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Show Of Hands October 12th, 2011 12:00am

Friendly reminder: older versions of Show of Hands aren't compatible with iOS 5. Please update to SoH 1.7.1 at your convenience. Like, now.

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10/14/11 10:51 pm

this comment came from Siri on my iPhone 4S :)

10/14/11 11:57 am

The iOS 5 update makes my computer crash and I can't finish the update......

Eric Wisconsin
10/13/11 8:16 pm

Couldn't get iOS 5. Ruined my phone, wouldn't restore it. Had to get a new one, thank Jebus for warranty. I'll get it in a few days.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/13/11 11:36 am

There's a tethered jailbreak available (but that sucks). I suspect an untethered jailbreak will be available within the next few weeks.

10/13/11 11:14 am

jeesiie. that's my problem also. i can't lock my iPad back up. I love freedom!!

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/13/11 8:42 am

No jailbreak for the iOS 5 yet. So I'll have to wait.

10/13/11 6:30 am

is iOS 5 really worth the time it takes to download it? maybe i will if i get a laptop today (happy birthday to me...)


10/13/11 2:22 am

just updated my iPad. I hope I never have to plug this thing into iTunes again. I really despise that program.

webzuki Minneapolis
10/13/11 12:58 am

I read that it makes the 3gs sluggish. Anybody have 1 that updated?

10/13/11 12:45 am

best question ever. ios 5 is rad.

10/12/11 11:00 pm

my last screen bame was BOSsports FYI just changed it

10/12/11 10:25 pm

Have you ever thought about a 3rd line that is not a middle ground but a third option?

10/12/11 10:23 pm

I don't have lion so I dont have iCloud :(

veritas1 Panda
10/12/11 9:18 pm

@risebud. Look at it this way…this is the last time you will EVER have to plug your iPhone into a computer. Updates and backups (to iCloud) are wireless with iOS 5
@dancer yes. It's free and AWESOME! I just got it! ICloud works perfectly and I love it.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
10/12/11 9:04 pm

I am a bit busy now and don't really have time to have my phone tied up for an hour reinstalling itself. Maybe Friday morning.

10/12/11 8:09 pm

Running iOS 5 now haha! Too bad to those (many, actually) users with iPhone 4's who are getting error messages when they update.

Nerdz Texas
10/12/11 7:32 pm

wow I did that like 2 days ago

10/12/11 7:31 pm

@rosebud- when ur phone crashed during the update, were u able to restore it as it was?

10/12/11 7:14 pm

i wonder if you can ignore yourself

10/12/11 7:14 pm

i had 4.2.1 for the LONGEST time

10/12/11 7:13 pm

i havnt upgraded yet i still have 4.3.3 

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/12/11 6:57 pm

I'm waiting on Textnow to update for iOS 5 before I upgrade.


10/12/11 6:41 pm

I already upgraded, but felt like voting Never!!!

10/12/11 6:00 pm

iOS 5 is amazing! Thank you Apple!

10/12/11 5:07 pm

oh yeah..... and what's up with the ads being tall way while the app is short way?

10/12/11 5:06 pm

I'm afraid to update to iOS5. My phone always crashes when I update, leading to my laptop crashing, which causes my backup to be lost... Deleting practically everything on my phone.

10/12/11 5:03 pm

I can't update to iOS 5 will soh still work if I update to 1.7.1?

AdamT Boston, MA
10/12/11 4:59 pm

I'm loving iOS 5. I'm going to have a lot of fun discovering all 200+ new features.

10/12/11 3:55 pm

I'm downloading iOS 5 right now! almost ready for installation

T0nyiPhone Oregon
10/12/11 3:40 pm

iOS 5 should be rolling out today and tomorrow.

10/12/11 3:16 pm

I said never!just tryin to be funny and failin

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/12/11 3:14 pm

Mr. Bacos, if you are allowed to say, when DOES iOS 5 come out?