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06/03/12 4:12 pm

It's really easy. Start with 30 chest compressions to the beat of staying alive. Then two long breaths into the mouth. Repeat.

monkeyy Ohio
06/01/12 9:18 pm

Yes from my babysitting red cross course a few years ago. I kinda forgot… :)

amuseme This is for you
06/01/12 8:30 am

We learned it in school but I don't think I'd be able to do it successfully

05/31/12 9:26 pm

Thank you, Doug!! I definitely know CPR thanks to you! :)

05/31/12 7:15 pm

Haven't bin certified since 2001

05/31/12 5:40 pm

Every parent needs to learn child/infant CPR & how to handle choking situations (taught in the same class usually). I had to do the back thrusts on our son when he choked one time. I've made sure all family members
& caregivers know how. Child with "classic" autism so we get lots of practice.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/31/12 8:43 am

@TheLorax do you have a link for me to view about the good samaritan laws?

05/31/12 6:52 am

Yeah. My school certified me

erika348 Texas
05/31/12 6:10 am

I'm certified for human & animal.

05/31/12 4:50 am

My school teaches CPR, and you can get certified if you want to (I did). but you people who say it can only help, even if you don't know how, the Good Samaratan laws only protect you for doing what you're certified/ know how to do.

05/31/12 4:40 am

certified through boy scouts yeah!

itsjosie_b California
05/31/12 3:58 am

I technically "know" CPR, but I'm not certified.

05/31/12 12:50 am

Ironic, indeed, that those around the great lakes seem least prepared for CPR. Yikes!

It's a requirement at my job (teaching) and should be for all jobs, if you ask me.

05/30/12 11:19 pm

I'm really surprised the number is so high for the people who know CPR! Go people!

05/30/12 10:20 pm

1. Stayin alive by the beeges
2. And why are the states surrounding the great lakes saying no? Haha Ironic

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/30/12 10:18 pm

you would revive me??? I have no viruses or other contagious issues. I do share a toothbrush though

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/30/12 10:16 pm

I was told it is better to let them die. if you break a rib and they recover, you get zapped. plus aids or hepatitis. this seems a bit harsh to me. what u think

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
05/30/12 9:02 pm

Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive

O13 Alabama
05/30/12 8:48 pm

@fiat2lux: lol, I know... Just adding a moment of levity to the discussion.

defender Austin, TX
05/30/12 8:40 pm

I know it but hope to never have to use it!

05/30/12 8:31 pm

I was trained and certified 2 years ago but I barely remember it.

05/30/12 8:26 pm

@oldlady...emergency tracheostomy with a pen. its not f'in macgyver. you create a bloddy mess and probably unable to successfully oxygenate the infant. better off calling 911.

05/30/12 8:19 pm

He is chocking! - sorry not certified

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
05/30/12 8:02 pm

We had to learn baby CPR when my niece was born, never certified but the doctor and home nurses showed us until we were comfortable doing it. Also the doctor showed us how to use a pen or similar object to give an emergency trachea. My niece was a preemie and weighed 1 pound 7 ounces at birth.

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
05/30/12 7:05 pm

I am CPR certified :) we have a mandatory class at my school that all sophomores are required to take. Its just something that is good to know.

snafu Washington
05/30/12 7:05 pm

I know the basics but have never taken a class or anything.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/30/12 6:59 pm

Fiat for those trained and comfortable the traditional 30:2 is still the method of choice, but the statistics suggest that compressions only is as effective as CPR with breaths for up to four minutes. The AHA prefers it for untrained persons. More at:

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
05/30/12 6:54 pm

Yes I am a graduate nurse. But wtf is going on in my state????

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/30/12 6:41 pm

@O'13 that's only 53% of those in Michigan on this poll who don't know CPR. The other 47% know it.

ncbuc Get Over It
05/30/12 6:25 pm

Yes, but wouldn't hurt to gave a refresher course.

O13 Alabama
05/30/12 6:24 pm

Note to self: don't travel to Michigan.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/30/12 6:19 pm

But how often does that occur within the first minute of CPR? Just curious. All you medical buffs know more than I do on that, your comments to that effect would be appreciated.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/30/12 6:19 pm

still pumping? Do you give them CPR or rescue breaths? Rescue breaths will probably do just fine. You've also got drowning situations etc.

Anything you wish to add?

@wertyio it certainly *can* revive somebody…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/30/12 6:18 pm

beats on a normal day. It's just better (theoretical) performance than compression only.

Again, compression only will do the job, but preference is to include some breaths in there. Besides, what if they're not breathing, but their heart's…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/30/12 6:18 pm

@elbobo CPR does keep the blood flowing, and indeed compression only will usually still do the job because of Oxygen in the lungs, but think about this. How long can you hold your breath before blackout? 2 minutes? You're probably still breathing at 10+ times per minute, with all your heart…

05/30/12 6:16 pm

I'm pretty sure it's required for a health class in schools today to teach it.

lmurder MDK
05/30/12 5:32 pm could say I know CPR. Hooah!

Wert A picture of my junk
05/30/12 5:04 pm

Cpr is a resuscitation technique, justthink. It most certainly cam revive a victim.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
05/30/12 5:02 pm

I've been in the medical field for about 13 years...I better know it!

DaKernal Colorado
05/30/12 4:40 pm

WOW! Over 50 comments and not a single one blaming Romney/Republicans/Conservative for either knowing or not knowing CPR. Have we achieved civility?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
05/30/12 4:32 pm

I said no, because I'm not officially trained, but I know the basics.