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TopsQueen December 27th, 2016 12:22am

It is get fit Monday. How are you doing. There is a lot of feasting going on.

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cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/27/16 8:38 am

My arms are super wobbly from last night. Warmed up/cooled down with some spinning but mostly did free weights.

chickencookie Jihad Joe
12/26/16 9:32 pm

I ate like a pig and will continue to do so. It's not so much because I'm overweight but I know my cholesterol levels will be going up. I will have company over and there is plenty of party in the air.

catpillow Florida West Coast
12/26/16 9:20 pm

We're feasting on leftovers. I'll diet again later after we run out.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/27/16 8:46 am

Ha, that's usually my reasoning - the sooner they're gone, the sooner I can be healthy again!

Goldiemol dry side of WA
12/26/16 8:31 pm

I ate normal amounts this week and I'm currently planning next year's goals and buying the gear with gift cards I might need to complete said goal. I'm shifting from running to cycling to be able to take a fantastic cycling tour in BANFF and JASPER in just over a year and a half. I've got to learn to climb on a bike and generally keep up with my cycling husband. It will be a define change for me but I'm looking forward to something different.

mommamia illinois
12/26/16 7:02 pm

Will be back to my normal yoga routine on Wednesday.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
12/26/16 6:42 pm

Other than being a couch potato over the holidays, I haven't done much out of my normal routine. I just made some homemade chili that I will be eating for several days & the cayenne will likely trigger some weight loss if I maintain normal calorie intake otherwise.

ProudCentrist Chicago, Illinois
12/26/16 6:41 pm

Ate a lot of junk on Christmas Eve and day. Took a run today and planning on taking a bike ride tomorrow morning.

jmw7477 Indiana
12/26/16 6:38 pm

My Weight Watchers meeting went well on Saturday. I had a small loss. I didn't do too bad eating over the weekend. But hubby and I just lounged on the couch and snacked all day. He goes back to work tomorrow. Things will be back to normal.

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
12/26/16 6:23 pm

I'm take winter break off, but working out regularly otherwise

imanag My heaven on Earth
12/26/16 6:23 pm

I kept up with my yoga everyday except for Christmas. I also thoroughly enjoyed the feasting. 😊

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
12/26/16 6:40 pm

I have wanted to get into yoga. Any beginner tips?

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
12/26/16 6:14 pm

My hand is finally getting better so I'll be starting up my exercise program again on Wednesday! 😄 We'll see how that goes after all of the holiday treats haha

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
12/27/16 10:20 am

Good news. Very happy you are on the mend.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/26/16 6:12 pm

I read "get fit Monday" a little too fast, and saw it as "get fed Monday". Now THAT's my kind of Monday!

phalnx Ohio
12/26/16 5:51 pm

When it's time for feasting and reveling, I revel. The other days, I exercise. Gotta cut loose sometime.

rons Thanks America
12/26/16 5:23 pm

Musk melon.................