost gonna post, "What the!?!" B ut then I saw the "MapArt" notation.... Yeah, kinda cool!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/07/11 7:29 pm

Actually mcluke, most of those posts were about how many people don't know a most basic and simple thing about where they live. You're right, though, about one thing - it is kinda sad.

n00dles Florida
12/07/11 6:46 pm

Really? 9 people in Maryland got this wrong?!

No wonder it was one of the 6 states that carter won in 1980. I hate this state...

TideGal CFL
12/07/11 6:17 pm

this proves there are some really stupid folks out there. no one should have gotten this wrong.

12/07/11 5:12 pm

lol Severandy :) I said most- not all :) and If you'd like we can make you an honorary Oregonian