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Practical jokes that cause pain but not injury: funny or not? (UserQ)

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Daveo5 Texas
08/07/12 10:04 pm

Wow! I was shocked at how many pussies are on this site.

ishady 86451132020
08/04/12 7:01 am

It's funny when it happens to someone else but I'm not going near the jackass guys.

niteowl Hold Fast
08/02/12 7:39 pm

I like when the joke backfires on the joker, for example: joker jumps out of trash can to scare subject, subject reflexively punches joker in face, joker falls back into trash can.

08/02/12 12:08 pm

Long as its not excruciating...

Doopy Remedial Americanism
08/01/12 7:18 pm

I am a frequent victim of painful jokes. They are funny.

08/01/12 4:53 pm

This is a"bully" defense.

Nerdz Texas
08/01/12 4:48 pm

Depends... If it is minor pain to moderate yes but extreme: no

HAUSTYLE California
08/01/12 3:41 pm

so so funny. that's what friends are for. making other people laugh at yours and inevitably their expense.

HAUSTYLE California
08/01/12 3:36 pm

mvo51- hahahahahaha, ahahahaaa! yes!

Potatosock Illinois
08/01/12 2:27 pm

Just because most of you are trying to sound moral doesn't change the question. It's "is it funny or not" not "would you do a painful practical joke?" so yes they are funny.

08/01/12 1:48 pm

HAHA! well its only funny if it doesnt happen to me :p

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
08/01/12 10:47 am

Funny if the prank is pulled on someone else. Not funny if I'm the one getting pranked.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/01/12 7:41 am

Mild pain with no last consequences? Of course it's funny.

NYevo NY
08/01/12 5:59 am

There's nothing funny about pain

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
08/01/12 12:20 am

Does this mean like one of those handshake shockers or sneaking a dab of hot pepper into someone's food? If so then yes. Anything more than painful for a few moments then no.

peacenskis Alaska
07/31/12 10:00 pm

Don't dish out what you can't take

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/31/12 9:38 pm

Almost always funny, as long as it's just pain and not permanent damage. It might be funny then too, but you're not supposed to laugh. Hard not to though.

07/31/12 9:06 pm

It depends on the subject, who is involved, what is said.

pretorian Florida
07/31/12 8:49 pm

Schadenfreude is something I rather feel when somebody gets injured because of his own stupidity or carelessness - a Darwin award honorable mention.

pretorian Florida
07/31/12 8:17 pm

No - I hated the electroshock trick lighter I once fell for.

zomj South Carolina
07/31/12 6:33 pm

I bet most of you laugh your asses when watching jackass.

07/31/12 4:43 pm

Hahaha Montana doesn't give a fuck

07/31/12 4:33 pm

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt...

Then it's hilarious!

chrismisen atlanta
07/31/12 4:03 pm

funny, definitely. also, i have determined that i want to make less money so that i can enjoy practical jokes. them 50k and unders have some fun.

07/31/12 3:56 pm

I have a feeling more than 35% of us would laugh at some practical jokes where the recipient of the prank is in some sort of pain.

07/31/12 3:28 pm

@fakesound haha yeah. Its funny as long as it the practical joke doesn't end in an injury or death.

FakeSound Arizona
07/31/12 2:40 pm

65% of people get pranked on a regular basis.

07/31/12 2:25 pm

Though, I do feel bad for some of them. And the boyfriends that do stuff like that to their girlfriends can expect to be single quite soon afterwards

07/31/12 2:24 pm

Funny only when it happens to someone else

07/31/12 1:51 pm

They're funny but I'd still prefer you do them on someone else.

07/31/12 1:41 pm

Americans have become so weak... What's wrong with a little pain for a great joke? If your my friend you cab expect me to inflict a little pain so the rest of us have a laugh and I expect the pay back.

adalla Virginia
07/31/12 12:08 pm

I said no, but then I remembered the guy who used to snatch the receiver off his desktop phone and the day when superglued the handset to the phone. He smashed his face with it, hard. Could not stop laughing for a very long time.

07/31/12 12:06 pm

Love the filters on this question :)

snafu Washington
07/31/12 10:35 am

I think it's funny to see someone get a tiny electric shock or get hit on the head with something that's not heavy or sharp.
I prefer the "hide in the closet and come out screaming, scare the hell outta somebody" pranks.

shortstop Pennsylvania
07/31/12 10:06 am

I prefer the ones that cause eternal emotional suffering

lmurder MDK
07/31/12 9:56 am

My great uncle used to give me Indian rug burns. What an asshole.

07/31/12 9:21 am

Nowhere near as funny as practical jokes that cause injury.

Hawkn Texas
07/31/12 9:14 am

I saw a guy get whacked by a giant dildo once. That was funny and disturbing!

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
07/31/12 8:47 am

Ummm.... So none of you watched "Jackass" and liked it? Please....