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Show Of Hands July 24th, 2011 12:00am

What is your more likely first thought when someone dies of their own behavior-induced cause (drunk driving, drug OD, tobacco related cancer, etc.)?

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lovableme California
08/05/11 3:41 am

It really depends on what exactly the situation is...

08/03/11 11:57 am

They could have gone to rehab, but they said no no no

Jut347 Georgia
08/02/11 2:14 am

I think tragedy only if it's someone that I know which means that the majority (not knowing 3 billion people) would make me think of darwinism

Fantasma New Jersey
07/31/11 7:54 pm

This is a horrible thing to say but if you are really doing these things then if you die, it's not a tragedy. You knew the risks, and you ignored them. It's sad, but not a tragedy.

JoJoJoJoJo Kentucky
07/31/11 1:48 am

To you heartless people I have a question, "If someone wrecks because they were up all night with a sick child and were driving really tired. Do they deserve to die? Have. you people never made a mistake? Geez!!!

kaythep25 Wisconsin
07/31/11 12:04 am

They still died and people they lived list them... I would consider that tragic

07/31/11 12:03 am

Death is just sad and hard on me I always see it as a tragedy right when it happens. But afterward I see that they caused it. Except suicide that's always sad

benbargold Massachusetts
07/28/11 5:23 pm

I believe it's there fault and they deserve to die
I hate to say it but thats what they get they could've gone to rehab but they say no or maybe it's to late

Lulzy New Jersey
07/27/11 9:04 pm

"One less loony contributing to the gene-pool!"

07/27/11 4:52 pm

why do I feel like people answering this question don't understand the true definition of the word "Darwinism"..?

kristea Denton, TX
07/26/11 9:28 am

Death is tragic, especially for those who have no hope for the future. We all have something in our lives that is unhealthy.

xZESTYx Illinois
07/26/11 1:44 am

A death is always tragic, but they brought it upon themselves.

07/26/11 1:05 am

Don't worry... I'm retired. When I talk about addicts, I'm not referring to alcoholics. Dealing with them is a lesson in futility. They would deny their illness if you found them in an alley somewhere. ETOH makes you stupid. Sorry you've had that experience... I'm out of here for now.

07/25/11 10:36 pm

But we r way off topic. Life's precious and death is tragic.

07/25/11 10:32 pm

Ugh nurses.. Dealt with them all day n i come home to more! Haha. I lived with an alcoholic for 30 yrs and he didnt know. I work in a hosp with no psych unit so we detox em on ours n they all think its their family whos got the prob not them. On top of that i used to bartend and none of them knew.

07/25/11 10:14 pm

Do they know they've been trached? \8^). My wife is a Cardiac ICU nurse for 30 years. We have discussions about not wanting to do each other's jobs. I like the difficult psych stuff, ICU makes me nuts! I've been therapist/nurse for dozens of abusers. Never met one who didn't know... Sorry \8^(

07/25/11 10:00 pm

Now AW, who knows her story? But to me she glorified excessive drinking and drugging. And I think there are enough folks like myself that can find their own way into temptation just fine, without any neon or glitter, or hype. I'm sure she thought she was hip, slick and cool, but now she's just dead.

07/25/11 9:53 pm

I am open minded and am always ready to learn new things. I just disagree with you on this one. You wanna show me how to trach someone I'm all in :)

07/25/11 9:53 pm

In my last post I said I've learned -just me- that until someone's hit their OWN bottom (mine was the look on my husband's face) all good intentions are sadly wasted. Shy of perhaps planting a seed, you're wasting your breath. And my husband had probably looked at me that way a thousand times...

07/25/11 9:43 pm

One truth I heard in AA, that I now tell to newcomers and normies, is that "I was so sick I didn't know I was sick." I absolutely knew I drank too much, but I thought alcoholics laid in gutters and drank out of brown paper bags.
Is that the kind of delusion you two are trying to talk about?

07/25/11 9:40 pm

And the best thing a nurse can have is an open mind to learn new things, even if challenges what you believe. I wouldn't come into your unit and say my experience or knowledge are superior to yours in that environment. I'd try to learn from you. Am I asking for too much from another nurse?

07/25/11 9:39 pm

Keep quoting "facts". I never stated any facts. These are opinion polls. There are no facts. In FACT there are very little FACTS in our world. So don't keep insisting that I was stating FACTS.

