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Show Of Hands September 15th, 2012 12:00am

Do you tend to trust people until they give you a reason not to, or distrust them until they have earned your trust?

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sawman200 Illinois
09/22/12 9:22 pm

well we all trust ppl the first time u meet them. Like you trust the hot dog guy not to crap on your food

09/17/12 6:20 pm

I am not trustworthy and I don't trust my self, so why should I trust some random person. You have to work to gain my trust

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/17/12 6:02 pm

At first I said distrust because this is America. So SO many people lie. But then I said this IS America. Innocent until proven guilty. That's the constitution in my heart.

09/17/12 1:42 pm

Trust how? Most people I trust not to kill me on site and to generally be normal. Some people give off bad vibes though

09/17/12 8:12 am

Liars don't realize how easy they are to spot to people that don't lie. As soon as I catch someone in a "little white lie" all trust is gone. If you're willing to lie to me about something stupid and not very important, why would I trust you about an important topic?

Shovel Arizona
09/16/12 10:21 pm

I never trust anyone... They would really need to earn it.

sukiemac Michigan
09/16/12 5:40 pm

Trust first but have been taken advantage of to many times.

09/16/12 4:00 pm

@Zachary15. Why wouldn't you?

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/16/12 2:37 pm

Self preservation would dictate that trust is earned.

09/16/12 2:09 pm

Mom always said "Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me."

FearToFall what is this for
09/16/12 12:33 pm

I don't exactly distrust anyone right from the start. I'm just very cautious about what I do and say around them.

09/16/12 11:46 am

Mistakes. I am a good person and friend, so I expect the same.

09/16/12 11:45 am

I try to give folks the benefit. Trust is too big to give it to just anyone that happens over time. I treat people the way I expect to be treated. But I allow myself the opportunity to build on that trust. You screw me once that's it! Unless you have ask for my forgiveness because everyone make

Planoneck Guam
09/16/12 11:21 am

Trust is the glue that holds society together. Or something like that.

zomj South Carolina
09/16/12 10:38 am

I'm an introverted and extremely private. I don't trust anyone until they prove themselves.

ZacharyFL FL
09/16/12 9:41 am

Why would you trust a stranger?

tdyakker lost
09/16/12 9:00 am

@six what does that have to do wth my comment? Where did I say anything about being less of a person? It was a comment on how society has changed and that it's not always for the better.

bnnt Los Angeles
09/16/12 8:56 am

Depends on what the context is. If a stranger or new acquaintance tries to sell or recruit me in a Multi-level marketing scam then very distrustful. If it's something else maybe not.

cowboy Here and There
09/16/12 8:44 am

You have to earn respect and trust with me. Too many people are wrapped up in themselves.

EnginE3r Texas
09/16/12 7:08 am

I assume that most people are trustworthy and honest, that might change once I get to know them.

09/16/12 6:51 am

I've had people try to take me down so many times, especially in work situations. I have no idea why it happens to me so often. Or maybe it just happens to everyone?

09/16/12 6:45 am

Trusting people (or "benefit of the doubt") isn't a character flaw. Once they've broken your trust, allowing them to have the same benefit IS a character flaw. I don't blame people for being distrusting, but I do find it a sad way to exist. Life's too short!

09/16/12 6:45 am

Distrust, have to protect myself

09/16/12 6:33 am

Any training school for free citizensmustbegin by teaching distrust, not trust. It must teach questioning, not acceptanceof stock answers.

yoggsaron Las Vegas
09/16/12 5:56 am

Distrust first I'm jaded and hey never get betrayed cause I'm always on the look out.

38041 Georgia
09/16/12 5:20 am

I used to be very trusting until I got burned a few times. Now I'm more careful. I don't outright expect everyone to betray me, but I am no longer surprised when it happens. Lots of great people in this world, and lots of horrid ones, too. C'est la vie.

EarlyBird Portland
09/16/12 5:05 am

Whoami - you're so right about the ads. Also, it helps Tony out if we click on an ad from time to time :-))

GrandmaALiCE For a better 2021
09/16/12 4:37 am

Tidford, I think you are right about the reason for the age filters. It's kind if sad.

That being sad, I tend to trust first and it has gotten me burnt. But, all in all, I still think it's a happier way to live. I am not going to change.

GrandmaALiCE For a better 2021
09/16/12 4:34 am

RobinTheHood, that's how Tony earns a living. He's giving us this great app for free! He has to make money from it in some way.

bstokosa Connecticut
09/16/12 3:01 am

Always trusting someone first, tends to be my major character flaw.

09/16/12 2:17 am

If you distrust first you won't have any friends. But if you trust first you will make a few enemies.

09/16/12 2:15 am

Tony why are there ads now on the bottom? What's up with that?

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
09/16/12 1:44 am

I'm willing to be open and honest with people right away, but when it comes to more personal issues, you've gotta earn my trust. It's been betrayed too many times before, so it takes me a while to warn up to people.

09/16/12 1:34 am

I usually go on gut instinct upon first meeting. The few times I didn't, it bit me.

tcadez Minnesnowta
09/16/12 12:05 am

Whoa! Definitely not what I was expecting! I answered trust first, but I never expected to be with the majority.

09/15/12 10:55 pm

Of course, this attitude did not serve me well 2 months ago when my husband took off with another woman

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
09/15/12 10:14 pm

@tdyakker: my neighbor is a drug dealer, but I have still helped him shovel and work on his car. Just because someone has grown up in a more cutthroat environment than you doesn't mean they are any less of a person.

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
09/15/12 10:12 pm

@Mrm27: don't feel bad. We all know lmurder has a low self esteem and is probably deflecting yet another of his failures. Oh, and, if he gets upset, let's just tell lmurder I'm also mocking you. Apparently, he'll believe it.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/15/12 10:10 pm

wow! Tony, thank you!

this makes me very happy!

tdyakker lost
09/15/12 9:41 pm

I used to trust everyone, they had to earn distrust. As I've gotten older true friends and trustworthy people have gotten harder to find . What has happened to us as a people? People used to care about each other . Now it's "what's ever best for me" and people don't even know their neighbors.

tidford My little piece of heaven
09/15/12 9:04 pm

The age filter is sad.

It used to be that kids started out innocent and trusting. What's gone wrong that they are starting out so jaded?

Is this signaling a really sad change in our kids perception of reality?

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
09/15/12 8:59 pm

I used to cautiously trust first but I've been literally betrayed by the two closest people in my life (separately) in the last five years. I now trust NO ONE and cautiously start to trust them as I get to know them.

tidford My little piece of heaven
09/15/12 8:59 pm

It reminds me of the games the kids play with characters starting out with experience levels.:
Strangers start out with a Trust Level 1. As experience accumulates that trust level can rise or fall.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/15/12 8:34 pm

Trust, we're more the same than different, but on a kind of probationary basis. I don't need much of a reason to find a better friend if I start to have doubts during the initial bonding phase. Any hint of betrayal and I'm done - there are over 7 billion others I haven't yet learned to distrust.

09/15/12 8:32 pm

...has about the most bars per capita in the US I have a good idea what caused it - still, while I'm not exactly a teetotaler either I do NOT accept drunkenness as an excuse - if somebody knows he's an unreliable moody ass when drunk he shouldn't drink.