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ishady 86451132020
08/08/12 2:24 am

I'll be happy when the republicans self destruct and their party divides in two. John McCain would of made a good president. Romney can't touch him.

08/08/12 12:43 am

Not happy, not unhappy. (:

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/07/12 4:53 am

3 months 'til Obama's out, hey! 3 months 'til Obama's out! I could not be happier about the prospect of Obama losing his job.

08/06/12 6:20 pm

happy about school no Ps hell no

anonymous0 Nevada
08/06/12 7:27 am

Recently um... I'm ok. Happy about school and can't wait till it stars again.

08/05/12 8:24 am

Yes!!! 

erica80 Iowa
08/05/12 8:18 am

Which part of my life are we talking about? I'm completely dumbfounded and upset when it comes to the outside world. One's fight for survival is silenced by the chinging of the change. As far as home and family, no one in my life is perfect,but everyone is loved. That makes me happy.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/05/12 7:50 am

@zod: "hot 80's" whoo, I wish we had that.

08/04/12 6:11 pm

Yes I am.
I give no credit to any "lord." If he or she exists I owe him/her nothing.
I thank my friends, my family, my education, etc.
Also I like to think that I am a generally happy person.

thinker2 nc
08/04/12 12:51 pm

Pedophile husband does not have illness. He's evil. Hopefully he'll be in jail soon for what he did to our little girl.

Nerdz Texas
08/04/12 12:42 pm

Yeah, schools coming up soon!!!

08/04/12 11:07 am

Living with my parents makes me unhappy because no matter how old I am, they still won't let me make my own decisions.

EarlyBird Portland
08/04/12 9:20 am

Thinker2- I hope you and your husband are getting help for your husbands illness. It's serious and he probably won't be able to overcome the illness on his own.

08/04/12 8:27 am

A comparison with Clinton can't be good for Obama. The Big Dog staining next to Mr. Inept...not a good look for Mr. Inept.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
08/04/12 8:07 am

Happiness is viewed as a personal thing. Not a public thing. But a large majority of what makes most people happy is social interaction. Our involvement with other people in everyday life.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
08/04/12 8:00 am

And another study shows that citizens who pay too much to politics, whether their party is in office or not, suffer from overall less happiness than people who remain politically indifferent.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
08/04/12 7:58 am

Interesting study: in America, and only
In America, money makes you slightly happier than middle and lowerclassmen. Only slightly, whereas in most countries, it doesn't.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
08/04/12 7:54 am

This question has been asked before. I think the way Americans view happiness is a lot different than most other countries. Making happiness a policy, as many countries have done, would be seen as childish in America. "The Geography of Bliss" by Eric Weiner is a great book about world happiness.

thinker2 nc
08/04/12 5:40 am

Working on it. 2 beautiful kids keep me going. Pedophile husband brings me down. Stressful time but we'll get through it.

2Bfree New York
08/04/12 5:12 am

I have the most amazing wife and boys.. That's all I need to keep this :) on my face.

08/03/12 11:38 pm

Get off your mom's couch and then you will have earned your privilege to do what you want.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/03/12 11:08 pm

Crakakilla that is not funny. Some of us take our pain out on ourselves. Others take it out on others. Some can't decide who to take it out on. If you can stay here in the present and out of your thoughts, know you are valuable and are not trapped. Then we can start our journey together.

crakakilla Michigan
08/03/12 10:07 pm

I have 25 atemts at suicide just can't seam to find. Strong enough rope

08/03/12 9:50 pm

No. My mom never lets me do what I want to do with my life. For Gods sake I'm 20!!

chrismisen atlanta
08/03/12 9:27 pm

yes. of course, things could be better, but im doing amazing compared to A LOT of other people right now. just thankful for what i have.

youknowobamasucks Florida
08/03/12 7:59 pm

Michael Phelps makes me feel worthless.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/03/12 7:17 pm

FakeSound I take it that's a "no". :)

FakeSound Arizona
08/03/12 6:40 pm

Oh my god these comments...
"Yes if the Lord is blah blah blah..."
"I'll be ecstatic when Obama is thrown blah blah blah."

Shut the fuck up! Jesus!!

08/03/12 6:26 pm

I'll be ecstatic when Obama is thrown out of office.

08/03/12 5:27 pm

@msmarissa @smell I'm sorry. I hope things get better, but just hang in there. You're in my prayers.

Comet? Tennessee
08/03/12 4:31 pm

Yes if the Lord is in my heart.

pretorian Florida
08/03/12 2:23 pm

Overall yes but tech problems with my tablet again make me not so happy momentarily.

08/03/12 2:05 pm

certain extent. Obviously a nice home and financial security make one happier, but after a while, it is up to you to make yourself happy. Of course, you can be miserable with a lot of money, and miserable with little money. Same with happiness.

08/03/12 2:04 pm

I once saw a documentary abuser happiness. It says they saw a significant rise in happiness from someone who works a low paying job to someone makes 100K a year. BUT when you compared someone who made 100K to someone who made 800K, there wasn't a change. Basically, $$$ will make you happy to a

08/03/12 2:00 pm

Considering I just met the band that changed my life, yea. I'm pretty happy.

08/03/12 1:52 pm

Looks like money buys happiness

08/03/12 1:47 pm

Surprising money does make you 'happier'...

stinkypete In the Sky
08/03/12 1:31 pm

Toooooo stressed from work. I need an assistant bad :-( getting overwhelmed

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/03/12 10:58 am

Definitely! Fat, dumb, AND happy, the trifecta of good cheer. So happy that not even the next three days of miserably hot '80s can bring me down, subject to change if it isn't back to something reasonable by playtime Monday. Right now I feel like I could do the three days standing on my head.

08/03/12 10:39 am

Thank you Mm61675 and EIT. I love my puppy. It's been very hard.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
08/03/12 9:49 am

At this very moment, I'm not too happy. More like super excited for college. :) But I'm also nervous because I have to maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA in my science classes to get into my grad program.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
08/03/12 9:39 am

Smell- you're comment alone made me sad.

EarlyBird Portland
08/03/12 9:11 am

g30rg3 - sounds exciting! Good luck!