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Show Of Hands December 22nd, 2011 12:00am

Do you think you are more patient than the average person?

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pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/31/11 8:50 am

I find it amusing that most people think they're more patient than most, but if most of us were asked whether those around us are patient, we would probably say no.

FunkyChick Michigan
12/28/11 10:25 am

Heck no! I almost started screaming when my best friend and I had to wait in a 15 min line to get movie tickets. Another time, we had to wait 20 min for a roller coaster. The only thing that kept me from going crazy and cutting everyone was the fact that I was so nervous. Haha definitely NO!!

stiney Arizona
12/27/11 6:23 pm

If I had to describe myself in three words, one would be impatient

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/24/11 9:00 am

Copperhead my husband is on 35 years. High school metal shop. We seldom go anywhere where he's not stopped and greeted. He's very loved. Patient no.

12/23/11 8:41 pm

@Copperhead: holding kids in the same grade for 24 years... Wow! that is patience. Most people would have promoted them so they could be someone else's problem. You should be rewarded for your persistence.

12/23/11 6:35 pm

Depends on the situation, put me on traffic and I go crazy!

12/23/11 5:22 pm

After going to the mall yesterday, I came back and changed my vote from yes to NO!

12/23/11 2:32 pm

I taught 8th graders for 24 years. Lots of patience!

12/23/11 2:29 pm

Hahaahaha perfect 50-50 split!

josb23 Kansas
12/23/11 12:21 pm

i agree that the situation effects my patience level

Rio76 Wild West
12/22/11 10:31 pm

what career are you pursuing Catey?

12/22/11 9:41 pm

No, I have no patience with idiots, morons or politicians.
I do however have all the patience in the world with my grandkids (but not their parents of course).

12/22/11 8:15 pm

Tops, you ROCK. can I adopt you as a big sister, lol?

EarlyBird Portland
12/22/11 8:14 pm

I am by far the most impatient person I know :-(

12/22/11 7:38 pm

I'm very patient. I have to be!

12/22/11 7:30 pm

just like the results. sometimes, sometimes not 50/50

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/22/11 6:31 pm

Married nearly 40 years 5 kids. No homasides I'm very patient.

12/22/11 6:03 pm

Working with the public one needs to be patient. There are A LOT of interesting people out there.

12/22/11 5:40 pm

It shouldn't be 50/50. The average is the middle therefore there is also a below average. The most patient should only be 25% or so.

Hestia Vermont
12/22/11 5:19 pm

These results turned out nicely.

latebird SOH Bunker
12/22/11 3:38 pm

Ok these results are much better than the poll of Do you think your smarter than the average person? That like 80% said yes

catey Pennsylvania
12/22/11 3:09 pm

You have to exercise patience in what I hope to soon be my career :)

suebee Pennsylvania
12/22/11 2:15 pm

Yes, but this year has really put me to the test. Hopefully next year will be less stressfully.

12/22/11 1:34 pm

In my job you don't last without being patient but what you say and do are not always reflective of what you think

12/22/11 1:12 pm

I am definitely NOT patient, probably the MOST inpatient...however, I normally good about putting my poker face on public so I don't make anyone feel uncomfortable...but inside I'm like sizzling with annoyance

Nerdz Texas
12/22/11 12:25 pm

depends on what day it is... today I feel very patient

kst8r Iowa
12/22/11 12:07 pm

I am patient with some things when I feel like it, but a lot of times, I am very impatient, especially when there is a deadline we need to meet

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
12/22/11 11:41 am

I have no patience at all which is bad because I work with children which requires lots of patience. So I fake it.

12/22/11 11:36 am

I'm ridiculously impatient, but my husband is extremely mellow & laid back. We work well together lol

dlyliny1 New York
12/22/11 10:36 am

How funny that men see themselves as more patient than the women do...odd.

dlyliny1 New York
12/22/11 10:34 am

I'm a Type A personality and while I have become more patient as I get older, I am prob still less patient than average.

12/22/11 10:16 am

More then average, maybe but not lower

12/22/11 10:16 am

I like to be patient for myself but for others, HELL NO!

12/22/11 9:52 am

The fact this is actually split 50/50 is a pleasant surprise. The age filter is amusing, I find.

Vern New Jersey
12/22/11 9:36 am

I have the most patients out of anybody bc i havent used any up yet

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
12/22/11 9:31 am

Def not. I have to bite my tongue constantly

12/22/11 9:16 am

If I was asked? Yes. Honestly? No.

12/22/11 9:01 am

hmm. well i guess this sorta is true. half and half.

12/22/11 8:57 am

No. I'm getting impatient reading the comments on the question before this

12/22/11 8:51 am

I'm a teacher and extremely patient with students. But I'm very impatient in other situations not work related. I live in Houston so I'm very impatient with traffic.

musiclovr Colorado
12/22/11 8:48 am

Wow! No dem/repub split! Amazing!

boatdrinks Indiana
12/22/11 8:38 am

I'm a teacher in an inner city elementary school (93% living in poverty) with 9 of 31 students having been identified as having various "special needs"....umm so yeah, I feel I'm more patient than the average person.

leftocentr Oregon
12/22/11 8:34 am

To all the people who wrote about bad drivers. They are in every state. Lived in MO, FL, IL, OR. There are always idiots on the road. Remember HALF of the people out there have IQs less than 100. Scary thought. 3 of 10 have IQs below 80. Even scarier.