07/25/11 9:35 pm

We're not in disagreement that life is precious and death is tragic. We're both nurses! If a colleague came to me with your contention, i would challenge them as well.

07/25/11 9:35 pm

How is that a fact? I believe that they beleive that they dont have a problem. How can you state that what is going on in some elses brain is a fact? Im sorry if you can only see the surface of people. The best quality a nurse can have is empathy.

07/25/11 9:32 pm

I made alot of statements. Exactly which of my facts are wrong? My main point is that the death of anyone is tragic. Are there facts somewhere in that statement?

07/25/11 9:32 pm

I only brought up your other post because you resorted to snotty name calling. You are wrong that addicts don't know they are addicted. Plain as that. If you believe otherwise you are either misinformed or you've come to believe their lies. I respect your education, but not your "facts".

07/25/11 9:28 pm

@lizardo: I'm not talking military trenches, FYI. I'm talking about dealing with addicts in medical and psych ED's, inpatient med and psych, and outpatient therapy with adolescents, adults and substance abusers. I don't know your specialty, but this my area of expertise. Your facts were wrong.

07/25/11 9:23 pm

Im really a nice person. It offended me to hear other humans talk about other humans like they dont deserve the same respect as others bc they were sick with addiction. Addicts really dont know they are addicted. Ur right they lie to themselves, they are ignorant to their own reality. Its tragic

07/25/11 9:19 pm

And just because you were in the trenches doesnt mean we didnt have similar experiences. Your trench experience has nothing to do with dealing with addicts. If thats what you getting at.

07/25/11 9:17 pm

Please stop changing my words to yours. I said i would serve but not in combat. I can help the sick and wounded but i wouldnt feel comfortable carrying 70 lbs of equipment in 120 degree weather.

07/25/11 9:10 pm

No i was correcting my misspelling of righteous that you felt the need to point out. You obv knew what i ment but chose to make a point of my err. Had you been able to get past your own misinterpretation of what i was saying you wouldnt have missed my point. Nurse.

07/25/11 9:05 pm

I know you are a nurse who says she doesn't like confrontation and are too dainty to serve your country. Not the profile of anyone who has been "in the trenches". I only ask for civility, not name calling. I'm a nurse too. We can agree to civility?

07/25/11 9:01 pm

If your experience was anything like mine, you wouldn't say the things you do. You'd know better.

07/25/11 9:01 pm

@lizardo: you start out your post, directly to me, with the words "righteous smart ass". My ability to take the rest of your post seriously vanished at that point. I'm not tooting my own horn... I'm giving the basis for my opinion.

07/25/11 8:12 pm

@mystwev- im glad you think you know me or about my life experiences based on a few posts ive made but rest assured you do not. As for the name calling idk what your talking about. I was merely tring to say that death is tragic no matter how it happend. Ur exp mirrors mine- dont feel so special :)

07/25/11 7:19 pm

I find it ironic that Arkansas is the only state that voted tragedy...

07/25/11 6:37 pm

(@murphy is going to insult me now)

07/25/11 6:34 pm

And... Just because someone else made an ignorant, hateful post doesn't excuse you parroting it. Just sayin'...

07/25/11 6:32 pm

@murphy: careful, your ignorance is showing...

07/25/11 4:52 pm

@jxs23- I merely responded in the same way as another post. Read down a few before commenting to find a two way argument, adolescent punk!

07/25/11 1:20 pm

@jxs why has anyone brought up political parties or God? It's only been brought up a couple of times and gets us all off the topic of this question. I'd guess Murphy was reacting, which I get inclined to do, too.

07/25/11 1:01 pm

@murphy wtf does that have to do with the question. Although yeah, just bc someone is republican doesn't mean their christians. And there are democratic christians too

Doofus Washington
07/25/11 12:45 pm

It's only Darwinism if it's only the drunk driver that dies. If he kills someone else, then it's tragedy.

07/25/11 12:33 pm

@Murphy people making decisions that they are aware could end their life is much different than children born into a life that can't provide them food.

sgeisler18 Illinois
07/25/11 12:27 pm

You can't help someone who does not want help. And unfortunately, that can mean they overdo it and they die. The best way to end the cycle, in my opinion, is to get people educated so they can choose to not try it.

07/25/11 12:27 pm

@derkeizer- it's funny how liberals believe in Darwinism but love giving out welfare checks!