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cheermom New Jersey
12/28/16 11:44 am

Since listening to the cast album of Hamilton, I've grown to like it much more. I love Hamilton.

JennaAwesome Book Lover
12/28/16 11:45 am

I'm seeing it in Chicago for my birthday!!

cheermom New Jersey
12/28/16 7:23 pm

You're so lucky! My daughter and her husband are seeing it in Chicago too.

cheermom New Jersey
12/29/16 4:36 pm

I think in September? Not sure.

jlong105 Indiana
12/27/16 8:39 pm

More than most white boys. At least 90s rap today's music is not as good.

xberraxcudax KY
12/27/16 6:25 pm

Pre-2000 mostly. There's still some stuff now and then that I like, but it's hardly ever a young artist. It'll be someone from the 90s with a new record. I can't stand that mumble mouth bullshit that's out now.

BernVictim Illinois
12/27/16 11:36 am

I dont hate rap, I hate the white wannabes who wear chains and the flat billed hats, when they hear the rap shit, they'll dance like the rappers in the videos they see, they call it being turnt up, but there just a bunch of retards trying to be black and fit in with the in crowd, wiggers is what turns me away from rap. Losers