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JennaB December 26th, 2016 9:58pm

Your male child shows interest in traditionally feminine activity and clothing, your reaction?

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cowboy Doors of Perception
12/27/16 7:43 am

Dressing a boy in a dress is child abuse.

cowboy Doors of Perception
12/27/16 8:08 am

You don't know? You poor child. 😔

JennaB Mother
12/27/16 8:23 am

If he wants to wear traditionally feminine clothes him

cowboy Doors of Perception
12/27/16 8:26 am

When he gets bullied for wearing dresses, you'll only have yourself to blame.

JennaB Mother
12/27/16 8:27 am

Or you do what other have suggested and support him and teach the child how to defend himself both verbally and physically if need be.

cowboy Doors of Perception
12/27/16 8:29 am

It's hard to defend yourself when your mom lets you wear a dress. 😂

cowboy Doors of Perception
12/27/16 8:34 am

You also believe people should be able to be in naked in public so I'm not sure your sanity is intact. Especially around children.

JennaB Mother
12/27/16 8:46 am

That's the problem with our society. We let clothes define gender. It absolutely should not. For fucks sake it's a piece of cloth. Let your kid wear what they want and be who they are.

Here we go again...

cowboy Doors of Perception
12/27/16 8:48 am

So the obvious solution is to be naked in public, right? That way we can be certain as to is male and female. Why did our society think of this brilliant idea before! 🤔

JennaB Mother
12/27/16 8:51 am

That's another issue entirely. Right now I'm talking about clothing. The solution is stop being immature and let people wear what they want.

cowboy Doors of Perception
12/27/16 8:55 am

No. The solution is for adults to make children wear what is acceptable and not make the said children insane.

JennaB Mother
12/27/16 8:58 am

And feminine clothing is not appropriate how?

JennaB Mother
12/27/16 9:12 am

Oh yes a movie, so realistic.

cowboy Doors of Perception
12/27/16 9:15 am

Yes it is. Mom's are insane.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
12/27/16 2:10 am

I would not have a special reaction. As long as his clothes and person are clean and appropriate to the weather, I am fine with it. It is harder for a boy to have non-traditional interests so I would keep an eye out for negativity and if necessary work with him on ways to deflect and defend himself.

phalnx Ohio
12/26/16 7:58 pm

Negative. I'm not raising him to be a little girly man. Time for some old-school Doom/Duke Nukem therapy. 'Play these 'till you grow a pair, boy!'. If that don't work, it's on to the Grand Theft Autos (with Hot Coffee cheat :D).

GlockMan1 Alabama
12/26/16 7:29 pm

I would be ok with it as long as he didn't want to watch CNN or MSNBC. Then we would have a problem.

ConservativeCA Joe Biden is barely alive
12/26/16 6:58 pm

Because I come from generations of masculine men and take pride in the male bonding I share with my dad and grandpa. I plan to share that sacred bond with my son someday, if I'm blessed enough to have one.

JennaB Mother
12/26/16 7:01 pm

And if he doesn't want to share that sediment? Nothing to be concerned about.

JennaB Mother
12/26/16 7:05 pm

Well I'd sure hope you two could still have a bond. No reason to be hurt or upset.

SouthernLaw Old North State
12/26/16 6:01 pm

I'd be neutral, but positive when I need to be. No need to be negative against who he is.

garrettr Alabama
12/26/16 5:58 pm

When my eldest son started to do that me and his mother tried to move him more towards traditional boy things. We tried putting him in sports and things like that. We were afraid he'd be teased at school for it. Which according to him he was but he said he didn't care. Eventually we just gave up and let him be him. If my younger sons do this then I'll let them enjoy themselves unlike I did with my eldest.

ItsAMeABree probably at a piano
12/26/16 4:06 pm

As long as he doesn't want a vagina I'm fine with it

afnj1 The TARDIS
12/26/16 4:47 pm

Why would that be so bad?

ItsAMeABree probably at a piano
12/26/16 8:10 pm

Because if my child wants to chop his dick off, there's something not right in his head

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/26/16 3:32 pm

I'd stop it before it got too extreme.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
12/26/16 3:15 pm

Indifferent for the most part but Id have concern for how he will be treated by his peers.

ctskapski x
12/26/16 3:06 pm

Just zero fucks given.
I'd let him know that liking what he likes is his business, and advise him on how to handle bullying, but I'd do the same if he liked boyish things, so, yeah, zero fucks.